Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 27, Sunday

Pania looked like she was going bonkers---spinning, twisting and almost flipping herself over. Then I realized it all over a catnip toy! So very nice to see her act so silly! Coralie was sleeping back to back with Everly and they both were enjoying it. Saturday we had the windows open for a little while--so hard to believe this crazy weather. As soon as the Welcome Room window was opened, there was Cyrus in between the screen and the slant window again---it's his very favorite place to be! 

This morning at breakfast time, we opened the doors clear to the far back Thumper's Room---anyone in there could then make their way to the Main Area if they chose to. Cleo came up right away and was up for a few hours. She seemed so relaxed and happy. She enjoyed the Kitty Kabana windows. Abe, aka Abey Baby also came up and is still in the Main Area.  Looks alot like Bender, but Abe has a black face while Bender has that cute white design on his nose. Elfie is in the Main Area too and is staying up--his feet look so much better. Just a little healing to go yet. 

Thanks so very much to:
Joseph C from MA--donation by PayPal for FFRC
Tracey/traceylondonuk from UK--donation to be used towards medications for the kitties!
Shell J from OH & family--lint rollers, lots of kitty snackers, doggie treats
Debbie/lostgirl--2 bottles from Ahava (wonderful lotion!) & sardines!

We have an update about the two cats that were adopted here together--Obadiah & Dennison. They are both doing great and are very loved by their family! 

We also heard from Gandolf & Rios family. Gandolf is now called Elvis. They are both doing super. Elvis sleeps with the 2 year old and they both love the Christmas tree!

We have an update on Audrey & Coca Cola. Audrey is white and Coca Cola is white/black. Coca is now called Tank. They were adopted 4 years ago and are much loved. The family says both cats have wonderful personalities. Tank also loves their collie dog and Audrey is very talkative! 

We had FOUR adoptions yesterday! So happy about this. First, Marta left. This family was very excited to have her join their family. Marta's deafness is not a worry to them---they were thrilled to adopt her.  Next Joop and Little Bit were adopted together. They had come in for Little Bit and when they realized Joop was back up for adoption, they scooped her up too! As their new dad said--they have enough heart for both kitties. Love this. Then Jun was adopted. So exciting for the family and for Jun. She will have a couple kids to play with.  All good families and it felt good to let them go to their new homes.

We also had an adoption today. Shep got to go to his new home! The family of a volunteer came in and looked and looked yesterday. As soon as Shep came around, their choice was made! They picked him up right after noon today to make his way to his new home. Shep has a little boy to play with!

This coming week, we have several surgeries scheduled for Weds. Because of a break of one of their dental equipment pieces, we had to cancel Lucy Ann's dental the week before last. So, Lucy Ann will go on Weds. to get that dental done. We will also send Liesl and Everly for their spay/neuter and also Elfie for his neuter. Now that Elfie is doing so good, he can get that surgery done. 

We did it. We finally closed the door to the Cove.They will still have The House that Jonah Built and the Covie Haven to go in and keep warm. The Cat's Cove is not built for winter weather--the wind, rain, snow goes right into the building. This is the longest we've been able to keep it open. Many times because of the weather, we've closed the Cove in mid November. This year due to such warm weather, we've been able to keep it open. The heaters in THTJB is keeping it toasty in there! 

The Barnies and Porchies are doing good. They have their heaters also to cuddle under. All look good and seem happy. 

Take care all--we're on the countdown to 2016! Please remember to vote and to keep walking for FFRC.  Have a great upcoming week.