Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Weds., December 16

Nine more days to Christmas. The best Christmas present of all---the kitties are all doing much better. It's true we had a tummy flu bug come in. Remember--no worries for people--these things are species specific. Monday was the hardest day for this bug. Yesterday was better, today is better yet. Cecil is still punky as is Marja. Both received fluids and injections this morning and actually are feeling better already. This equates to school classes--one kid/kitty brings in a bug and presto....all of them get it. Here's the silver lining in this--when they recover, it will have triggered their immune system and they will actually have a tougher immune system! We had changed their diet the last few days--using very easily digestible foods. Today we started them back pretty much on their regular diet as their appetites have increased now! That is a good thing! My Christmas wish---no more pukies! 

Yesterday was the interview with the Eagle Rare Life people! The interview was about 23 minutes long. He told me we will have another interview on the phone the first week of January. I've been asked how we are doing and truthfully.....I have no idea. I know the competition is very tough. I also know we are in the overall top 30 picks and we are in the top 5 for the Devotion category. He stressed it's important to keep voting so please keep up the good work! I thank you for this!

We had BOXES Monday evening. You are very appreciated!
Susie T's class (around 40 kids helped)--lots of fleece kitty blankets made by the kids
Catdogowl--working hands salve
Zoolove/Pam--Christmas card, donation, gift cards for vols, 2 pink poofs, a Leopard lounger 
Billie K--7 lb box milk bones for Janie and Camie
Jatcat--pink poof
LJ323--kitty scarves (they now come with names!), salmon, chicken, cat bandages, 2 memory foam rugs
Widdletiger/Elisabeth from TN--paper towels for Tabitha
Barbara W--4 rolling back packs--you'll see them again!
CJcat--Christmas card & donation
Nancy J from WA--handmade Christmas.nativity scene card with note
Larry & Donna from Defiance--Christmas card and donation
Suzi M from OH--Christmas card & donation in honor of Angel Smokey Bearcat
Julie from OH--Christmas card
Ehpower from IA--Christmas card & donation
Lostgirl from NJ--Musical Christmas card & donation
Gemini/Edna and mom--For Christmas--Walmart gift card and international stamps
Kimkost--Friends cards 

We also have these folks to thank!
Olga B from Netherlands--Christmas donation to FFRC, use for whatever is needed
Bea F--donation for FFRC
Laurie B from TX--donation in honor of her mother, Diann B's birthday! Happy birthday!
Donna H from ME--donation to FFRC

Congrats to Caity, our volunteer and her hubby. Their baby was born on Monday, at 5:11 am. Her name is Calleigh Julianne. Caity thinks she will be a future volunteer! Take care! Big congrats too to Calleigh's grandparents, Richard & Shirley who also are FFRC volunteers.

We have a new kitten that we took in. Her name is Aloha, a Name a Cat name. She is 8 weeks old and her birthday is 10/21/15. She is a gorgeous baby--very long hair, possibly a Himalayan mix. A real sweetiepie! She loves her heated cuddly bed!

We have kittens on hold! Sometime soon these kittens will be going to their new homes. They are: Fatima, Hoot, Jester, Panda, Jun, Joop, Squiggles and Stormy. There's a few others being looked at too. Adoptions coming up!