Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday, Jan. 10

It snowed! Yes....just about an inch is all. In all honesty, I was wanting to see a little snow. Now, it can all go away!  And in case you've noticed it, yes, we have a leak (again) in the Kitty Kabana. Dion was here two days ago and saw it in action leaking. He took a little part off above the window inside to start figuring out the problem. Weather permitting, he will be back tomorrow to put new shingles up on the roof.  He'll get it figured out. 

We had another two adoptions yesterday. Cecil and Charity both went to the same home with a nice young man. He really fell for Cecil earlier in the week and wanted a friend for him, so Charity was picked! They are good friends.

We also had another adoption the day before that. AJ went to his new home, with a young lady looking for a friend. I think he will do really good there in his new home.  I do believe we will have a couple more adoptions this week! 

We have thanks to give and we sure are grateful for your help!
Domingo F--donation to FFRC
Thomas W from MI--donation to FFRC
Jack Z from CA--donation to FFRC

We have some more Fix It Followers!  Yes, we've had some more donations come in to help with our upcoming Spay/Neuter program! Many thanks to the following:
Shannon S from IL, Nona from NY, Brent & Jenny from Canada, Gisa Z, Amy C from IL, Judeanlee.  Many thanks. Plans will continue to be made for this these new goals. We've already confirmed the date of 1/30 for our Neuter Day with Dr. Darcy.

We also want to give great thanks to Connie S/Conii .
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--donation to FFRC and then a whole lot of wonderful items! 4 snuggly blankies, kitty pad for Alma, 2-3 tier tower tracks, scratcher pad, 3 scratcher bowls, cat dancer, catnip toys, lots of spring toys, Christmas stockings full of cat toys, mylar balls, 5 cave beds, 2 Snuggles Safes, kitty snackers, doggie snackers, vol snackers, 2 kitty totes--so many really great items! It was Christmas all over again! Thank you.

Warped/Connie--Warped is a great giver of the products that she makes. She shares with FFRC and we are grateful. Her items are in our PawMart store and are in many of our Flash Sales. She just sent us: 12 spider toys, 12 centipede toys, 36 Valentine toys, 36 carrier pads & 72 warpies. So so appreciative. Thank you.

I always tell everyone, for years, to enjoy this time of winter. Our numbers are going down and it's before kitten season. Now is the time to enjoy this slower period. Once kitten season begins again, the pace will pick up. But....remember, this year we will go lighter on our numbers so I have more time to work on spay/neuter projects.

I went into the FireHouse this morning to put their warm breakfast in there and there were lots of cats in there! It was so nice to know they will take advantage of this warm and dry building that is for them. The big red barn has 3 nice warm redlights that give alot of heat off, onto 3 bed areas. These spots are always busy! And we have a heat light also in the grey barn--they happily share that and stay snug. The Porchie Haven has 1 heat light. Whiskers is the biggest user of that one! He extra likes his warmth. 

Little Peymon is doing a bit better. He's had some health issues but seems to be feeling better now. We are keeping a sharp eye on him. He spent 3 days in a pen in the front Thumper's Room for extra observation. 

Tomorrow is dental day for Jersey and Alma. I'm hoping for the least amount of stress possible for both of them. I'm grateful that the staff at our vet's office is so extra careful about our CH cats. They'll come back with a few less teeth and sparkly white teeth! Maybe Alma will smile for us! 

Joline is still ruler of her Kuranda Tower in the Welcome Room--I think she just enjoys all the action there! Neemu continues to help me at breakfast--she's the official taster of all foods on the plates! Pania remains the bench boss--that's her bench but she will share it with Joline. Tabitha can usually still be found in her paper towel cabinet. If not there, she's jumped over the open window of the door to June's Room. Sea Turtle is still the holder of the window shelf in the front Thumper's Room--that is HERS and don't anyone try to tell her differently! Love that old girl. Walter is doing great. He's a boy that cannot get enough petting--he gets on the counter in the back Thumper's Room and reaches out for everyone to pet and pet him. 

Isn't it wonderful how our FFRCNation has friends all over the world? And many of us have never met in person, yet can feel that friendship. I love that. We can share our woes, our cats, our families, our worries.  Thank you for being a friend to FFRC.