Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday, March 25

Grab your water wings, slipnslide, innertubes, snorkles--whatever you like for water fun! It poured and poured and then poured some more yesterday. There's water standing everywhere. Fields are saturated. Today the river will be fast and furious. Our ducks and geese sure are having fun though!  Merri grabbed a plastic basket just in case she needed a boat!

Our first spring sadness. We had our first spring loss yesterday. Our baby Makennah passed away. We knew yesterday morning things were not good. She distanced herself from the other two babies and mama Shawnee started avoiding her.  I've talked to Dr. Darcy about this. Two thoughts on her passing: About at age of 3-5 weeks, the kittens bodies start growing more rapidly. If there would be an internal problem (heart, etc), this is when we could notice a problem.  Also, when Shawnee arrived, she had a bit of a cold. Makennah could have picked up her virus. Time will tell I would think. If another has a problem, we would then think her virus has been passed on to the kittens. We are ever watchful and so sad about this loss.  After Makennah was taken out of the pool-nest, Shawnee went right back to her other two babies. She knew something was going on.

Many thanks to Warped for another box of 4,000 of the 6 inch plates! We're glad we don't have to wash all the plates.  Also a thanks to Kelly L for her donation to FFRC.

We have 2 cats up to the vets office today. Makalah Sue is there for her spay. We weighed her yesterday--she's gained 6-7 ounces in the last 10 days! Once that bad eye was removed, she spruced up and started eating and playing more. We also have Vivienne there too. A bit concerned about her pelvis/femoral head. We feel she was hit by a car. She's having some trouble with bloody urine and straining for poo. The x-ray and ultrasound will help figure things out.

That Leonard is a tricky boy. We've known for quite some time that he is getting out of the LJ Playground---lots of times! We figured it out a few weeks ago what he was doing. He shimmeys up the big upright poles of the Cove, hangs a paw over the edge and gets up on the roof. Then he checks out the tree that's on the outside of the pen and into the air he goes! So, we trimmed the tree back and now he just flies further over to the branch. So, we worked out a "system" with Leonard. If he runs to the playground gate, we put him back in, otherwise he can stay out with the Porchies and Firecats--he's great friends with them all! This morning, within 10 minutes he was out twice! He's a whiz!

Gia is much better! She ate really good during the night, all by herself. A for sure sign that she's feeling better. She is such a lovely girl--loves everyone!  KinneyKat is doing pretty good too. She's out of her pen all the time now and is exploring the room.  Abe thinks he's a Welcome Room cat now--he enjoys napping on the Kuranda Tower and watching out the window. He and Seymour are good friends. Rooney is such a beautiful cat--so fur floofy! Lucy Ann is so enjoying the windows in the Kabana Room. She's getting braver!

Happy news! Remember the beige/white cat that got away from the owner two months ago? We have him!  He's safe and sound! I'm thrilled. We have him in a pen and he's awaiting his family. We had not seen hide nor hair of him for many weeks and then on Weds. night he reappeared! We are so happy to be able to get him back to his family!

I wish for you all a happy, blessed Easter. The cats are excitedly waiting for their special Easter breakfast already! Especially Abe--he knows there's turkey coming!