Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11, Friday

Two weeks to Christmas. I had to calm these cats down--they thought Christmas was already here as in Kitty Christmas. The reason for their worry---the upside down tree isn't up yet. So, with much yummies, snackers and chicken, they now understand that Santa is still coming with a few favorite toys and some turkey! 

Tomorrow is surgery day! Here's the tentative list:
Fluffernutter/Buddy--yes, he'll be back for his sx.  We made a very rare decision to let him go be with our volunteers Jim and Jean, knowing that they would bring him back for his surgery.

Little Bit--3.01

We also have lots of physicals. These are the ones that need their annual physical:  
Alma, Charleston, Coralie, Felicity, Lucy Ann, Merri

We also want to have these cats checked for:
Walter--his circling
Paddy Purr--check his nose (it is better!)
Paddy Cake--recheck his heart murmur
Seymour--check lymph glands again on rear legs
Towarda--check eye
Solee--recheck her heart murmur

We had wonderful BOXES on Weds. evening! Our thanks to you!
BIllie K--3 cases doggie food, 4 pks of bath/face towels--so pretty
Anony. Friend-Annies Crackers Variety, Famous Amos Chcolate Chip cookies, Milano cookies
Ivy & Ruby M--box of Temptation snackers
Sue/macncheesemom--14 kt. gold kitty earrings, kitty magnet, Nano toy, framed drawing of Froggy from a lady in South Africa
Anonymous Friend--box of Pringles
Anonymous Friend--veggie sticks, a big variety of people snackers, box full of cookies!
FaithyMD--4 boxes Swiss Colony Petite Fours--yummm
June/Painteddaisy--Christmas bags full of goodies for Vols. So nice!
Deb11111--Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Andrea W--2 cases Fancy Feast, box of 30 Fancy Feast
Conii with Izabellah & Elliott--new palm tree!
MaryMort--case of Tuna, box of sardines, case of salmon
Jennifer SJ--bucket of temptation snackers
Anonymous Friend--case of sparkle paper towels
Betty/lurker Oshkosh--big bag Purina One, Bag of Purina Pro Plan, case of Sparkle paper towels
Angie & Elizabeth--New Palm tree!
Roger & Trudy S with kitties, from AZ--Christmas card with donation
Alan & Elaine from FL with Little Kat--Christmas card and a donation of Little Kat's allowance! 

We have more thanks too!
Bryant M--Merry Christmas donation, behalf of the Schmucker Family!
Roberta L--donation for FFRC
Fran D from FL--donation for FFRC from her co-worker Dave N

Billie K--donation in memory of Fancy, Sherlock, Jahzara, Sindile, Honey and Gwendolyn
Amy R from OH--donation from GIzzy & Baxter Moss, Mama, Shy, Bee & Maliboo R
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Cheryl W from IL--donation in memory of Mary M

One more bit about FIP. This comes from one of the leading universities that is researching FIP: "Out of 69 samples, there were 40 different mutations of the same virus". "It is almost like the virus fine tunes itself to the individual feline depending on genetics and the condition of the immune system" --one of the most complex viruses that he has ever seen.   So interesting and frustrating.  But, we hope our time with the FIP is now over and done.

The cats and kittens are extra "needy" this morning. Everyone wants 20 minutes of petting, plus another hour of it! We love it. 

Short blog today--have a lot of catch up to do! We are trying to get that Christmas tree up! And it's important to me to get those picture taken of the stock from Kitty Christmas! These will be posted on facebook. Just looking at it sure makes me smile!