Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday, Feb. 18

We had BOXES last night and I want to pass out a thousand thank yous! First--
Pam T/zoolove--6 bags Nellies natural HE Laundry soap
Susan345--a new Caribbean Cruise Pirate ship
Sara, Contessa's daughter--20 bags Frito snackers, box of 12 pks Oreo cookies
Beth/eaglewatcher--3 pages of FFRC postage stamps with Please Spay & NEuter on them, lg bag of PurinaProPlan
Furrhavenkitties/Jeannette B from TN--For Magic--Valentine's Kitty card, glitter balls, fun foods, lots of snackers, Meow Mix cups, snackers  (Magic said he would share!)
Mandysmom/Fran D--Kitty Valentine card. Items to be used for anything where fits: nice shoulder purse, leopard kitty back pack, pretty necklaces, kitty earrings/necklace, 2 pet pooper candy dispensers, Guess wallet, Chef & Menu chalkboard & decals, Butterfly wall decals & 2 fabric butterflies for the Butterfly Room
Nona--5 heated bowls for outdoor kitties (already in use!)
Pckrbckr--snackers for Lena & Jackson
Don & Joy D from NY--kitty card with donation
LittleKat & Elaine/Allen--LittleKat's Happy 17th birthday--kitty valentine card with KittyKat's allowance for donation!
Cheryl L from WA--Valentine card

Then we had 2 special delivers--both from school classes--made my day! 
Butterfly Class from Belgium--Derecho's pen pals!  Postman decoration delivering card for Jacci and Derecho with a letter. Students made a bouquet of heart flowers for Derecho and teacher made him a pretty rug! Students made Valentine picture of Derecho, also hand hearts with Derecho's picture!

Michelle Admin Assist of Cole Academy in MI--2nd grade made kitty pictures and donated them to raise money for FFRC.  These pictures are so beautiful!

And then.........there's more!  We received a donation and letter from Dr. P's office in Bryan to support our Spay/Neuter Program for $250. This just thrilled me! And then.......a miracle and lots of generosity happened! We were given MORE gifts of donations for the spay/neuter fund to match and add amounts to Dr P's donation. I was truly overwhelmed by the generosity--you folks move me in so many ways. A big thanks to the following for your additional spay/neuter funding:
Zoolove, Deb11111, Eaglewatcher, Joey, Joco, Littleonemine, Lannml, Pawlapurr, Robotman, Eartheyes, Oldestmanalive, Brookbosse, RoseSF, Kreger426, LJ, Leggygal, Timbrwolf.  The total of all of these donations (including Dr. P's) came to $2,560.  My gratitude is immense. we come. FFRC is going to make a difference in reducing the number of too many kittens without homes. And get this.....yesterday was a Random Acts of Kindness Day!  

And I'd also like to give big thanks to these donations:
Gusti--donation to cover drinks for our surgery day!
Mark S from MD--donation to FFRC, thru PayPal
Nan K from UK--donation to FFRC, for spay/neuter program
Jane W from TN--donation to help FFRC
Ann/newfiedogmom--donation in memory of dear wee Panda to go to Feliz Navidad Fund.
Anonymous Friend--donation to help with Sooty's surgery

Beamont is doing wonderful. He's sleeping on my desk (again!). He gets along great with everyone and is so very playful. It's so nice to see him making decisions for himself now that he is free to roam about. Sometimes he's in Kitty Kabana watching outside, sometimes playing like crazy, sometimes going around to people for extra head rubs---he's quite amazing!

Bam is our newest cat. He's an all white Doll Face Persian cat. Meaning, he's a Persian with a roundish face. And his eyes....oh what a beauty--crystal blue. He came up to the Main Area by his own choice--decided he was ready. He's tested, vaccinated, neutered--all is done and he will be looking for a new home. But first, he needs his vet physical (will happen on Saturday). He came because his mama could no longer keep him--he was a well loved cat. He's getting use to the routine and loves to be petted. He also chirps!

We have names for the other 2 new cats. Mendy and Mittens (both Name a Cat names)! These 2 cats came to FFRC on 2/13 after their mama passed away. They are young---6 months old. Their birthday is 8/10/15. Both are very sweet and both purr very quickly! They will be up in the Main Area soon.  Mendy is a torti, with a gold band under her neck.  Mittens is a tux/black & white with a white bib/muzzle and toesies.  

Saturday is our spay/neuter day (our second one for FFRC to offer to the public).  Currently, we have 8 spays and 18 neuters scheduled. Plus, we need to get Mendy spayed and Mittens neutered. Mittens also has a very significant umbilical hernia that will need repaired.  Dr. Darcy will also take a look at Sooty--maybe will do her spay/umbilical hernia repair too.  Check ins are 7:30 to 8:30.  We are ready and excited and have volunteers ready to lend a hand!

Next will be our first Transport on March 7, which is filled to capacity.  20 spays and 17 neuters.  Soon, we will be opening the schedule for the April Transport. 

All is good here.  Magic and Trucker are here on my desk napping.  Dorothy is playing on the floor with 4 different toys! Beaumont is watching her---maybe he will join in.  Hensley is having fun with a sparkle ball.  Gustave and Tabitha are napping side by side.  And Coralie is on her doughnut cushie that she likes to nap on every morning.  

If you get a chance, check out the updated website at:   We've been working hard at updating it.  There's even new categories, new pics, new stories!  Big thanks to Vaun who has been working hard helping with this big project! 

Sunday is our annual Volunteer Meeting at 2;00.  Lots of info will be discussed, updates, etc. Plus cake of course! 

Take care everyone and have a great day. Aza came by this morning for breakfast. What a big boy he is! Always enjoy his stops. He's our boy that we share with the neighbors.