Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday, December 13

Surgeries are done and the physicals too! The surgeries that were done are: Wiggles, Fluffynutter/Buddy, Marja, Jun, Marta, Little Bit and Pellen. We also did a few extra cats for volunteer's that knew of cats that needed their "fix"! We ended up not doing surgery on Squiggles, Joop and Scooper.  I just felt they were not up to snuff and was hesitant, which of course, Dr. Darcy agreed. Have to go with that gut feeling.  

We also did a few physicals:
Alma--both upper k9's are fractured--will make appt
Charleston--good physical
Coralie--reabsorbed lower rt. tooth--is ok, physical good
Felicity--watch left K9 slight fracture
Lucy Ann--lower rt cavity, tartar--will make appt
Merri--good physical but has heavy dental tartar---will make appt.
Seymour--physical good, rear leg lymph nodes good, not swollen
Solee--physical good, teeth good, no heart murmur
Paddy Cake--obvious heart murmur 4/6
Paddy Purr--check nose, much better, continue meds another 10 days
Towanda--check eye--good! Has scarring, but ok.  continue meds another week
Walter--will try an oral med to help with his circling

So, all in all, a very good day. Was super busy--lots of people coming in to look at kitties, visitors coming with Christmas goodies. Many thanks to Beth, Pat P and Pablo for being our post-surgery kitty holders! It's such a comfort to know that they are extra looked after while waking up! Also a big thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch--so so scrumptious!

Monday morning, we will make 4 dental appts, hopefully to do in 2 days.  Jersey, Merri, Alma and Lucy Ann. 

We had a cat returned to us. Nothing wrong with the cat at all....just sounds like a cat didn't fit into their family.  We have Sparkle back and what a beauty she is. So so sweet and purr-able. Her long hair brown tigerness is gorgeous. She's out and about already. I can tell she was well taken care of. She was born 4/6/15 and was gone 4 months. 

We had BOXES on Friday evening. Big big thanks to you!
Andrea W--case of 30 fancy feast classic
Jz-nyc/Joanne--10 beautiful double crochet cat beds, pop tops for Kellen, food containers
Billie K--big bag of Precious Litter, lots of goodies from Bath/Body for FFRC & vols.--thanks!
Judi H/jobear--card, cat trivet & eye ointment
Gwen, Mike, Patches & Angel--big bag of cat food dry
Nikkaross--mega bottle of Dawn liquid soap
Lannml--12 super soft cozie cat beds
June/painteddaisy--goodies for the vols. for Christmas--many thanks
Jenny, Brent, Montana & Crew--Christmas card of Montana & crew with mom/dad. For a raffle an iPad Air 2 and smart case!!!!!!!!!!!
Kathy/justme--fitbit One Wireless activity & sleep tracker (for raffle)
Pablo--32 cxans of FF, 48 pouches of FF, 32 ouches Broth, special shampoo and pies!
Avery--a special 4 year old, donated a wonderful 40 cents--such a sweet girl!
Tom C from OH--donation in memory of Aunt Martha & her cat Skippy
Helen N from Wauseon, OH--donaiton to FFRC
Dottie & Nate & kitties from NE--Christmas card
Barry & Lori from Pld, OH--Christmas card and donatin
Ron & Barb W from VA--Christmas card and whicker from Mr. Mutt
Charlene P & Missy--Christmas card & donation
Pat, Thurs vol--Christmas card and donation
Tara & her daughter from OH--Christmas card
Melissa L from NY--Christmas card & donation
Blanche A from PA--Christmas card & donation
Jeannine--donation to FFRC
Cara S from PLD OH--donation in memory of Janice Cross
Laura K and Navi  from OH--donation to FFRC
Tom & Donna E and their rescue dog Katie Rose--donation to FFRC
Joanne P/Joey3100--Christmas card & donation for Connie's performance!
Mary H Friday night vol--card and a beautiful hand painted keepsake ornament
Elizabeth D--donation to FFRC
Kim W from OH--donation to FFRC

Yes, you have indeed seen some of the kitties throwing up here--what a lovely conversation! But all is well. Dr. Darcy thinks a little tummy upsetness. No fevers, acting just fine. Should be fine and dandy with no problems.

Please keep up the walking/jogging/biking miles for FFRC! It's a free app, fun and just think---makes your heart healthier. Thank you!

This Tuesday, at 3;00 we have an important telephone interview with the Rare Eagle Life folks! So excited! Please keep up your votes daily. It's free and easy to do! Thank you.

Gustave is racing along the floor dragging a feather toy---that boy is fast! Asha is checking out the kittens playing in front of her--she's so pretty. Kiara is laying close to the kittens too with her paw outstretched, bopping one of them (softly) every once in a while! Jinkee is doing great--so playful and so sweet. She enjoyed the visitors yesterday.  And here comes Milo with his high stepping gait. Such a happy boy! 

It has been in the 50's and 60's this week.And today our high is 70 degrees. Unbelievable. The Porchies, Barnies and Covies love it. We turned off  their heat lamps. Towards the end of the week will chill down. This weather is certainly easier on our electric and propane bills! 

Monday is going to be a Leggy Flash Sale at 11:00.  It'll be all Leggydews, Biggydews and LeggyScarves.  Have fun---still time to do last minute Christmas shopping. We'll get things mailed out right away. 

Jester--what a doll. He's so sweet--loves a hand on him at all times! And so ornery! Fatima is so super slick--her fur is slickery! Cyrus is again in between the slant window and screen of the Welcome Room--he loves to watch all the action there. Paddy Cake is one big puff ball--he knows he's just an absolute stunningly handsome boy! We had visitors yesterday that loved the Persians in the Welcome Room--Seymour, Paddy Purr, Joyful and Joline!