Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday, Dec. 6

Kitty Christmas! Wow! What an awesome event. I have so many thanks to give, I don’t know where to begin. It was an absolutely wonderful day. It’s actually hard for me to understand the support that you all give—I know that it is all received with much love and gratitude by me.

This past week we have been preparing for the Kitty Christmas. The latest I was told was that there were almost 30 boxes. We cleaned out our Kitty City, the storage room, shed #1 and shed #2 in preparation of this event. Everything has it’s place so we keep organized! In doing so, I realized just how low we were on items. ALL the food holding shelves in Kitty City were completely empty. In Shed #1 where the litter and dry cat/kitten food is kept—we had ¾ of the shed empty. But Shed #2 really worried me. That’s the shed that all dry products are stores, also the Clorox wipes, glass cleaner, plates, many things that won’t freeze. Well, that shed was almost empty.  And we had NO snackers in the snack container—only what was in the drawer on the counter. Wow---I was a bit worried.  And then came Kitty Christmas. I am extremely pleased to say we are full up, stocked up and sitting here with all shelves, cupboards, closets and sheds full! My gratitude is huge.

Here’s a bit of a breakdown of a few things:
610 cases of canned food
1000 snacker containers/bags
59 of the 40# bags of litter
97 bags dry cat food
42 bags of baby cat food
60 cases baby food

Altogether, there were 601 boxes. And the approximate weight of all these boxes were 15,000 pounds. Wow.   Kitty Christmas was just amazing, fantastic and so much fun and so grateful of all the gifts. Simply astounding the giving that went on. Humbles me and makes me want to do my very best for all the cats and for our supporters. Many thanks to Bill, Angie and Elizabeth for all of their hard work in this project--huge thanks. They gave up their garage to accommodate the boxes for 2 months! And to Hornish Trucking who supplied the semi. And to Scrappy who donated his driving and time to help us. And to so many volunteers and friends who came to help move many many boxes—a very big job.  It was very organized—off the semi, into the back of the Center, up front to open in front of the cam, off thru the front office and to their various storage destinations!

And there’s even more---in addition to the boxes, we had gift cards! Some of these will help us with our drug store purchases. Some were pet store cards, Meijer cards, gas cards—all will be of big help. And then we had more surprises!

** Trucker and kitty friends (along with an anonymous donator) now has our veterinary bill paid in full at Dr. Pettigrew’s office. Apparently the kitties all raided their kitty banks and pulled all their pennies together to pay for this bill---it came to 157,800 pennies! They had just enough to cover the bill! Love these cats!

** Zaney, Zap, Zest and Zeke (my 4 Z’s), along with Sevaun’s help  (and along with an anonymous donator) figured out how to contact our ProPane company for info. They have pooled their allowances together and “we made a donation to pay for the Propane and will continue to pay the bill for this winter”.  Wow—just about blew me away when I heard this. Apparently the Z’s wanted ALL the kitties at FFRC to be warm this winter!

**Derecho, Shamballie, Sindile, Jersey and the rest of the FFRC kitties—they said they know how important spaying and neutering is. So they got together with a secret friend and made some “monies with our cuteness”. They have now made sure our 12/12 surgeries are all paid IN FULL! I am so so grateful—what a relief.

**And another big surprise—Montana & Crew --donated 600 bags (well, minus 1—we won’t say which kitty ate one of the bags before sending!) of kitty snackers!  100 for each cat. Plus, each cat made a donation individually to FFRC. Big thanks!

I have been given a gift of “keeping it easy and simple”—meaning that I am told I should not do all the individual thank yous that I normally like to do. So…….here is my thanks that I read last night:

“A BIG thank you to YOU! This warm feeling of sharing, giving, compassion, friendship and love truly surrounds this Rescue Center. I know I’m blessed with your friendship and support. Sometimes when things are rough here, I know you are here for me and help me rediscover the strength that I need to go on. I thank you for that. My heart swells with deepest appreciation for your spirit of giving and sharing. You all always give me hope. Your gifts mean a lot to this rescue center, just as your gift of friendship also does. We are indeed an FFRCNation and I’m grateful for that bond. Merry Christmas!”   It truly was an awesome day in every sense of the word!

We also have other thanks to give too!
Kristina S from CA—donation to FFRC
Tammy/bellabell, Keith & kitties—a donation to use wherever needed.
PSW—donation and Happy Holidays!
Hallie G---doantion to FFRC
Little Frank—donation to FFRC
David D—donation to FFRC
Debra S from FL—donation to FFRC
Ju-In-Ji—donation to FFRC, for medical fund
Anonymous Friend—donation in memory of Honey & Sherlock, to be used for something special for the cats
Joco and viewers--for the horse wreath that we have hanging on the farm fence
Donnajb—2 cases baby food, beef
Yankeechick & Jeter—donation to FFRC for Merry Christmas

We also received $38.59 from ResQwalk! And right now, it’s looking good that we will be in first place for this week. I received an email from them explaining the donation for November’s walking. I sent back a thank you and they responded back so nicely! We are now up to 103 walkers. Keep those miles coming for the kitties and for your healthy heart! Thank you.

Once again I am the bearer of sad news. We lost a Porchie cat yesterday thru an accident in the parking lot yesterday, Saturday. Our sweet girl Gwendolyn passed away. She apparently climbed up into the motor of a car. Upon picking her up, she was still alive, fluids were quickly started but within a minute she was gone. She was given a quick “we love you, girl” and she passed.  So sad and devastated us when this happened. Thank you for loving her. She was such a loverbug. Gwenie arrived with the 9 other barn cats last winter. She quickly made her way up to the Porchie area and after being there for a bit, went and brought her twin brother, Caesar up too, to be a Porchie. We welcomed them both. Gwenie so enjoyed all the petting and snackers.  When this incident happened yesterday, we all decided we had to put on our brave front and get thru the Kitty Christmas. Today the sadness and loss of her is felt. The Porchies received extra turkey treats this morning with their breakfast.