Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weds., Feb. 3

This weather is so crazy. It's 52 degrees. This winter has seen many warm temps for Ohio and very little snow. Makes it easier for all the outside cats and the farm animals though!  46 more days till spring! 

We had BOXES Monday evening! We love boxtime and am always so appreciative!
Vicki B--6 wonderful bags of Royal Canin Babycat (Solee says thanks too!) & 6 cases of KMR!
Conii with Izabella & Elliott--6 cases babyfood
Kelly R/Littleonemine--M&M's for Lynnette & mailroom, animal crackers, 8 cans tuna, freeze dried chicken, case babyfood, ping pong balls
Gina/Catlvr--8 beautiful crocheted scarves 20 x 62  (great for a Flash Sale!)
Linda S--wonderful 2 crocheted scarves and 9 hats--so pretty!  (Flash Sale coming up!)
Tracy R from WI--note and package of pom poms for Magic--he says a big thanks!
Connie/Warped--a box of awesome items arrived--10 valentine heart toys, 12 spider toys, 36 catnip kit toys, 12 warpies and 36 carrier pads. Wow--look for these at a Flash Sale! Many thanks.

We also have PayPal thanks to give!
Beth/lurkerBea--donation to help with our spay/neuter program (vouchers)
Tracy L from OH--donation for FFRC
Knittinkitten--donation to FFRC in celebration of the reunion of Lorenzo & Freemont

I've heard from the family that adopted Wigglez and Alfonz. All is good! Wigglez is now called Meowfoy and Alfonz is now called Sketcher. The kids and cats are enjoying each other. They are both growing and are healthy. Love these wonderful homes!

Wow--$1,107.67 was put in our account from Ustream! That is for our share of the ads that you all see while viewing our cam. I sure do thank you for your patience with those ads! 

Our Puzzle Raffle is going on right now. It's over at 9 am tomorrow morning. BOXES will be at 5:30 tomorrow evening with the Raffle at 6:00. We also have some great consolation prizes to give away! It's our way to say thanks! 

January and February are always a bit slower paced for us. This is when we take a deep breath and get caught up! We have updated many things--phone call lists, files, record keeping, our website, petfinders. The list is many and we are accomplishing it. I'd like to say a big thanks to Clay and Vaun (our mod) who is helping to update the website. That's important. 

Vern is feeling a bit better. I do believe his energy is a little better. We continue to give him his medication and feedings throughout the day and evening. Cleo, Rooney and Kit are now back to "snuff" are are feeling good! Cleo and Coralie are at this moment, sharing a cushie bed together! Bender is on the 9th high level of the Kuranda Tower. I told him to be very very careful when he comes down! Jessie is moseying around the office--it's so nice to see her out and about.

Things are coming along for Lorenzo and Freemont. I've seen pictures and have had reports! Every day brings they are more content with sharing their lives together and with their mom and dad. It's a real joy to see this.

I think one of the nicest things about cats is that (for the most part) they get along so sweetly and beautifully, despite their differences.  Life is so short--I wish people were more like this. I think I myself and everyone can take a lesson from them. 

Pania is doing good. No recent UTIs! That is good. She's also been exploring a bit further than normal and seems to enjoy that. Seymour has also been coming into the Main Area more in the mornings when we leave the door open. He comes in to check things out but he always goes back for the day. He and Joyful have to rule over the office together! Poo report:  Alma is doing great! Samson Wolf's diarrhea is much better. Now we shall see where this all goes. He's such a sweet boy. Walter is in sparkle/glitter pom pom heaven! And Bella had her half jar of baby food today and so enjoyed each pawful.  Hopeyou all have a great day!