Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday, March 14

Emmitt is doing wonderful! In the words of his dad: "Emmitt has played up a storm for hours tonight....He is a little jem......"  I so love these great homes for our FFRC cats! We still have Rooney on hold. She will be with us a couple more weeks. 

Samson Wolf looks wonderful. He continues to gain weight. He truly looks like he has a bit of Abyssinian breed in him. Dr. Bill has been here twice now to adjust that injured vertebrae at his tail base. He's going potty just fine. We're keeping a sharp eye on him in regards to the litterbox. So far, so good. Hoping to get him up for adoption as soon as we can! He's a wonderful cat--one of the sweetest.

We had BOXES on Saturday evening. Many, many thanks to you!
Judy R from FL--Veticil Capsules (3 bottles)
Zoolove/Pam--Laurel Burch cosmetic bags & shoulder bags--Flash/Catathon
Eaglewatcher/Beth--for when Elsie gets adopted--her favorite thing--the raised hammock bed (no hold on her yet though)
Katie L from Canada--Hoodie with LOVE kitties (and a Z!) & t-shirt with Love my CH Kitty!
Henry T from CA--kitty card with pictures of Itchy & Scratchy & a donation
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 3rd Birthday to Canto, 1st birthday for Pellen,  Oliver's 9th birthday & Jessie Messie Bedhead's 2nd birthday and 3 chicken $5's!
LittleKat from FL--kitty card with HB wishes! And a donation from LittleKat who isowned by Elaine & Alan
Kaylee M--visitor on Saturday, gave a donation
Lana H--donation from PayPal to FFRC

I love petting the cats here---they are slickery. So soft, fur in good condition and shiny! Dorothy is here again in the purple office playing. It's just a joy to watch her play. Coralie is exhausted---she traveled from her rug that she loves in front of the counter to the Kitty Kabana room and now is in the purple office snoozing away. Her daily routine! Lucy Ann is also enjoying extra pettings---she likes to hang out by the main door, waiting for people to come in to get head rubs and pets. 

I wanted to give you a little information about a special group of cats that we help when we are able. Last summer we had 3 different groups of neighborhood ferals come in. These are cats that people in these neighborhoods would trap and bring to us. We cannot do this on a big scale because it takes time, money and farms to place them on. My farm is full!!  But the 3 groups we helped last year proved successful. We are talking feral cats---not friendly strays. We sedated, tested, vaccinated, had them neutered (95% of them were boys), wormed, flea prevention applied and then placed on 2 different farms. Some were positive for leukemia and/or FIV. These we sent to the Rainbow Bridge and done with respect. We also had a couple that came in with severe injuries or very very sick. Because these were ferals and not able to be treated, these also were euthanized. All the rest ended up on 2 different farms (they could not be returned to their original locations). All had places that wanted them and would provide food/shelter/water. I would like to also let you know that any cats that are euthanized due to FIV/Leukemia/severe illness/severe injuries (from ferals) are cremated and put onto a flower garden. We truly try to do the best we can for these special groups. 

I had to laugh yesterday. While doing something with a cat, it popped in my head a saying that my mom and dad would always say:  "It's never nice to say unkind things about people. It's far better to keep your mouth shut than to hurt others. Words can hurt far deeper than a physical hurt".  Right then, there was a scuffle between two of our cats---wasn't much---but I had to tell them to play nice--not to hurt each other's feelings! And they listened.....of course! 

Gia and Tryphosa are now in the Main Area and are both doing great. Both love to play. They are learning that the other cats are fun too. Gia has such a pretty face--her eyes are beautiful. Tryphosa has that "cobby" look to her---round body/round head. 

Our mama, Shawnee is such a sweet soul. Her 3 babies, Makennah, Malachi and Dakota are all growing. Makennah has her eyes open already. Her siblings eyes are "cracking" and will soon be open too. Nice round tummies on all 3 of them!