Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, Feb. 5

What a wonderful Puzzle Raffle we had last night! I'm so so grateful. Here's what happened:

A/Alma     15 tickets--$75    won by Ju-in-ju for FFRC!
B/August x3    10 tickets--$50     won by KimKost, Gusti & Martha (vol). (had 3 puzzzles)
C/Cayden x3     15 tickets--$75     won by Plee for Damian, Missmic & Tom Woo
D/Coralie     27 tickets--$135     won by Clarksmom
E/Derecho     62 tickets--$310     won by Kris Math
F/Fabio x 3     15 tickets--$75     won by kathie3103, minnkitty & Gillian Ham
G/Farrah     11 tickets--$55     won by SVCathy
H/Lorenzo     16 tickets--$80     won by MacnCheese who donated this to Sharon S
I/Jackson     10 tickets--$50     won by Tom Woo
J/Jersey x2     17 tickets--$85     won by Anonymous & Tom Woo
K/Magic     15 tickets--$75     won by Clarksmom
L/Sevaun x2     35 tickets--$175     won by Gregg (vol) & Christine Hop
M/Seymour     31 tickets--$155     won by Tom Woo
N/Solee x 3     38 tickets--$190     won by Donna Ma, Missmic & Daisysdad
O/Tabitha x 4     17 tickets--$75   won by SVCathy, Missmic, Kerswill & Kimkost
P/Magic & Trucker x3     32 tickets--$160    won by Orcawhale, Susan345 for Hannah S
Q/Trucker     12 tickets--$60     won by Billy K
R/Vernon     19 tickets--$95     won by Tom Woo
S/Walter x 2     35 tickets--$175     won by Louiexiv & Anita for Betz

Just amazing!  A big thanks to Jacksmom for providing these puzzles to FFRC!  
The total of the above is $2,160.
We had an additional $110 to add for just consolation prize drawing.
That new total then was  $2,270

And then came the Bump Ups, for which total astound me. Deep gratitude to: Deb11111, Zoolove, Snoopydogmom, Lannml, Joco, jo603, farmgirl, Judeanlee, nuthatches, eaglewatcher,   Wow--this added another $2,065 which made our GRAND TOTAL AT $4,035!!!!

Many congrats to all the consolation winners too!

Big thanks to Pat P and Lynnette for doing the tickets for us--that's lots of work! This Puzzle Raffle was designated to help with the FFRC's property tax, to pay for 2 of our main medical companies and to pay for our disinfectant cleaners. Steve was already writing the checks out last night to get that in todays mail!  You, our FFRCNation, totally blow me away. My simple "thank you" never seems enough but please know it comes from deep in my heart.

We also had BOXES last night--more wonderful things!
Pat, our Thurs vol.--2 pr handwarmers, kitty blankie & a blankie for FFRC
Sue M/macncheesemom--donation for S/N in memory of Macaroni & photo of Mac
Clark, Jessie & The Rest--Happy 4th Birthday Gallant with a chicken $5
JustMe/Kathy--a mounting accessory for our cam (more info later!)

And even more thanks!
David P from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Pawlapurr--donation to help our spay/neuter program & for reading stories!
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy Boys

And wow--more thanks--we had BOXES on Weds. evening!
Barbara E from NC--card with note & 4 fleece blankies
Jatcat from CA--2 refills for printer ink
Rascalboots/Heather & family from OH--10 pkgs spring toys, 35 variety of snackers
Miss Meyers 2nd grade class--2 cases of baby food
Deb11111--12 boxes appetizers
Anonymous Friend--new collar for Solee & a new purple bed for purple office
Dottie C from NB--yeah, the box finally arrived!! calendars, 6 red solar lights, Gum, Belvita snackers for vols, 2 bags Instinct dry food, bag of 30 kitty toys, kitty wipes, 100 ultra fine needles & insulin pens
Pat our Thursday vol--2 boxes trash bags, Mr. Clean & PT
Jane & Leeann B--Senses toy, towels, PT
Cessna & Wayne B--45 rolls TP
Jane H from OH--donation to FFRC
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation to FFRC
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Anne B from CT--kitty card & note
Laura & George C from OH--donation in memory of Jack Palmer
Suzanne C from FL--kitty card with donation
Pam % & Peverly from CO--card, note, donation & a Valentine card
Bob & Marty M from OH--donation
Barbara B/frenchsilk & Kiki from NY--card, note & donation

Simply put--wow!  What a lot of wonderufl, compassionate people to help this Rescue Center

I have heard from Jennifer who adopted Rios, Elvis & Amaryllis.  They are all doing really well. Elvis is happy to play and eat and eat! He enjoys the dogs. Rios loves to play in the middle of the night & watch the birds. Amaryllis who is now Lucy Lu is a little shy but is enjoying her new home. She likes to sleep upstairs with the family. They are loved and a part of their family.

Beethoven is now here at FFRC. We took him in on Weds. so we could keep track of his eyes. They really seem to be doing good. He has a new name though, to start his new life here. His new name is Beaumont--a Name a Cat name. A handsome name for a very handsome cat. He is 1 1/2 years old, full buff/white Persian and has completed his Championship points and has earned half or his points for Grand Champion. Due to an eye condition, he can no longer be showed. That's quite alright with us! We love him for being a cat! He is in the back Thumper's Room, relaxing and enjoying a pen-free time. I do feel this is a bit overwhelming to him but he will soon know that life is good and he can do what he wants, when he wants! He simply melts in your arms. He truly has the biggest gold eyes I've ever seen. Welcome, Beaumont!

This afternoon we are expecting 2 adoptions to happen! Both Liesl and Everly will be leaving for their very own home together! That was our goal--a loving home and that they can stay together.

We also have another special adoption---Solee! She is going to an awesome home on Saturday afternoon about 2:30.  Craig and his family (who adopted our Daisy dog) would love to give her a home where she will be spoiled and happy! Solee has been here for over 2 years but I believe she will do just awesome and be a happy girl! 

We received much info yesterday from HumaneOhio! This is the organization that we will be using to continue our desire to spay/neuter more cats. Lots of plans in the works. We are determined to reduce that overpopulation cat problem which also will reduce homelessness for cats and neglect and abuse that results from too many cats and not enough homes. It's very important for us to step up and start making a dent. But, we want to make a BIG dent!