Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weds., December 30

What a crazy week.  Monday was very hard. We had a big leak in the Kitty Kabana. Haven't had this happen for a long time. We will be calling in for the repair of this when the weather is better. On Monday it poured and poured and poured some more. And the wind.....very strong. Our electric power went out for about 4 1/2 hours. Our Jenna (generator) kicked in right away, but then went down 2 hours of use. We called the company and they got it set up to start again, but by that time, the electric had come back on. They were here yesterday to service Jenna again and to figure out the problem. We think we know what happened so that shouldn't be a problem again. The farmyard was very wet--water standing all over. We got the drain unplugged so it was able to drain into the system that goes into the river.The river is up but no worries about flooding. Whew---what a day Monday was.

Cleo is perfectly happy now being in the Main Area. So is Abe. They both are content. Such good cats! Byron is all over the place. He's been going on all of  the cat walks, really enjoying the views! Cecil is right now climbing 2 sets of Kuranda Towers--he's been on probably 12 of the "steps" and sure is doing a good job! Bella loves her poofs still. We've been putting a poof inside the Froggy Pool and it keeps it "up" so the kitties don't roll off of it. 

We have big thanks to give! We had Envelopes yesterday afternoon. We were all set to do BOXES on Monday evening when we ended up with no lights. help us get caught up a bit, we did Envelopes yesterday!  We are grateful to you!

Sara, Contessa, Gary with Tiaramisu--Christmas card, 11 cans of Friskies, stocking for Elfie with 4 balls & jar of Pounce. Pictures from Sara.
Ellis & Barb from OH--donation to FFRC
Wiscatmom from WI with kitties--Christmas card.  Card showed pics of her kitties!
Fran S from ME with the "light" kitties!--donation in honor of Schinn, our Mod.
Janet S from IA with Toby & Harley--Christmas Card, donation for Feliz Navidad Fund
Mich & Vern from MI--Christmas Card with 2 chicken $5's
Mary & Tracy P from NH--Christmas card, donation in honor of Betsy P & lori W
Craig, Mario, Daria & Daisy the doggie, letter and donation
Bruce & Jackie U with Ajax & TyWhi (FFRC cats) from OH--Christmas card & donation
Kimberly M from IL--donation in honor of Mary C.
Leonard & Elizabeth O from NJ--Christmas card & donation
Ruth D from NC--Christmas card
DoubleyDibbleyDoo & Millie--Christmas Card
Pam & Robbin T--an appreciation card
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Barb W from IA with kitties (from FFRC!)--donation to FFRC
Orcawhales, Bryan and kitties--Christmas card
Donna W from FL--auntie to Clark & Jessie--Christmas card & chicken $$
Rob, Sarah/romeosmom, Sean & Rachael from MO--Christmas card
Sonja M , one of our mods--Christmas card
Betz from PA--Christmas card
JoboLovesMe from OH--Christmas card
Jan S--Christmas card & donation for Farrah's meds
Eaglespirit/Sally from WI--donation for Kitties turkey fund & the 12 Days of Christmas at FFRC
Beachkatz/Carla C--Christmas card and donation
Ayden & Andrea M from MN--Christmas card  (Benders other mom, hug given to him!) For Bender: 2 bags Cats meow catnip & 2 mousie toys
Craig, Marianne, Daria & Daisy "our dog!"--letter and donation to FFRC

We also have these PayPals to give thanks for:
Michael S from VA--donation to FFRC
Sharon S from KY--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Shannon S from IL--donation to FFRC, for Victor, Leonard, Jackson and their friends

We have a few updates to give:
Hoot & Panda are doing great. Val has said they have fit right in with the other cats. Their pictures all look so very happy!

Marta is now called Noel. She's doing great in her new home. She has already fit in with their other cat. The kids absolutely love her. She naps with Dexter, the other cat too!

We've also heard from Shep's new family. He is doing awesome and has fit right in. The little 7 year old boy so loves Shep! 

Another update--Shiloh and Byron (who came in together) will soon be adopted together! So happy about this.

Remember, if you're going to order from Amazon, go to our website and click on the Amazon button. FFRC gets money credit for your order! It's very simple. We just received October's funds which came to $418.73! Thank you for doing this. 

We have 4 cats at the vets today. Everly and Elfie are already done--they were neutered. Merri and Lucy Ann are there for their dentals. Big thanks to Donna and Larry for transporting them there. 

It's almost 2016! A wonderful year coming up. I wish for all of you a healthy and happy year. May you find great peace with your family and friends. Value your relationships.  Life really is too short to not fully enjoy each day. And give your pets a big extra hug! Happy New Year!