Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday, Jan. 24

FFRC received no snow. But, we have been watching and keeping track of that eastern blizzard. Stay safe and warm.  Spring will come!

I want to thank you very much for a successful Flash Sale. Mich was, of course, awesome. But so were you all---our mderators, people who received the items, those joining in for the fun---all of you are important! Thank you!

Here's the big news-----Alma pooed all by herself! Not once, but twice yesterday.  Both she and Samson Wolf had to have an enema on Friday though. I decided to bring Samson Wolf up here to the Main Area although it's not as easy to observe what he does in the litterbox.  But, it's important that he have the company of friends to play with.  We can partly guage his poo success by how round his tummy is. I have to let you know though that Dr. Darcy is a bit concerned about this little guy. It's probably the worse megacolon she has seen, especially in a kitten. There's different options we have and all are being explored. We have high hopes for this boy.

Bruno is doing wonderful. Wow---what a wonderful cat he is. It's amazing to see his fur condition. The very first time I saw him he was a mess--lots of patchy icky sections of fur and skin. And so thin. He's not so thin any more and his coat is becoming much softer and is filling in. He's also a purr-boy galore!

We have some thanks to give!
Mudjie, our moderator--donation to our spay/neuter program
LostGirl--troys and springs for our next set of Cat Comfort Bags
Jennifer O from OR--donation to FFRC
Kittiesmom--donation to our spay/neute program
Judy L--donation to FFRC
Anna-melsmom--donation to FFRC in honor of Anna Marie's 6th birthday. She loves her 2 FFRC cats!

We have Soyboy here in the back Thumper's Room. It appears he picked up a cold. So, he's on twice daily antibiotics. He's eating good today and appears to be much better. The temps this week are to be in the upper 30's, so we will wait another 1-2 days and then let him back out to be with his Covie friends. He's such a good boy!

Felicity has become a big leg-rubber! She's out and about so much these days! Joey is here, there and everywhere now. It's wonderful to see him cruising about. Seymour is also doing good. He's had very good manners! I've also noticed that Walter has drastically decreased his circling! That's nice to see! 

Have you really thought about your cat's litterboxes?  
**Is the litter box big enough? Litterboxes should be huge. Cats like to get in, scratch the litter, turn around and around. So a box that is about 1 and 1/2 the length of your cat, would be great. 
**Is the litterbox clean?  None of us like to smell a stinky litterbox. A cats nose is far superior than ours so think about how your cat must feel if the box is not nice smelling. Cats are very particular to their boxes--they like clean things. A litterbox needs to be kept scooped enough to keep it clean.
**Use litter that is not strong smelling. That "extra fragrance" put in is for people but not really beneficial to the cats. 
**Do you have enough litterboxes? The rule of thumb is 2 boxes for 1 cat, 3 boxes for 3 cats and so on. Keep the boxes not all clumped together. And it's also important to have a litterbox on every level of the house. 
**Is the location good? Pottying is "one of their most vulnerable moments, so they need to feel safe and secure". The litterbox should not be near noisy appliances, in kids playrooms. Pick a quiet, private area. 
**We also recommend a good quality of litter. One that clumps hard and one that is not dusty. 

Lorenzo, Paddy Cake, Bella and Derecho had their special dollop of baby food. Sea Turtle had her tour of the mailroom office---something she likes to do every day. Solee had her extra snacker this morning already. Liesl and Everly found each other for their morning nap. Magic is carrying around his special little sparkly ball. Jersey is napping on top of my desk, as usual. Cutie is sunk down deep in her poof. Kiara and Emily "caught" all the syringes that were tossed into the sink. Elsie has done her morning batting of Coralie. And Coralie was gentle with her! Scooper and Peydon did their laps around the main area. Tabitha has already jumped into June's Room for her morning nap. These are all part of our regular routines--isn't it wonderful how they each have their own personalities! Love these cats. 

Teamwork! We ALL are part of this team. If you are reading this, you are part of our FFRC team. And we appreciate you!
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  Helen Keller
You are all champions to me! Take care and have a great day!