Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday, March 29

There they go again--zip, zip, zip, zip, zip.  Yes, 5 blurs of cats! That would be Franklin Tommy, Magic, Gustave, Mittens and Cayden.  Franklin was in the lead with Magic hot on his tracks followed by the other 3 close behind. They had a race course from the Kitty Kabana to the back of the area by the dog's pens! Back and forth, back and forth! I absolutely love how cats play together, how they make their own friendships and seek certain ones out to nap or play with. So very interesting.

We had BOXES last night--many, many thanks to you!
Beth/eaglewatcher--6 bottles Mr. Clean
Lannml--for Catathon--pewter kitty frame, business card hold & letter opener set, 2 kitty books, kitty puzzle, awesome metal kitty paper towel holder (it's tail holds the PT!!)
Nadine/Eclectra & Tommy---doggie card, chicken $5 
Susan C from OH--donation
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation to FFRC
SonJa (mod)--for Catathon--suncatcher Make it, Bake it!
Jatcat from CA--table top infrared heater
Barb W from IA with her special kitties--Easter card with donation
Joco with help from FFRCNation--rubber duckies for bubble bathtime!!
Peggy K/bamagirl from AL--note with donation, 3 reams paper. For Catathon or Flash Sale: pottery kitty plaque, cat mirror figurine, blue/white ceramic kitty, beautiful framed kitty cross stitch made by Peggy, flower kitty figure
Mistykitty/Wendy & Joe--Sat. day visitors--snackers for Vols, kitties & doggies, pop tabs. For Catathon or Flash--crocheted 4 afghans & 1 sweater
Julian, Jen & Jen from MI--Day visitors--6 & 9 inch plates, vol snackers, kitty wipes, trash bags, FF kitten, Iams dry food
Janet M--donation to FFRC

We have a new teenager kitten. A kind lady found him and brought him to FFRC. He obviously has been hit by a car.  His name is Sheldon (a Name a Cat name), he is black with a bit of a diamond on his throat.  His face has scraps on it. His left radial nerve is impaired. He has feeling in the toes so we're hoping to get back the use of that leg. He appears to possibly have a fractured pelvis also.  He is bone thin and dehydrated. I have a feeling that this boy simply has not had access to food and because of his weakened state, wasn't able to react quickly enough to an oncoming car.  He needs some prayers and good thoughts. 

Also keep Bella in your good thoughts and prayers. It appears her only back leg is very much swollen--probably has an abscess.  While we cannot find the point of penetration (bite wound, injury??), we are treating it aggressively. She's on 2 very good antibiotics and pain management.  She did eat a bit for breakfast and is resting comfortably.  As you know, she does not bear weight on this leg, so that helps. 

Gia is out of her room!  She's been in Cat's Corner for a whole week. Yesterday she showed signs that it was time to get moving about---playing, tossing toys in the air, eating lots, playing with kitties under the doorway! Sure signs that she's feeling much better. So, this morning she was sprung! 

Shawnee and baby Dakota are doing great. Yesterday Dakota surprised us all by munching a bit on the babycat dry food! She's just a wee of a thing and there she was munching! Sure a good sight to see. Shawnee is a dear--super friendly and sweet.

We have surgery planned for Vivienne on Friday.  She will have an FHO, femoral head osteotomy. It is the removal of the "ball" head of the ball and socket of the femur that makes up the hip joint. The bones of the joint then cannot come in contact which eliminates the pain that is caused by the abnormal contact.  Her fracture is severe enough that it cannot be repaired correctly, so the FHO is now the treatment of choice. Her leg may be just slightly shorter than the unaffected leg, but amazingly cats (and dogs) do very well with this type of surgery.  After surgery she will be confined for a while and be given soreness meds. 

Elsie and Samson Wolf are crazy together. They are such good friends. They both love to rock and roll and try to outdo each other. Then Magic and Trucker join in and they have a 4-some play ruckus going on. 

Just want to send a special thanks to you all for what you do for FFRC---your support, your donations, your good thoughts and prayers, participating in ResQwalk, encouraging our fellow FFRC friends, helping one another on facebook----there's so so many ways and I am appreciative.