Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Tis the day of Christmas and we are grateful for this blessed day. We are also grateful for our wonderful volunteers and all those that help/support FFRC in so many varied, different ways! You are appreciated. I wish for all of you to have a wonderful happy Merry Christmas.

The Main Area cats, Porchies and FireCats have had a special breakfast....roasted chicken along with special cans of food! It's been gobbled up! There are bags waiting to give to the grey barn cats, the big red barn cats and the Covies. New toys too have been passed out and special snackers galore! Thank you for helping us be able to extra treat these cats.

Tomorrow we are expecting 3 more adoptions. All will happen in the morning.

We had 2 more adoptions on Weds. Wigglez and Alphonz went to their new home together! So exciting to see these cats and kittens leaving for good homes! 

Little Elfie is healing fast and is walking now without any limps. He's doing very good. Such a sweet little soul. He's making friends with others here in the Main Area.  

We have the Barnie Bella up in the back Thumper's Room in a double condo pen. She arrived here a year ago with very bad eyes. With treatment, they improved. Remember she came with that large group of barn cats that were so loved. Recently her eyes have gotten much worse where she couldn't keep them open any longer. We are going full speed ahead with treatment but so far, they are resisting what we are doing. Have changed her antibiotics today so we hope this will help. She's a grey long hair girl with a big white chin. A real beauty that loves to purr. I'm sure she's missing her barn family, but she's content to be on blankies and cushies for right now. We call her B Bella since we have a Bella here in the Main Area.

We have thanks to give! We had BOXES on Weds. evening.
Katie L--4 gift cards for various people!
Annette B--NC who loves Covie Rory--letter for FFRC, a neat Meow cap for Jacci, 3 snacker bags, 6 appetizers, 8 Friskies, 8 Shebas and lots of toys
YaizaMoon, SonjaPaws and Mom--Christmas card, kitty snackers, candy for the volunteers, pillowcases and blankets for many of the cats. A special crocheted Froggy in memory of Froggy. Lotys of toys! Scarf for my mom and myself, kitty apron for Steve. A really neat crocheted purple Jacci with kitty hat/glasses and shoes---adorable--(it's sitting on my steps going upstairs)!
Carla M/cj500--27 crocheted scarves, lots of pretty colors, 2 cross body purses--Flash Sale!
Cheryl F--day visitor--kleenex, TP, Clorox wipes, K-Cups, PT, lysol, Candy, cookies, canned kitty food
Betz from PA--beautiful Christmas flower arrangement
Gem54--Christmas card--2016 Calendar with farm animals
Bellabell--case of yummy sardines
Furhaven kitties mama--Christmas cards, bags of FRESH catnip!!
Janet/alleycat--24 fresh grapefruits---so delicious!
Beth/eaglewatcher--a beautiful fruit basket
Lostgirl--Ghiradelli choclates, mint & carmels for vols.
Rosemary from Durban, South Africa--yes, her beautiful afghans--10 of them. Raffle items! Truly stunning designs and colors!
Glennette from CA--Christmas card & donation
RoseSF6cats & Rich & kitties--Christmas card
Pam L from CA--Christmas card & donation
Fran T from TX with kitties--Christmas card & donation
Jane W/calico17 from MA--Christmas card
Gusti from Germany--Christmas card
Clark, Jessie and the Rest--HB cards for Shamballie & Felicity and 2 chicken $5's!
Jan from HI--Christmas card for Vols
Teresa S from IL and kitties--Christmas card with donation
FFRC Kitties---they also sent a Christmas card!

Also big thanks for these donations thru PayPals--
Eartheyes--donation to FFRC
Scott W from IN--Merry Christmas donation to FFRC
Brian B--donation to FFRC
SusiePat & hubby from NJ--donation to FFRC to go wherever it is needed
Linda C from NV--donation to FFRC
Joni WW from IA--donation to FFRC to use where is needed
Lucy/lu-little & Benny--Christmas donation to FFRC
Peggy K from NH--a Merry Christmas donation in memory of her sweet boy Shamus. 
Jim R from VA--donation to FFRC
Kata & Karesz from Hungary--Happy Christmas donation to FFRC
Lori N from NE--Merry Christmas donation to use where most needed
Maria L from NY--Merry Christmas donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

Today Felicity and Shamballie both turn 3 years old! We are so glad to have these two wonderful cats here at FFRC.

We have updates!!
Marja is now called Darla and is doing great in her new home. She likes their dog and is very attached to her new mom and dad. She is a purring machine!

Sergei is all settled in now and he and Tang (his house friend) are bonded. They play alot and even groom each other. Tang seems very happy with his new friend!

Squigglez is doing great and loves her new family. She is now called Purty because she purrs and purrs. She's good friends with their dog.  All is happy there!

Wigglez and Alphonz are also doing great and have settled very nicely into their new home. It's a happy family! Wigglez is called Meowfoy and Alphonz is called Sketcher.

Fluffernutter & Lily Rose--they went to our volunteers. Fluffernutter is now Buddy. The stories are wonderful. They definitely have a super loving home! 

Byron is fully back and settled in. You may see him playing. He's a big boy now---dark tiger and white with an extra cute face.  His housemate Shiloh is starting to settle in too. She's a beauty.

Short blog, but wanted to wish you all a sincere happy Merry Christmas, to give our thanks for these gifts and to give the updates. Enjoy this beautiful day!