Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Jan. 28

Yeah for Soyboy! He's feeling so much better now and was returned to his Cove with the rest of the Covies. His buddies were glad to see him. 

We are getting ready for several things here at FFRC.  We have our annual Volunteer Meeting here at FFRC on 2/21 at 2:00.  This is where we get together, go over policies, what's been happening, our goals, go over safety items, ask for suggestions in regards to FFRC, etc.  

This Saturday is our Neuter Day! We are pumped and so excited! Paperwork is ready, neck tags are made, crate tags are made, all are on board and we are ready! Max that we would expect (if all show up) is 42. We took on an extra 5 in case 5 were no shows. And we have 2 FFRC male cats that need neutered. Check in is from 7:30 am to 8:30. 

We've also been in touch now with HumaneOhio. We are continuing our commitment to make available more spays and neuters for our area. Tomorrow we should receive the voucher information so we can get started on that. And we have our very first date for the Transport for Spays/Neuters. I believe the first Transport will be the first Tuesday of March. We will sign up 30 spay/neuters for cats. More information coming on this!

We had BOXES last night and they were wonderful!  Thanks so much!
Ann/KeikoKat & Sea with Penn, Teller & Pixel--pictures of the kitties!  3 donations in memory of John P (Ann's dad), 36 Meow Mix cups, 18 cans tuna, 36 bags Cheeze Its, 10 canisters Clorox wipes, 16 sponges
Billie K--7 cases appetizers, 7 cases baby food
Judy R from FL--48 cans Sheba & Fancy Feast
Sandy E--case of Alpo dog food (bark, bark says the dogs!!)
ColoEagle--5 beautiful afghans to help with our spay/neuter program.
Gwen & Mike R from FL--6 whiskers from Patches & Angel, donation, box tops, soup labels, pop tabs for Caryn, milk rings for all the kitties!
jatcat--1 " sparkle pom poms for Magic
Vixanna/Bagobear--card with a note and donation
Pam/zoolove from OH--coupons
Dorothy C from MD--donation
Connie from OH--chief tapes 

We also have PayPal donations that we are grateful to:
Ellen H from NY--donation for our spay/neuter program
Lynda S from MN--donation to use where needed
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Niall M from Ireland--donation to FFRC
Jane W from TN--donation to FFRC
Victoria R from AL--donation to help with Alma and Samson Wolf
Deb11111--donation for reading Dollianna's story

We had three cats returned a few days ago. Pellen (calico), Fatima (torti) and Jester (white/grey tiger). They had all went to the same home. Life styles change sometimes and so they needed to come back. They have only been gone 5 weeks and have rejoined their friends very smoothly. Three wonderful cats. Jester is a clown--plays with everything. Pellen is the loverbug--wants lots of petting. Fatima just enjoys everything!

Big news today! Alma again pooed by herself. No enemas need for over a week! Our medicine is helping! What joy! While we have not exactly seen Samson Wolf going poo, we're pretty sure he is. His sides are not all ballooned out like before and he's happy and playing. Such a sweetie! Meds must be doing the trick with him too!

Who likes to be kissed on the nose? (hint...he's a brown tiger)  Emmitt
Who likes to play with the strings on sweatshirts?   Kiara
Who is the cat that sits on the plates for Judy every single Tuesday morning?  Camvie
Who loves the RC baby cat food the best?  Solee
Who bats at the spinning clothes in the dryer? Walter
Who likes the spring toys the best? Paddy Cake, Farrah & Emily
Who likes to jump on shoulders?  Lena
Who climbs one step at a time of the Kuranda Towers and is so proud?  Bender

You ready for some really wonderful news?  Lorenzo has a home! Yes, Lorenzo! And he couldn't be going to a better home in the world. You all know that Andre and Suzanne adopted Freemont (another CH cat). They were here about a year ago and so wanted Lorenzo too. The time is right for this adoption! We have all the plans worked out. Lorenzo will be leaving Friday morning to go to NJ. Kelley (a volunteer) and her husband will be leaving Saturday about 7:30 am and will arrive at their destination about 6;00 pm. Andre and Suzanne are so excited.They've already told Freemont that he will have a brother to play with! This just brings much joy to me, knowing that another special FFRC cat has a truly special home. Iknow you all will be seeing lots of pictures and videos of Freemont and Lorenzo!