Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan. 31, Sunday

Wow---one of the bestest days ever yesterday! Between Lorenzo going to his new home and our Neuter Day, it was truly wonderful!

First, Lorenzo made it to his new home safe and sound. Kelley and husband Chris took him to NJ. From the looks of the first pictures and videos, it was a great reunion between Freemont and Lorenzo. This brings me much joy. I know Andre and Suzaane will keep us up on pictures! You know, we try and provide a homelike atmosphere here for all the cats and give them much love. But to have their very very own home is the ultimate! Kelley and Chris will return today. Huge thanks to them for doing this trip.

Next we had our Neuter Day. We did 33 neuters yesterday. I was thrilled. The 10 missing are accounted for in "couldn't catch them" to "almost caught them but couldn't". Plus we have one loose on the farm property.He slipped out of his carrier enroute to the door. We are determined to catch him. We also have traps set. We've seen him so there's hope to get him caught and returned to his family. 

Here's a bit of low-down on the event: Check ins went from 7:20 to 8:30.  It went pretty smooth. We've already thought of a few changes for next time that will make things flow even better.  All physicals were done by 9:15. Dr. Darcy started on those right away. Surgeries started at 9:25. We did them in groups of 6. We have it designed where each cat/crate/paperwork was marked to keep everything straight. Last surgery was done at 11:50.  Not bad at all! Then it was a process of continuing to check the cats for color, respirations, turning them over and then feeding them. We started check outs about 1;00.  The last cat left at 3:00.  We had pizza lunch provided by Joyce D and surgery drinks supplied by Gusti--thank you both!

While the neutering was free to the cats, if the owner wanted extras, that did have a cost.  We ended up doing: 12 leukemia/FIV tests, giving 18 distemper vaccines, 13 rabie vaccines and 8 flea preventions.  We also dispensed antibiotics to go home, eye ointments and ear medications.

YOU have helped make this event successful and I am deeply grateful. FFRC offered a free Capstar and worming to each cat. And each family received a Cat Comfort Bag. 

Many thanks to so many people who helped: Dr. Darcy, Amber, Megan, Bailey, Lynnette, Sue, Mary Braid, Jackie S., Pat P, Pat & Vickie, Becky M, Dawn E, Pablo, Martha L.  Anthony also helped carry crates in and out and with parking. Denise kept the cats happy in the Main Area. A big effort with such wonderful people. 

Dr. Darcy also did a physical on Bruno since he is new here. All is good and he passed with flying colors. She likes his green eyes!  Dr. Darcy also looked at Vernon. Poor boy has pneumonia.  We already had him on an antibiotic but she suggested we start him on an injectable one also. So, we started that right away. He did eat pretty good late last night. He also ate breakfast. We will keep up with our every 2 hour offerings of food since he's lost a bit of weight. 

I've heard from the mom of our two cats Lucy and Basil. All is good and happy. I've also seen a picture of Bosley and his little boy---they sure look like they are enjoying each other! 

We have had BOXES twice recently! Many thanks given to you---we are appreciative.
Zoolove/Pam--2 boxes of Frontline Plus (6 in each box) & 2 bags of RC BabyCat
MLS--8 cases of baby food
Kris M--three beds for Derecho--soft, cuddly, so nice! He said he will share!
Pat, Thurs vol--2 more handwarmers, small crocheted blankie
Deb C/Lostgirl--8 gallons Odo-Ban
Ann Newberry--visitor--syringes, material for toys
Dave W, our NY friend--donation to FFRC
Needtoretire/Charlotte--donation for our Spay/Neuter program

We also have PayPal thanks to give!
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Dakota O from Canada--donation to FFRC
Shannon S from IL--donation for care of Victor, Leonard, Jackson and friends
Gusti--donation to help with gas for Lorenzo's trip!

I'd also like to say a special thanks to a special friend--Eaglewatcher/Beth. She provided wonderful pictures--2 different sets--that we are using as thank yous to send to people. They are wonderful and Beth is so appreciated. 

Do you order items from Amazon for yourself, FFRC or others?  If you go to our website and click on the Amazon button, FFRC gets a bit of a kick back from that! It's so easy and doesn't cost you anything! We just received a payment of $759.56 today for the month of November! Wow--just wonderful!

Dortohy was seen bathing her kittens on the yellow table. Yes.....those kittens are now young adults and still love their mama! Hensley is playing with Liesl and Everly--so nice to see.  Asha is sitting in my lap rubbing her chin on my chin! A great way to work.  Lucy Ann is napping close by. It's so nice to see her being more "present" with us. And there goes Jester followed by Emmit--two fun boys.Joyful is also doing good. She let people pet her gently yesterday for a couple pets. Sea Turtle demands everyday to go into the PawMart! No, she's not spoiled! Walter loves Tabitha's paper towel nesting cupboard. And she will share it with him too! I so enjoy seeing the friendships that these cats make.   

Tomorrow starts our special Puzzle Raffle! We are so excited about this. There are 19 FFRC cat pictures/puzzles! Check out the fb pages for info! The Raffle will be at 6:00 Thursday evening with the BOXES at 5:30! A very fun Raffle. 

Take care, all and have a great day.  It's a wonderful Sunday!