Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 1

Hello to our FFRCNation friends.  It is with a very very heavy heart and with much sadness to let you know that Sherlock has crossed over into kitty heaven. As you probably know, we took him up last week for lab work to check for the dry FIP.  He was just barely under the limits and so there was hope that we could treat whatever was wrong. He has not improved and today has not felt well.  Because it’s important to know, he was taken back to the vets today for labwork and this time, his blood work had well entered into the levels of being the dry FIP.  This is very hard for me and causes much sadness. FIP is such a confusing disease and much dreaded by the cat world. There is so much thought that it is untreatable and unpredictable.  Research continues all the time to try and break into this awful disease. This is thought to be known: it appears to be a mutant form of the enteric coronavirus—that it mutants within itself—it changes and causes FIP.  Some mount a rapid immune response, others are not able to suppress the virus, which then ends with fatal results.

I’m not afraid of a cat challenge and feel we generally can “take on” cat problems, with the guidance of our vets. However, this FIP thoroughly defeats me. I feel I cannot fight it—it beats us everytime, which is so sad. People sometimes say that I must be brave to handle these things. Really, that is far from the truth. I feel crushed when we lose our cats—it hurts terribly. But, since I’m a fairly private person, I mourn by myself. While these things are hard to handle, I know that I/we must carry on. We have a Rescue Center here that has so many cats that need our full attention. I am always on the alert to the general health of our population and try very hard to keep stress at a minimum, to try and provide the best care that we can do. Just because “life goes on”, in no way takes away the hardship of losing one of our cats. Also, we try to learn from every loss of life. Someday, my hope would be to see a treatment of FIP. That would truly be a wonderful thing.

I thank ALL of you for caring about Sherlock and all of our FFRC cats. While it’s very hard to let everyone know about these sad things, there’s also a sense of comfort in that you care, that you love them too and that you understand. It truly brings a bit of comfort. I thank you for that.
I’d like to catch up on some other “business” here too.
I want to send a big thanks to Mich and Vern for the awesome Flash Sale last night. They sold 99% of the items they showed. Wonderful “job”. And a big thanks to all how provided the items for the Sale. Big high five from the cats and myself to all those who participated in the sale. And don’t forget the mods who help with the whole event---you are all wonderful.

Zazzle is now carrying the wonderful 2016 FFRC calendar—chock full of FFRC cats. The site is: http://www.zazzle.com/2016_ffrc_pats_pictures_calendar-158646413504776732  Take a look—it’s really a great calendar. Many thanks to Adrian, Pat B and Goss for taking on this project.

Big thanks to the following:
Lannml—donation to FFRC, for Giving Tuesday, to be used where ever the need is
Jacksmom—donation to FFRC, for Giving Tuesday
Joanne P from FL—donation to FFRC, for Giving Tuesday
Carolyn H—donation to FFRC
Julie B from CA—donation to FFRC
Penny T from Defiance—donation to FFRC

In addition to the cats mentioned last week that are on hold, we now also have Squigglez and Sergei on hold. It’s so wonderful to get the message back, after an adoption of how well our FFRC cats are doing. It’s such a joy to know they are in loving homes.

Thursday begins our super-revved-up Raffle. This one has NINE items. It begins anytime on Thursday and ends at 9 am on Monday. BOXES will be that night at 5:30 with the Raffle being at 6:00.  We are very excited about this particular Raffle.

One can’t help but feel the joy in this Rescue Center. Just take time to watch the cats and the volunteers. The friendships between our volunteers is wonderful. They give and give of their time, their compassion and are so positive. The cats just are sheer joy—rarely do you see a cat that is sad. Their general attitude is one that WANTS to be happy, to get love, to give love and to just plain have fun! My wish would be that rescues and shelters were not needed. The reason is, that would indicate that all cats and pets are wanted and in their very own home. Such a peaceful thought, but one not to be seen yet. Everyone can play a part though in helping towards this goal—it just takes a conscious effort to spay and neuter and to give love.