Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday, March 20

A big thanks to Mich and Vern for coming on a Saturday to do a Flash Sale. There's been requests for a Saturday afternoon Sale, so that is what they did! And big thanks to all the participants, people who donated the items and mods for your help!  This Sale will help us with our operational costs. Much appreciated. Tomorrow will be spent packing and shipping. 

Yesterday was our surgery day. I am just so very happy for every single spay/neuter that we can accomplish. It feels right---it's the right thing for us to be doing. All the people who brought their cats  here are very thankful for this opportunity. They love their cats and just want the surgery to be done to prevent kitties.  A big thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch and to Gusti for the drinks!

Here's the breakdown from yesterday. We only had 1 FFRC spay and that was Tryphosa. She is doing good.  We did a total of 19 cats--7 spays and 12 neuters. Every female was in heat. Owners requested: 9 feline leukemia/FIV tests, 10 distemper vaccines, 9 rabies vaccines and 11 flea preventions.  These are at discounted prices but enough to cover our costs.  FFRC did a complimentary capstar, wormer and 24 hour soreness med to each cat. 

Here's our grand total so far on spays/neuters:
1/30 at FFRC--33 neuters
2/20 at FFRC--9 females, 14 neuters
3/7 Transport--20 females, 13 neuters
3/19 at FFRC--7 females 12 neuters
Various Vouchers--7 spays, 3 neuters

This comes to 43 spays and 75 neuters for 118 cats done total. And this is just a start! Our next FFRC spay/neuter will be April 16. Our next 2 Transports are April 4 and May 2. Vouchers are anytime.  

Speaking of vouchers, here is how it works. If you live in Defiance or the surrounding area and can make your own appointment at HumaneOhio (419-266-5607), drive your cat there and back, we can offer a Voucher.  Outdoor cats are $25 and inside cats are $45. The voucher is worth $20 so that brings the costs down to $5 or $25---a great deal! Just call FFRC and talk to us! Thank you.

We had BOXES on Friday evening. We are so grateful for YOU!
Tom NJ--4 bags pop tabs, BD card for Jacci with Chicken $5
Linda S/mls--happy BD with 6 wonderful Lush Bath Balls
Mayumi from Tokyo Branch--For vols: candy treats, cookies, Easter candy, granola biscuits. For kitties: 2 cases fish/chicken steaks.  For BD--card, 2 kimono wine bottle covers, 3 flip story cards, 3 bags variety of tea bags
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie--6 bags of snackers
Barbara E-NC--kitty card with note and 6 leggydews!
Kathie3103 from FL--tulip card & note. Homemade chocolate chip pecan & shortbread cookies (decorated), 2 homemade jars of strawberry & lemon jam, GC for dinner for BD
Marcy F from MI--letter & donation, potty bags, cards for Friends, lots of Black dishes for kitties meals
Beth/eaglewatcher--3 cases Purrfectly Fish & Purrfectly chicken, bag of Purina Muse food & Weruva pkts
Deb11111--12 boxes Appetizers
Mary vol from Arch--kitty dental sticks. For Jolene--appetizers/broth pkts.  For Catathon Basket--magnetic sand timer, huge superman alarm clock, potty piano
Jackie A--adopted Lollie from FFRC 6 years ago--disinfectant, PT, carpet samples, computer paper
Katie L from Canada--lots of wonderful items--doggie snackers, horse snackers, 2 nice kitty scratchers, catnip toys, 4 appetizers, 4 cases baby food, Purrfectly Fish, Sheba. For the vols: lots of goodies--k-cups, goldfish crackers, Ritz crackers, Walker shortbread cookies, Pringles, Milano cookies, candy bags, Belvita biscuits. Quaker Chewy's
Debbie/lostgirl--items of Laurel Burch for Catathon
Elliesue--donation to FFRC
Jodiann87--donation to help with the new fire control measures
Deb11111--donation for hoses or what may be needed for fire control. 

Keep checking our FFRC Flicker site---new pictures have been added and will continue to be added.  Big thanks to Sherri and Vaun/vrs for helping with this. The site is:

Here's another volunteer profitle!  It's on Jackie S who helps on Monday afternoon
How did you find FFRC? Boarded dogs and cats before it became FFRC. Also had animals spayed/neutered at Earth Angles
How man pets do you have at home?  2 indoor cats, 1 dog, 5 outside cats
You hobbies?  Reading, crossword puzzles, enjoying the outdoors
What are some of the best things you like about helping at FFRC?  Meeting all of the wonderful cats that come in and helping them and also the other volunteers
Name 4-5 of your very favorite cats here?  My favorite all time was Putter. And the Paddies and Joline and Magic and Vern.
Can you mention an experience here at FFRC that you enjoyed?  Especially love helping with Catathon and Catstock. And meeting/visiting web cammers in person

Enjoy yourself!  Paddy Purr said to, to remind you all that you are very appreciated!