Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 28

Many thank yous for such a wonderful Flash Sale on Friday! This Sale was needed to give our operational needs a boost.  I saw a lot of high-five-paws going on--the cats were as pleased as I was! 
Much appreciation to Mich for coming and taking care of this Flash Sale. Also to Beth for tagging the items and helping at the sale too. And big thanks to all those that provided the items and the purchasers of those items! And our mods...thanks for all your help too! A great day for sure.

The sun is shining already and we have blue skies! It's suppose to be in the low 60's today. The last of the snow will be gone! I can already picture the Barnies, Covies and Porchies stretching out on the grass and cement to feel that sunshine!

We also had BOXES on Friday evening. YOU are appreciated!
Mary H, vol. from Archbold--3 boxes 20 ct Lays Chips, 5 bandaid boxes, spatulas, 5 bags of Trader Joe's popcorn!
Jeannine/Floppy Jan--felt cat nip toys bought at local Vets office. One is for Sevaun
Clarksmom & Bedheadsdad--gift for my mom's BD!
Judi C/Bam's other mom--a note & Donation
LeannefromCanada & her kindergarten class. The kidsmade a huge THank You card for showing them kitties. They also drew the inside of FFRC with a lot of the kitties!
Wanda, our portrait artist friend--donation for a portrait order
Judy L--donation to be used where needed.

Please keep our friend Phil in your prayers and good thoughts. Tomorrow is his surgery. Please also keep in mind his family and medical support teams.

Have you checked out our updated website lately?  Many thanks to Vaun for your awesome help!  Many areas have been updated--the Memorial page, volunteer page, Firecats, pics for the Covies, an update for the Farmyard animals,  There's now a section on our Main Area, complete with pictures! The tab Ways to Help has also been updated. Also check out PawMart--now current and up to date!  On the gold bar is a tab now for our spay/neuter program and for CH cats.  Vaun is also adding pics to our Flicker page.   

One of the sweetest things happened this morning! Beaumont is not only playing, but is playing now with the other cats. What a joy to see this! He so loves to have his forehead rubbed. 

We have a new kitten here at FFRC. Her name is Makalah Sue (a Name a Cat name). She is about 5 months old but weighs just 3 1/2 pounds. Her birthday is 9/17/15. She was in danger of losing her life yesterday and so was brought to FFRC. Her fleas are now gone. Her fur is clean but still roughish. She will pack on weight quickly as she's happy to have food. And her fur will become soft and slick with time.She also has a much scarred eye from an unattended eye infection. She's one of those instant-purrers!

We have some adoptions coming up.  We have a hold on Beaumont--going to a wonderful person who will cherish this great cat.  Emmitt too will be leaving soon. His dad-to-be has been here several times. He's waiting for construction to be done in his home before taking Emmitt home. This will be this coming weekend. We also have a tentative hold on Emily and Lena to possibly be adopted together. Sometimes when people come a distance to adopt, they have a change of minds once they see all the cats. But Emily and Lena are top on the list! 

Jessie, our oldster, is playing with a toy! So nice to see that. And Gustave is getting into licking and giving kisses! Mendy and Mittens are completely settled in and oh so sweet. The Kitty Kabana cam is back up. You'll be able to see Sooty there. That's her favorite room!

Because our volunteers are so important to FFRC, we would like to share them with you! And that is because we know you appreciate them too! Here is our first one to put on the blog!
Peggy S.    Peggy has 5 cats, 2 boys/3 girls. 
How long have you been at FFRC, she says "not long enough"!   
Hobby?  renovations at home, being outdoors & definitely fostering cats
Name your favorite cats at FFRC: Camvi, Derecho, Magic--really, love them all
Mention an experience at FFRC that had special meaning--when Jacci pulled the surprise 70th BD party at FFRC'
Thank you, Peggy for what you do for this Rescue Center!