Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weds. Feb. 10

Update on Solee! She is doing great and appears to get along with Daisy, the dog and the other 2 cats. The pictures I've seen sure shows a happy girl! I also talked to the lady who adopted Liesl and Everly--these two kittens are much loved. Also did a check in on Towanda and Acadia. Things are going smoothly there. Both have been on the sofa with the lady. As she says--they are watching TV with her!  And one more update--Cyrus is also doing what he's suppose to be doing---using the litterbox.  Such a good boy! 

Oh! And another update--we've talked to the dad and mom that adopted Wrigley, Tia and Edna.  Wrigleywas our CH boy, Tia was part of the Golden Swarm and Edna is that beautiful calico. They are all doing great. The family also donated 2 turkeys to FFRC for treats for the cats!

Beaumont--wow--what progression he has made. He is really enjoying being out of Cat's Corner Room although he still sleeps in there at night. He likes the Kitty Kabana room and has scouted out much of the rescue center. He also seems to be relaxed and is good with the other cats. Plus, he's using the litterbox 100%. It makes us all smile when we see that he is playing. He's come a long way in just a week. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening. We give you big thanks!
Zoolove--case of chicken baby food
Laura/Medic101 & hubby--2 cases Fancy Feast
Deb11111--5,000 of the 6 inchpaper plates 
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Kittiesmom from MI--valentine card with the $5 chicken
Plee from SC--kitty card with Walmart gift card
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy Birthday to Juby card. Also card for Bender's 5th birthday along with 2 of the chicken $5's.  And a donation made in memory of our sweet Ada Jane for the spay/neuter fund. 
Trudy S from OH--doantion to FFRC
Brenda R from VA--donation to FFRC
Needtoretire--donation for our spay/neuter fund
Tom W--donation to FFRC

A big thanks to Deb11111 who made an extra nice donation to our spay/neuter program. I am deeply grateful.  

Here's an update on our scheduling for the two upcoming spay/neuter dates. The first one is 2/20, here at FFRC. We have 8 females and 18 males signed up. Because of the longer surgery time for spays, we will consider this a full event and very happy for it! For this event, FFRC is paying for the majority of these surgeries plus giving a complimentary soreness meds, capstar and a wormer. 

The second date is 3/7. This one is our first Transport with HumaneOhio.  Right now we have 21 females and 8 males signed up. We have room for 2 more boys. For this event, FFRC is paying $10 per cat to be deducted off of their $25/$45 charges. Plus FFRC will cover the gas charge for the Transport bus. 

I am thrilled with these results so far and want to do more, more, more. This feels like the "right" thing for FFRC to be doing. I've already heard of cats going into heat for this spring. Please, if you can, help out and reach to others in your area to guide them to low cost spay/neuter clinics or to offer to help with the cost of a spay or neuter. This is important. We CAN make a difference.

That Leonard--what a scamp he is and so so cute and smart! He figured a way to shimmy up the big poles on Cat's Corner, get onto the roof and then make a flying leap to the tree and shimmy down. He did this 3 times in a matter of a half hour. We were going to let him just stay out and be a Porchie if that was his wish. But, no......he then wants back into the playground! What a silly boy. And after watching him make that flying leap to the tree, I decided that was not a very safe thing to do. So the tree has been trimmed back (once again!) and he now is staying put. Love that boy.

Today Sooty will be going to the vet's office for her surgery to remove that back leg. I will be so glad for this surgery to be done. She's out and about now but is so so careful with that leg that it doesn't get bumped.  It hurts when that happens. The leg is not a "fixable" leg. Give her 1 day and I'm sure you'll see her flying around here! She's amazing. 

Take care and have a great day. I do believe we will have a few more adoptions coming up but none are 100% confirmed yet.