Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weds, March 3

Run! Walk! Bike!  Starting at 6:30 pm (last night) to 6:30 pm (FFRC Time) tonight, for every mile that is put on ResQwalk for FFRC, we will receive $1 from an anonymous friend!  So.....get those feet a'goin'!  The donation is to benefit our Spay/Neuter Program! This not only helps our ResQwalk placement but helps our funds for Spay/Neuter.

I've been thinking and working a lot on our Spay/Neuter Programs that we have going here. As you know, March 7 is our first Transport. We're very excited about this. Then on March 19, we will be doing some more public spays/neuters.  And now for the extra great news! HumaneOhio called yesterday and FFRC has been selected to benefit from an extra grant that they received! For our April 4th Transport, we can book 30-35 spays/neuters for OUTSIDE cats only and they will be FREE!  Yes, absolutely free to the owner plus the cat will receive a free Rabies Vaccine. Each cat, as an outside cat, will have their left ear tipped. I'm honored that we've been selected and so pleased for the cat owners. Plus, this will extend our funds for more Spays/Neuters! 

Vernon is eating a second breakfast right now. Hensley is curled up in my lap. Paddy Purr and Emmitt are on my desk napping. Trucker is sleeping on my foot, with Magic napping beside him. Makalah Sue is playing with a toy on the floor. And Janessa is not chewing a box up at the moment! Life is great!

We had BOXES last night and on Monday evening.. We are so grateful for the help that you give FFRC. 
Monday evening:
Julie L (vol) --case of Fancy Feast in memory of Thomas & Jonah
Linda S/MLS--opened by Janessa!--container full of snackers & a snacker dispenser!
Dottie C--glitter balls for Magic & Friends, Rings for Vernon, 2 bags Instinct dry food, 8 insulin pens, 8 boxes gum
Vicki B--woolie dryer balls
Joco--puff corn for Vols & everyone! Plus, copies of her Conversations for purchase--volume 1-7.
Jobo & Mom Lemon--visit here for Lemon's BD & 12 cans Friskies & snackers
Zoolove--2 awesome tshirts--I'm so grateful! so sweet
Tom C from IL--donation
Susan C from Defiance--doantion

Weds evening:
Anonymous Friend--a bunch of crocheted blankies for FFRC kitties, bag of crocheted coil toys, 2 ferret beds for babies, hammock for Dodgers pen
Beadheadsdad/Pat & Vicki--2 Breast Cancer ribbons for the rock garden, made from cultured marbles.  Love this.
Phillis from MI--coupons
Pam M--donation to FFRC
Zoolove from OH--card with a note and donation, a refrig magnet

And more thanks!
Nigel W from UK---donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation to be used where needed
Mich--a donation to help with the heater fund for outside cats
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy boys!
Knittinkitten--donation to FFRC, in honor of Mom's 92nd BD
Sharon S from IL--donation for Victor, Leonard, Jackson & their friends
Janet M--donation to FFRC

This next Weds., we have 2 cats scheduled at the vet's office.  Cutie needs a dental. We've been keeping an eye on her teeth and it's time now to get them pearly white and check if any extractions are needed.  We also have Samson Wolf going up for his abdominal x-ray. We want to keep a check on his megacolon. He hasn't required any meds for quite some time but he's still not a 100% in that department. 

We have someone interested in Pellen and Fatima. Wouldn't that be nice?!! They were once adopted together (for 6 weeks) and were returned thru no fault of their own. I'm hoping this will work out.  As you know, Emmitt was going to be going to his new home tomorrow. But his new dad has the flu and so we will wait one week, until next Friday.  Beaumont leaves on Tuesday. This weekend, we have someone coming in to look at a couple adults! How so exciting. 

Update on the Big Red Barn cats.  All are doing great. They are all of good weight. They are enjoying their heat lamps--they bask in the red glow! There does appear to be some newbies in the barn. Very wild but they come in to sleep and eat. We certainly don't mind that they are there but I want to make sure all are neutered/spayed. We will be keeping an extra watch on them and hope we can either see that they are already neutered or get them in a trap. 

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."----Mark Twain, shared by Debbie/BearMN