Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weds., March 16

Happy Day!  The sun is shining, some blue sky is showing, the tree frogs are chirping and I can hear the birds singing! It's a bit windy but that will help dry up the wet yards!

Happy Birthday to Oliver yesterday! He arrived here on 3/20/09. He is now 9 years old. What a handsome boy he is. He's our gold/white long hair Covie boy. When he arrived, he had many wounds--they appeared to be bite wounds. Now he enjoys a life of leisure! Birthday chicken for everyone!

We had BOXES Monday evening! Love those boxes and so appreciative!
Lannml--1000-6 inch plastic plates, 3 bags of colorful zip ties
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--mega big bag of plastic zip ties
Janet B from FL--HB card!
Clark, Jessie & the Rest! Happy St. Paddys Day with Chicken $5, Happy 19th birthday to the Amazable Sea Turtle and a chicken $5!
Phyllis B/kittiesmom from MI with Emmy & Buddy--St. Paddy's Day card with Chicken $5 & coupons
Leanne--teacher from Canada--visited for 2 days--cards from her kindergarten class for the kitties!
Eartheyes/Margaret--donation in memory of "Dad" and for surgery day
Shannon S from IL--donation to use for the spay/neuter program

Do you remember Willow who was adopted 2 years ago? She was a beautiful black cat. She is a happy, very spoiled girl! Just how we like it!

Saturday is our next Spay/Neuter date.  Right now, we have 14 males and 7 females scheduled. This includes our Tryphosa.  Each incoming from the public will receive a complimentary 24-hour soreness med, antibiotic injection, capstar and a  wormer.  Spays are only $15 and Neuters are $10.  Onward to more spays/neuters!

Another Volunteer Profile!  This one is on Mary E, our Monday and Wednesday volunteer!
How long have you been at FFRC? 11-12 years
How many pets do you have at home? 1 large yellow long haired cat, name is Baby
Do you have a hobby or something you enjoy? Traveling, working at FFRC, being with my husband, children and grandkids.
What are some of the best things you like about helping at FFRC?  The friendships, the kitties, taking care of any animal
Can you name 4-5 of your very favorite cats? Camvie, Emily, Trucker, Magic and Elsie
What is something special you like about FFRC? When Trucker & Magic chase each other and when Magic picks up his special sparkle balls.

Another Birthday! Sea Turtle, our beautiful oldster torti is now 19 years old! Wow--she looks and acts great! She came to us from Crawford Co. Humane Society 7/16/15.  It seems like she's been here forever. She visits the Main Area a couple times a week. Her favorite place is either in front Thumper's Room or the Paw Mart store. We are sure of her age from her previous family. On her last physical, all was good! 

We have two cats at the vets today. Little Makalah Sue and Gia both made the ride there today. Gia will have her physical and her spay. Malalah Sue will probably have her enucleation. A physical first of course for her.  We cancelled her spay and substituted Gia.  I'd like to get her a more built up before her spay. We decided we didn't want to do both surgeries on the same day for her. Each case is different. I just feel like that eye is causing discomfort and believe she will feel better with it's removal. Dr. Darcy will fill us in with details later today on both cats. 

Rooney is on the catwalk watching outside. We have the windows open! So nice to feel that spring air. Bruno has grown to be such a big boy. His fur is so soft and filled in now. Remember when he first came in?  Much of his fur was missing. He loves to have his chin rubbed.  Joey has resumed his spot in the window sill in the Kitty Campus Room--his view point of the parking lot! The Covies have sure been out in their Playground area now--they love it. It's so nice to see them running and climbing out there. I even saw Jackson sprinting across the grass! I was thrilled two nights ago to see PB.  He isn't here often but when he does show up we always feed him. He looks great!  Here's his picture!