Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday, Jan. 17

We have a new cat. His name is Bruno. He's had an interesting past here. He looks a LOT like PB (Peanut Butter) so I named him BP. Well, that became way too confusing so his name is now Bruno which fits him nicely. He is one of those cats that simply showed up here at FFRC one early morning. He was very thin, hungry, had fleas and a bad case of mange. He has been treated for his problems. His fur is growing in so nice and soft. It's amazing how good food and getting rid of parasites make such a difference! I wonder if he had been an indoor boy as he continually wanted into my mom's Little House. So, he has spent 4-5 days in the back Thumper's Room. He has now graduated to being in the Main Area. He's being such a good cat. Obviously gets along just fine with all the other cats. Welcome, Bruno!

Cecil is doing great. His eye is healing. He is such a great cat. I'm sure he will be leaving soon to go back to his new home. 

Vernon! What a good boy he has been. We haven't had hardly any fussing from him in days now and he's back to spending the nights not in Dodger's Pen. In fact, I don't believe he's been in a pen for days now. Maybe we've finally hit upon the right combo of meds for him. Above all, we wanted him bright and alert and being himself without the aggression. 

Magic has learned if he comes to my desk when I'm working and pat, pat, pat my leg he gets a treat. So, then there's Trucker who accompanies him that expects that extra treat now too. And then there's Coralie who is my desk helper---when she sees the treat bag come out, such excitement! Her ears perk, her whiskers are forward and that look............oh, how happy she is. One snacker is all she gets though but she's happy with that! 

We now have 2 syringe catching cats---Kiara and Emily. I think Emily has been watching Kiara and has realized we enjoy watching her watch the syringes! So, she wanted in on the fun. They both will now sit on the side of the sink. If we toss the syringes in, one or the other will bat at them. Isn't it great all these cats have such different personalities!

We have thanks to give. We are very grateful for your help.
Billy K/FrOg from KY--donation to FFRC
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC
Fran D from FL--donation for the Spay/Neuter Project
Ahmed M from MI--donation to FFRC
Johns-Manville, a business here in Defiance--donation to FFRC

Tomorrow we start taking appointments for our 35 male neuter "fix-'em" clinic! This event is 1/30. The first ad is in the paper today. We want to fill all those slots and I do believe we will! Dr. Darcy will be doing these neuters here at FFRC. We are excited to start working on helping to reduce the cat overpopulation problem. 

I've been asked several times recently, what our adoption fee covers.  Basically it is the following: 2 leukemia/FIV/heartworm tests (4 weeks apart), 3-5 wormings, 2 leukemia vaccines, Bordetella vaccine, 2-3 distemper vaccines, Droncit treatment for tapeworms, monthly flea prevention, spay or castration before adoption, physical from our veterinarian before adoption, plus any additional medical care that may be needed. We have a minimum of $350 in each and every cat (at our reduced costs), but the adoption fee is only $90.  We love our cats!

Volunteers! We could not possibly do the work we need to do without the help of our volunteers. The compassion, time and love the volunteers give is truly amazing. They are a vital part of what we do. New volunteers are always welcome! Not only do they get to know the cats personally, but it's a great way to make new friends.

And we are thankful for YOU.  FFRC would not be in existence were it not for everyone who helps us with financial donations and donated supplies. We are truly indebted to all who make this Rescue Center possible. We do not receive government, city or county assistance, so we must rely on private donations for support. We thank you!

All is right with the FFRC cats! Bella ate 3/4 a jar of baby food today--paw dip by paw dip. Solee enjoyed her share of babycat dry food--her very favorite! Paddy Cake has played with his spring toy and then placed it in the water bowl as usual. Lorenzo got to lick his spoonful of babyfood--a treat that he loves. Sea Turtle is happy on her heater pad looking out the window at the snow coming down. Jessie, our oldster, is happy above the desk--she keeps a close eye on things here in the office. Emmitt and Gustav have had their romp in the grooming tub--they think that's their wrestling match pit! They both always win---at having fun! 

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.