Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weds., Jan. 13

Two more inches of snow yesterday with the wind. It's cold out there this morning. Only 4 Porchies came up to the porch area for breakfast. The rest were all snug in either the Porchie Haven or the sunporch. The Covies are snug too as are the Barnies and FireCats.  I'm sure they will all be ready to see some bright, warm sunshine. They get a warm breakfast in the mornings! 

It is always amazing to me how the cold never seems to effect the chickens, guineas, peacocks, ducks and geese. They just mosey about like it's a "just fine" day. The horses were in the big main yard yesterday running around---looked so pretty. And then there was Milly the donkey, keeping up with them! 

We had two wonderful adoptions yesterday. A lovely lady returned and adopted Charleston and Milo, two of our cats with CH. Her house is safe for these two boys and she has much love to give. She's already called. She said Charleston (Charley) won't let her put him down and Milo is following her around step for step! I will miss these two boys very much but am thrilled that they made it---they have their very own home!

We had BOXES/ENVELOPES on Monday evening! Many thanks to you all! We are grateful.
Deb11111--a whole case of Kleenex, for those tears of joy! thanks!
mls9690--3 books of stamps & box tops for Caryn
Lostgirl--coupons & English stamps for my mom
Trudy S from OH--donation to FFRC
Don & Joy--card and donation to FFRC
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Cecily & Ron R from CT--Christmas card with note, giftcard from Rite Aid, Reeses Clusters
Jatcat--2 big poofs (great sale, we will store for future use!!)
LostGirl/Debbie--2 big stacks of foam plates and a box of FF broths

We also have these PayPal donations to give our thanks to:
Betty/BJR from VA--donation for the needs of our outdoor cats in memory of her Puff.  Hugs
Krista F from IL--donation to FFRC
Diane C from RI--donation in honor of Coralie
Pat/beadheadsdad--donation to cover 6 blankies for the past 6 adoptions. 
Insun S from S. Korea--donation to FFRC
Bifllie K from TX--donation for Happy Birthday to Sevaun (snackers delivered!)

Yeah for our ResQwalk joggers, bikers and walkers! We have now made $247.42 for those miles! I am so grateful! I know there's a few quirks to the system yet at ResQwalk, but they are working on these things. We know our miles are honest miles and that's what matters......and you are improving your heart while helping our kitties and cats! And it's fun! Thank you for every single mile. They are running a special right now. For every new person we get signed up for the rest of January, FFRC will get an extra $1 donated to us! So......keep talking to your friends and family--ask them to add the ResQwalk app and log at least one mile for us to receive the extra donation! Thank you. 

We continue to get organized for our new 2016 Spay/Neuter Program. We also have a few more donors for which we are thankful:
Jackie S, volunteer
Jan/farmgirl/Charlie from IL   
Yesterday, we spent time working on the check in and check out papers for our upcoming Neuter Day. It's Jan. 30 and we are planning on neutering 35 male cats FREE for our community and area. They will also be offered vaccines, leukemia/FIV testing (at a cost). FFRC will give each cat a free Capstar (this is actually to offer protection to our FFRC cats!).  There will be 3 ads in the paper--this coming Sunday, Monday and Weds.  We are very grateful to be able to do this.

From Pawlapurr:   SNIP   Thanks!
S for spay
N for neuter
I for incentive
P for program

Alma and Jersey had their dentals on Monday. Both had to have 2 fractured k-9's removed--very typical of cats with CH. These are two extra special cats and I was a bit worried. But, they did beautifully. The staff there at the vet clinic are wonderful with our cats. Jersey has spent the last 2 nights here in the back Thumper's Room but he's getting ansy. I'm sure he's ready to go back and be with his friends in the Cove. Alma also had an x-ray--she's been having trouble being constipated. The x-rays showed what we thought---full of poo! So, she received an enema yesterday--two very large hard poos later, she's feeling much better! She will now receive medicine once daily to help her "keep clear". And she likes it! 

Please....always remember---if I've forgotten something, made an error or whatever, never hesitate to email me and let me know. Things are so busy here all the time, that I sometimes slip up on these important things. 

Yes, you can now tell our Rescue Center is lower on cats. This is a very important time of year when the teenagers and adults get a chance to be adopted. Sometimes these are the more difficult ones to help find a home for. Remember though (I feel like I need to say this again), this year we will be bringing our numbers down a bit so that I have more time to work on our spay/neuter program. We are committed to help reduce that overpopulation problem and neglect. 

Felicity is coming out more and was even wrapping herself around our legs yesterday! Nice to see.  Bella has finally decided it's too cold to go outside with the dogs. She spends much time in her cave bed or her pink poof.  Jessie is also out and about more. And Dorothy.....she is turning into a kitten. Has been playing with toys and tossing balls in the air and chasing them! Cutie is doing great. She loves to look out the Kitty Kabana windows. Lucy Ann has picked a new spot for her special breakfast plate and sure enjoys that food! It's so nice to see her enjoying her meal. Wonder who will next be adopted!!