Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday, December 22

And on the third day before Christmas, the kitties said to me:  "We love our volunteers, mods, admins, chatters, lurkers, ALL of our supporters!!!  Pleeeeease tell them all a big thanks, from the cats!" 

We had two adoptions yesterday! Panda and Hoot went to their wonderful forever home with an FFRC friend, Val. I've already seen pictures and the household looks very happy and relaxed. There's going to be lots of rockin' and rollin' with these two new additions! 

We have more adoptions coming up. For sure a couple on Saturday--Joop and Little Bit will be going to their individual homes. Great homes coming their way! 

We had two returnees---the lady could no longer keep them as she felt they were not happy in her home. They were both adopted in 2014--Shiloh and Byron. Byron was already begging at the door to come to the Main Area, so up he came! He's fit right back in and is doing walk-abouts and playing already. Shiloh is still a bit shy.  

Purrdelurps is doing better. I could tell she so loved her owner and was having a difficult time coming back. But today she was rubbing and purring--a good sign! She also likes Elfie. He is doing so good! His feet are rapidly healing. Elfie is a lovebug--he so loves to be held and fussed over. A really nice kitten.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks to you all.
Jennifer S/J from FL--40 lb Precious Litter
Julie C in IN with Miss Mellow & Anna Marie--Christmas card, donation, photos of kitties!
Caren F--12 mylar balls & bag of pom pom toys!
Eaglewatcher from IL--Happy 3rd Birthday to Shamballie! Tub of snackers, 12 cans Tiki Cat food, 5 self warming crate pads to share with his Porchie friends!
Billie K--Glad 30 gal. bags (180), Glad 13 gal bags (300)
Anonymous Friend--a BIG box of volunteer goodies! Cookies, pretzels, gold fish snacks, fruit snacks, etc.
Judi S--3 of the 40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Faith from Defiance & kitties--Christmas card for Vols & FFRC
MacnCheesemom--cute t-shirt with Marta kitty Christmas tree, card with donation
Oilsandsgirl/mod--Simon's cat decal, Christmas card from her kitties Ella & Hobbes & pictures, SPCA calendar with Ella & Hobbes in it!
Deptford/Pauline--Christmas card for my mom and me! Glass heart for mom & a beautiful glass kitty for me!  Love it
Fran D from FL with Mandy--Christmas card & donation, Card for vols & gift card to Olive Garden for Steve and me!
Troy, Cindy D and family from IL--Christmas card & donation
Margaret D from CT--donation in memory of Mary D's kitty Tiny TOes
Barry & Maria/Snoopybaby & Preakness from CA_-Christmas card, donation from from Preakness!
Scribbles from OH--Christmas card
Jean K from Defiance--Christmas card
Littleonemine/Kelly R from CA--Christmas card
Phil & Judy L from OH--Christmas card
Matt, Darcia, Nicholas & Brendon with Ruby (an FFRC cat!)--Christmas card & donation in honor of Dawn & Tom
Clark, Jessie & family--Christmas card with 4 Chicken $5's
Mary, Randi and Frankie & Buddy--Christmas card & donation
Neal & Jean S--donation
Norton & Caleb---Christmas card
Ruffles from MI--Christmas card & donation
Shona from Scotland--Christmas card
Anna C from OH--Christmas card
Mary D from CT--donation in memory of her kitty Tiny Toes
Elskates from CT with Bridget, Natasha & Savannah--Christmas card & pics of the kitties, donation for Christmas chicken
Marilyn, Charlie & fur kids from NJ--Christmas card
Pat L/Lucy & Sophies grandma from MI--Christmas card
Mike/lucyandsophiesdad from MI--Christmas card with GC to Appleybees!
Schinn, a mod with Cleo & Ralph--Christmas card with Donation to Feliz Navidad Fund
Anna C from OH--Christmas card
Painteddaisy to Joyful--donation toward sponsorship & card to Joyful
Karen N/wisconsinlady--Christmas card with donation
Phil & Trace with Bella--Christmas card with picture of Bella & donation
Anita S--Christmas card & Friends cards

Mighty big thanks to you all!  Please....if there's ever an error, never hesitate to let me know! Or if I've forgotten to answer any correspondence, please let me know! Thank you.

We have more thanks to give!
madisonpepper--PayPal donation to do something special for little Elfie.
Mindy R & Marsha S--donation in honor of Schinny! 
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC

We also had an adoption this morning! Little Marja (mama is Purrdelurps) went to her new home. What a great event--she was picked as a Christmas gift (to be given today) to his wife who has been so wanting a kitten! Marja will give them lots of love!

These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what we're doing! Walking, jogging, biking miles for FFRC! As of yesterday, we have now earned $152.33 for FFRC and just think how much better our hearts are for doing this! Thank you for each mile given! It's a free app--ResQwalk .

Are you still voting each day at /eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss    Votes are also free and can be done daily. I know we are in the top 30, but we need to maintain that. The contest is over in January. Thank you for your votes!

We are maintaining our healthy state of being with the cats and kittens. Big appetites and high play energy is back and we love it! Lucy Ann would love a quiet home where someone would give her a lap to have all day long. And she would need bird feeders to watch too! Cecil is running thru the purple office--he spent hours yesterday napping on the pink poof. Emily is at her usual "stealing" of the plastic bags--she loves to pluck them out of the bin. When she's not doing that, she "stealing" peacock feathers. Franklin Tommy just came whizzing in too--he can round the corners and keep on running at a high speed so gracefully! 

On the ninth day of FFRC Christmas, my true love gave to me--
Nine Temptation Tubs ("those are ours!" grumbled Sevaun)
Eight Royal Canin Cat Food bags
Seven cases of Friskies Grilled,
Six Party Mixes (and a Coralie Swat),
Five jars of baby food,
Four packs of Simply Chicken,
Three minutes on the wheel (with Paddy's blessing),
Two window seats (to watch birds at the feeders)
and a warm mat in a Kuranda Tower!     Thanks to Tigercat54!