Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday, Dec.8

What could be sweeter than this? The cats are healthy. Kitties are nutsy--running around like little kitties should, full speed ahead with no thought as to who they run into! Adoptions will be coming up. Big surgery date is scheduled for Saturday. The Raffle was a huge success. Kitty Christmas still makes me smile! Bills are getting paid. All is, indeed, good.

Here's the lowdown on the Raffle from last night!
Item A     Grumpy Cat, won by Schinn     Sold 44 tickets=$220
Item B     Kitty Blanket, won by Grawyer     Sold 45 tickets=$225
Item C     Sherpa Carrier, won by Cathy Al     Sold 88 tickets=$440
Item D     Christmas Afghan, won by Jz-nyc     Sold 35 tickets=$175
Item E     Cat Quilt, won by Grawyer                Sold 248 tickets=$1240
Item F     Pet Stroller, won by Marilyn Sau       Sold 59 tickets=$295
Item G     Sewing Machine, won by Joco          Sold 148 tickets=$740
Item H     iPadAir, won by Joco                         Sold 439 tickets=$2,195
Item I      50 inch LED TV, won by John Er      Sold 364 tickets=$1,820

Wow! That makes for a whopping $7,350--definitely the best Raffle we've ever had.  This will go towards our cat litter bill, our 2 main medical companies., It was going to also go towards our propane bill, but that had been paid in full at the Kitty Christmas! So...the remainder will go towards our operating costs, which definitely needed some help! So.....help has arrived and we can get a few more bills paid. What a great feeling to be in December and seeing our bills getting paid. A very good feeling!

But......wait! We have more thanks to give! We had some "Bumper-Uppers" to the total! Many thanks to: Minnkitty, Joco, Romeosmom, Eartheyes, Dewbus, Preakness, Gusti and Nuthatches for padding the amount.  The Grand Total came to $8,150.  Unbelievable!  My very heartfelt thank you for this support. 

Items from the Raffle and the 27 consolation prizes will be going out today and tomorrow! 

I would also like to give these thanks:
Pat & Ellen--donation to sponsor Farrah
Jakesmeowmy--donation to be used where needed
Lynne W--donation for FFRC

We also had BOXES last night and Envelopes! We are appreciative of you!
Medic/Laura--2 cases Fancy Feast
Sandra E--Friend cards
Sophie&lucysdad--pics of the 2 kitties, 20 pkts meow mix cups & cat/dog snackers
Beth/eaglewatcher--6 cans Lysol, 4 gals. HE Tide, 20000 6 in styrofoam plates
Joco's son in honor of her BD!-Gift Card to Amazon, case of Friskies, case 9-Lives Gravy
Tom & Linda C--donation to FFRC
Contessa--box tops for Kellen & sisters
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 5th BD to Mayor Anony & the $5 chicken money!
Billie K--3 bags Precious Litter
Brenda R--card with donation
Jane H from OH--donation
Judy & Jim R from FL--Merry Christmas note & donation
Leann M with Shadow & Patches--Christmas card
Christine/kiwinz from NZ--Christmas card
Megancummins58/sparklepop--donation and some wonderful, beautiful jewelry that we will show soon at a flash--earrings, keychains, necklaces--all so pretty!  Big thanks!

I've heard from the family that adopted Sergei! He's doing great. Tang is his new cat friend and they are doing "super well". Sergei is a snuggler and a purrer!

Today Sindile will be going back to the vet's office again. He will have another physical and more blood work to compare. There's a bit of worry---his appetite has diminished as has his activity level. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

I wish for something----that I could reach thru that camera globe and give each of you a big hug and then personally say a big thank you, to each and everyone. You have all become a huge part of this Rescue Center. Just saying.....would be so nice to do! 

Pellen is out and about. What a beautiful calico girl she is! She's doing pretty good and has investigated each room thoroughly. I always wonder what they think of all of this. But if looking at her now is any indication, I'd have to say she is happy. She's sound asleep, all curled comfortably up in a cushie bed!

Quick updates:
Trucker's poo is good!
Joline's eye is better--changed her eye meds and now is much improved.
Joey has forgiven us for trimming his toe nails. Whew!
Alma makes it to the litter box 99% of the time--great news
Purrdelurps kittens are all better and super energetic.
Elsie is doing better about climbing up--she's figuring better ways of getting down!
Amaryllis has went from a shy kitten to a confident, loving young cat
Towanda's eye is much better--will have Dr. Darcy look at it on Saturday.
Cyrus & Alphzo has a game as to how many times they can get into the Welcome Room.
Covies are happy! Nice & warm in The House that Jonah Built.
Porchies love their heat light in the Porchie Haven.
Firecats have discovered the FireHouse is warm and cozy. 
Barnies hardly leave the barn--they are best friends with their heaters!

Remember, if I ever miss something, or haven't answered someone or give incorrect info, it's always ok to contact me.

Take care everyone! Be gentle with each other's feelings. Reach out and help those around you--extend that hand of friendship. If there's a problem, try and help by listening. Things are always better with good communication. That's what Derecho told me today.