Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday, March 8

Our first Transport with HumaneOhio is done and over and certainly there will be more!  We started check ins about 5:25 am under the Shelter House. Everything went smoothly. All checked in and loaded onto the Transport Bus and on the road about 6:35.  We sent 33 cats there to HumaneOhio which meant 20 spays and 13 neuters. Most of the spays were in heat. All went well with the surgeries. I'm telling you, when I saw that Transport Bus, I thought my heart was going to pop! I was so happy to be doing this.  The Bus returned about 5:30 and all cats were back with their owners by 6:15. Quick, easy and efficient! Loved it. Gretchen, our representative from HumaneOhio came for this first trip. She is amazing.

Our next dates:  March 19, Saturday here at FFRC.  Girls are $15/Boys are $10.  Complimentary vet physical, soreness meds, wormer and flea prevention will be given. We have our spays already filled but have openings for boys yet. Give us a call at 419-393-2400.  Check in time is 7:30-8:30 and check outs are approx. 2-3:00.  

Then our next Transport Date is Monday, April 4th.  This is a gift from a grant from HumaneOhio's--all must be outside cats for this one and all are FREE with a FREE Rabies Vaccine too! We have room yet for girls/boys--our total for this date is 30-35! Call us to set up your appointment. Check in time is 5:30 am to 6:10am on that day.  Our following Transport Date is Monday, May 2 and they've upped our amounts to take in 40 surgery slots! I'm thrilled about this.

Just an FYI--our total for what spays/neuters we've done so far is 29 spays and 61 neuters. That makes 90! Just watch that number climb!

We have a new cam site for you to see--it's of FFRC! It's really awesome. The link will take you to where you can see both the Main Cam and the Kittby Kabana Cam and the chat! And it has a clock with the date on it. It's really nice. Many thanks to Dawnstar and Vrs (both mods) who have worked so hard on this. The site is: .fofrescue.org/kittycam4/    You can also go to our updated Website (fofrescue.org) and click on Kittycam4 on the blue bar. That will also take you there! 

Keep those feet walking, running and biking!  We just received a payment from ResQwalk for $65.04 that represents our miles for February! Our total mile earnings from them is $398.71.  Thank you for what you do for FFRC!

Our Raffle is on! Check out our various fabebook pages, twitter and FFRCNation--all has the information! We have 8 wonderful items. Tickets are $5 each. BOXES will be at 5:30 on Thursday with the Raffle at 6:00. There's also consolation prizes! 

Mama Dakota is doing good.  She's a quiet mom.  One of the babies is very small compared to the other 2, but I saw her nursing this morning. Hoping she will catch up with her brother and sister.  Cookie and Tryphosa are getting ansy to expand their horizons. They will probably be up to the Main Area today or tomorrow. 

It sounds like Emily and Lena are adjusting nicely to their new home. I'm thrilled about this. This morning we have another adoption--Beaumont. 

We have some dates set up with our vet. On March 9 (tomorrow) we have 3 cats going. Cutie will be having a dental. Cleo will be going to have her chronic nasal drainage checked. Maybe there's a polyp?  We will know soon. Sampson Wolf will also be going for an abd. x-ray. Here's hoping for no-poo-build up! Next Weds., Makalah Sue will be going for her spay and eye enucleation. 

Janessa got another box this morning. That rascal--she is such a fun girl. She so loves chewing holes in cardboard boxes. Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr are both on my desk napping. Franklin Tommy is also here in the office with Gustave. Both love to see what they can get into! Love their energy.  It's 53 degrees here this morning! We have a few windows open that the cats are enjoying. Have a wonderful day.