Friday, January 1, 2016

Jan. 1, Friday

Happy New Year to all of our FFRC friends! The kitties had a party last night! At the bringing in of the New Year, a lighted ball went from the ceiling and was lowered. At the right moment, it was opened up and treats fell down for the cats! Plus we had the bubble machine sprewing tons of bubbles out! And 2 fun lights that threw out colored lights in every direction!  Chicken was passed out in the evening earlier. Plus delicious snackers for the humans that were here! We all wish for you a Happy New Year, one filled with joy, laughter, good health and peace. And of course, lots of kitty lovings!

Yesterday we had 2 adoptions! Shiloh and her housemate Sage (who we called Byron) went to their new home together! I believe this will be a very good home for these two extra nice adult cats!

We also sent Cyrus to "kitty potty boot camp". Remember, we did this two other times before and met with success.  Sometimes, here, we will have a cat that wants to spray--of course, we cannot adopt them out if they spray. Cyrus hasn't been doing this long and so, because he was probably doing this due to his environment, he went to boot camp! He'll be with only a couple other cats, and a family that is willing to help us with this. The other two cats were adopted out successfully. Sometimes getting these cats away from this environment with so many cats is all it takes to encourage them to go back to using the box. He has to show 100% use of litterbox for a couple weeks, then we'll find that perfect home for him!  It's a good thing we can offer to cats like Cyrus. This doesn't happen often.

We had BOXES Weds. evening. We are very grateful to you.
Keith & Tammy/bellabell with their kitties--big bag of Purina One, box of appetizers, kitty snackers, case of Friskies and Fancy Feast, 2 big cases of Friskies
Wendilyn & Henry B with kitties--12 wonderful Cat On A Fence handbags--so pretty! Flash Sale items!
Kitty Christmas--7 Mega bags of snackers
Gale & Sue K from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Wallace & Soren A--donation in memory of Virlyn R
Mary S from OH--article about inmate & kitties in Columbus
Austin from Pldg--Christmas card & donation
Jan (Beth's sister)--Christmas card, donation in honor of Beth for Christmas
Lou & Jennifer/jacksmom with their kitties--Christmas card with donation
Ayako M from Japan--lots of fun items and lots of yummy human snacks to shre, plus a keyboard, 4 masks, flower hot pad, 2 roller massage pens, a Funassyi Jacket, a giant Hello Kitty Christmas Boot for the kitties, scarf, flower jacket & skirt, red flower jacket, kitty calendar, seasonings---such fun items!

We also have many thanks to give for these PayPal donations:
Eric W from OH--donation for FFRC
Floppy Jan--donation towards Vernon's meds from Bigwig
Mark S from MD--donation for my mom for something fun!
Gusti--donation to help with generator's care
Tracey B--donation for FFRC
Judy & Phil L--donation for Happy New Year to use wherever needed
Mary B--donation for FFRC
Kevin F--donation for FFRC
Jane Z from CA--donation to help FFRC continue it's work for the New Year
Deb Y from MI--donation for FFRC
Eartheyes--donation for Steve/Jacci to do something fun & to get chicken/turkey for all the cats
Carla S--donation for FFRC
Stacy G from TX--donation for FFRC

The surgeries from Weds are doing good. The two boys are completely recovered. Lucy Ann ate a good breakfast and Merri even ate. Both have today yet to be on soreness meds. They are getting up and cruising around a bit today. Merri's was a tougher dental.

Rooney and Kit are starting to think about coming up to the Main Area. They now come up to the door that looks into the Main Area and peeks thru the door. Won't be long! Their confidence is building. Yesterday Abe and Bender were sniffing noses--they look so much alike!

Milo is part-nut! Yes--he really is. He loves to play with all the toys, he prances all over and he loves to play with the kitties. One of these days he's going to attempt the climbing pole in the purple office. He will sit there and look up at it over and over again like he's thinking of it. Right now he's tossing fresh catnip into the air!

Alma is doing much better. Poor little girl got constipated to the point where an enema was required. It's taken a few days, but now things are "moving along" and she's feeling much better. That cat amazes me. Her different meow tones lets us know what she wants--it might be a quick help to the litterbox, or to lift her to the upper bed that she likes or maybe to refill her dry food bowl. She's simply amazable for sure!

Janessa is caring for her teeth! She uses the cardboard boxes that arrive to gnaw on. We have had countless boxes that are chewed up from her. She starts at a corner and works her way along the edge. Must be fun for her!

Vernon has started his new med. We have high hopes for this. This particular med was an injection. The last oral meds we gave him wasn't working as it was simply making him sleepy. We didn't like that for a couple reasons--he couldn't be himself when he was so sleepy and it also made him unsafe to be up high. Plus he was still being aggressive. Yesterday he only had two very minor squabbles with Hensley. Today none so far! One injection should last 3 months. Keep your paws crossed for good results. We want an alert, happy Vernon. Love this boy!

We actually only have a few of the kitten size cats that haven't gotten adopted yet. This is the extra exciting time of the year. This is the time when the adults have a higher chance of being adopted!
We are rooting for all of them but especially Tabitha, Neemu, Clarissa, Dorothy, Emily, AJ, and Emmit.  Actually, we're rooting for all of them! They all deserve their very own home where they will be loved and appreciated.

Keep an eye open for an upcoming raffle! It'll be a dandy one too!