Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday, 3/18/15

She did it! Shawnee finally drew enough courage to come out of her pen on her own! She's ok with the idea of her kittens in the blue pool. We have it so soft and comfortable. And there she was this morning....all sleepy in the pool with her babies! Dakota has the roundest tummy of the three, at least for today! We've made progress! She's such a gentle soul, just a bit insecure. But we're working on that!

We had BOXES on Weds. evening. YOU are appreciated!
Linda/mls--6 cases appetizers & 6 cases baby food
Northnm--2 pks AA, 2 Pks AAA batteries--always needed!
Anony Friend--2 boxes of Orbit gum for the volunteers 
Cliff & Tammy/bellabelle with Belle, Misty & Lucy--many 6 inch paper plates
Diane & BRuce L from OH--with letter from Chase, purple Andis pet clippers, clipper lube and the Chicken $5 from Chance
Tom W from MI--wow--lots of pole toys with fun things on the end for the cats to play with, including several DaBird poles which are extra fun!
Anonymous Friend--8 cases baby food
Donia/wickedwings--3 cases Beechnut baby food for HB
Dottie & Nate--HB card--thank you!
Keiko S from CA--donation to FFRC
Margaret/EE--donation to help with the fire fence replacement (thanks), in honor of BD. 
Gusti--donation to cover the drinks for surgery day! (tomorrow)
A big thanks too to Leanne from Canda who came for a visit--Purina 1, qtips, cookies, big chip box, blanket, vinegar, binders, litter, Keurig cups, Purrfectly Fish, litter

It truly must be Spring! Bella has been making her way out with the dogs to their outdoor pen. She always loves it out there. She even has her Princess Bed there! Won't be long until we add the extensions on the fence (like the Covies playground) so any cat out there will be safe. Adoptable cats won't be allowed out there (don't want to encourage the outdoor life), but those that are permanent residents could go out for a sunbath and nap. 

Best news of the day----Makalah Sue is playing! She has a much more relaxed look about her. I'm sure the pain from her eye was causing her to be a quiet girl. Not now--she's playing and just now was flipping toys into the air! And her appetite has increased alot. She is on her way to better health now! 

We had a fire at the firecircle area yesterday late afternoon. Somehow the fire had gotten rekindled--the wind had picked up again. Steve just happened to go out on the farm yard and called me, said there was a fire and needed more hose. Lynnette and I ran out and indeed there was a fire. The fire in the pit must've jumped over to where the firefence is and set it on fire. It was in flames. All is fine now though. We lost a whole panel of the fence and one other as it is warped. Also two plastic tubs. The scary part was on the other side of the fence was one of our catbarn houses that was in flames. Steve had pulled it away from the fence and the FireHouse but the fence that burned was like 3 feet away from the FireHouse. I don't mind losing the fence but I was worried about the FireHouse.
So, here was the problem.......our hoses didn't reach far enough. Ended up putting buckets of water on the flames to put it out. After 8-10 minutes finally got a hose there and wet everything down.
So.....what do we do about this.There will be a fire extinguisher put on the fire fence (after rebuilding it) that can be there 3 seasons of the year. Next, we will purchase 2 hose reels with 3 hoses on each--one by the water pump house (on driveway) and the other outside the entrance going into the playground. These will be for EMERGENCY USE ONLY--hopefully never to be used. And remember............we have 3 emergency bells "out there"---one on the small gate going out to the farmyard, one on the porch pole of The House that Jonah Built and one inside the big door of the Big Red Barn. To anyone who would spot a problem out on the farmyard--these emergency bells can be clanged loud and long. Also a call up to the rescue center will produce people coming to help. All is fine. We will replace that fence as soon as we can and get those hose reels in place. I'm just thankful all the cats were safe and the FireHouse was safe.

The cats are all doing great. Our good health continues for which I'm grateful for. We're hoping for more adoptions before the kitten season really gets underway. The Porchies so love the sunshine--I  saw 4 of them napping in the sunbeams yesterday. And the Barnies are sure out and about now too--they're back to investigating all of the grounds instead of sticking close to their barns. 

We have our surgery day tomorrow. We'll keep you posted as to how things go. We don't have many FFRC physicals to do which is nice as that gives us more surgery time. Looking forward to getting more spays/neuters done! Also........a big surprise!!  Mich and Vern will be here tomorrow afternoon to do a Flash Sale. They've been asked to consider a Saturday sale---so here it is! The Sale will be 2:00ish. Lots of varieties of items! Come join us and have fun. We appreciate your support!