Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday, December 19

And on the 6th day before Christmas, we have a whole bunch of healthy cats! Yep, I do believe that nasty kitty tummy flu bug is gone! Lots of crazy, ornery kitties and cats with ferocious appetites! So so nice to see that and to even do the finger-wagging scolding on some of them! Although, they just try to bat the wagging finger and then run off!  Love it!

We had a bit of a scare last night. Steve saw a teenager size kitten going down the sidewalk by the PawMart Store and then take off running into the parking lot. It was dark and he didn't get a good look at him. Then the worry was....could that be one of our little rascals that got out the door somehow? So.....a full head count of all the cats and kittens inside the Rescue Center had to be done. While that was being done, Barb and Steve went out to look for the kitten, but no luck. It was realized that all was accounted for. We put out warm can food just in case he came back. He's welcome here, but he/she must be neutered or spayed. We'll keep our eyes open.

We had BOXES last night too. Many grateful thanks to you.
Tim H from IL--Christmas card, donation, lots of great washcloths for the kitties and for Catathon--2 TY bears!
Stinkygreykitty--Christmas card, bag of kitty toys, 4 kitty blankies & ADOPT a kitty stickers
Shawn from GA, Our Long Distance Volunteer--Christmas card from family, with donation for volunteer snackers, cat Meow toy
BIllie K--pink poof (Bella and cats highly approve!)
Caren F--5 pkgs spring toys, 24 variety K-Cups, case of Friskies can
Keiko--Popcorn Facotry: 12 gingerbread cookies & can of variety of popcorn
Pam T/zoolove--Popcorn Factory--can of variety of popcorn
Sherri/Neuromom & David from NY--Christmas card with 2 chicken $5
Phyllis/Kittiesmom with Buddy & Emmie--Christmas card with a chicken $5
Anne B--Christmas card
Zenamolina with all her pets--Christmas card
Dennis--a volunteer--Christmas card
Isabella H/Budnbits from FL--Christmas card & donation
Billy/Strat & Ellyn/nyckatz & Bubba--Christmas card & donation
Cheryl L from WA--Christmas card with pic of Cheryl & Santa Jim
Terry M from IN--Christmas card
BoPeep from FL--Christmas card with donation
Alan & Elaine & Little Kat--Christmas card and donation 

We also have these PayPals, we give you thanks!
Audrey & Gary P from WA--Donation & Merry Christmas in honor of the Moine Family
Brenda Q from MI--donation to FFRC
Eleanor G from NJ--donation to FFRC to be used as needed
Gusti from Germany--donation to welcome Aloha
June/Painted Daisy--donation for FFRC, to be used where needed.  
Judith M--donation to FFRC
Twitch account from MI--donation to FFRC
Pat N---donation to FFRC

Our new little girl, Aloha is now up part time, in the Main Area. She's so sweet. Is a cuddler and hangs on to whoever is holding her. She's doing really good and is enjoying playing and exploring. 

We also took in 4 adult cats yesterday. Their human mama passed away a few weeks ago. The family truly cares about these cats and asked if we could take them on. Here's a little info about them:
Cleo, 9 years old, short hair tiger, with dark brown stripe down back. Mama to Rooney & Kit. A super sweet girl, constantly wanting petting and loves to knead.
Rooney, 8 years old, female,very longgrey/cream hair, torti, Cleo's baby. A little shy, but so sweet
Kit, 8 years old, female, calico/tiger, Cleo's baby. Loves petting
Abe, 10 years old, male, black/white, loves loves people. Affectionately known as AbeyBaby. 
Abe and Rooney are both 18 pounders. Abe looks a lot like Bender. We welcome them here and will give them much TLC as they are adjusting to their new life here. 

We also took on a new kitten yesterday morning. He was at a gas station by Route #127. His poor footsies---looks like all 4 feet have a chemical burn which has made very bad sores on all of his pads on all 4 of his feet, plus a sore on his lip. Half the time he has his paws wrapped with a healing ointment on his feet. His name is Elfie. He is a brown tiger. Poor baby also has terrible diarrhea which we are treating. He's on soreness meds and antibiotics. He's a bit punky today and sleeping alot. That is just fine--sleeping promotes healing.

We had a returned cat this morning. Purrdelurps is back. While the man who adopted her is very sad at returning her, his health has taken a turn for the worse. He was worried about her future and so made the hard decision to return her. Purrdelurps is the mama to Marja, Scooper, Jun and Joop. I'm sure once she's back in the Main Area, she will round up her kitties! She is a great mama. 

Please remember to keep on a'walkin'! We placed first in the ResQwalk the last two weeks. This week, at this point, we are third, which still is a money-maker. So far we have earned $119.89 just for walking/jogging/biking--good for the kitties and good for your heart! It's free---please continue to walk for FFRC.  Thank you!

The other reminder please...keep on voting on the Eagle Rare contest. It's free and can be done once a day. This contest will wind down the first week of January. I know we are in the top 30, which is where the prizes start coming in! Please for FFRC!  Thank you.

Coralie.....sweet Coralie. Yes, sometimes she seems to be rough with the cats walking by. But she also has very few claws on her front paws due to the frostbite. But she truly has a sweet side to her too.  We have to be patient too with her "pottying habits". It's very difficult for her to get in a litterbox. We use to put her in the very low boxes, but it seems like she would panic and find herself stuck there. She solved the problem herself---those rugs are great for doing "the job". So, please, she's listening and wouldn't want to hear any negative comments about it! She gets embarrassed about it. So, we just let her do her thing and replace the rug. No mess, no hassle, problem easily solved! And we end up with a happy Coralie! Isn't she just so smart!

We have a few more adoptions coming up this next week. Very happy for these cats to be getting their forever homes!