Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, November 30

Are you ready? Tonight is a wonderful Flash Sale, by Mich and Vern. There are so many many items. This is the one we've been wanting to get in--many Christmas items. We'd like to get them out to you as quickly as possible, in case you need them for presents to others! Thanks in advance to Mich and Vern, the mods, the viewers and all the makers/donators of the items that you will see. It starts at 8:00 pm (FFRC time). Grab a big drink, a comfy chair, a cat and relax and enjoy! 

Acadia is amazing. What a beautiful girl she is. I had 2 people ask me last week who that pretty cat is. When I said Acadia, neither could believe that it was the same cat that was so sickly thin weeks ago. She has certainly filled out---her bones no longer crack when you hold her, her fur is shiny and she loves life! What a sweet girl. 

Paddy Purr's nose is a tiny bit better.  He's on antibiotics right now. We will see what happens over more time--hopefully can get his nose/growth under control. He's a happy boy and has a great Purr, of course!

Towanda's eye is so much better but of course, has deep scarring. Dr. Darcy will look at it and decide if it should be removed or not. Towanda is so shiny--her fur is slickery! We have our next surgery date scheduled for 12/12. A very busy first two weeks for FFRC.

Farm news:  Remember when Milly, the donkey had a rough time this past summer?  I saw something yesterday that pleased me so much. Maverick and Mercy were flat out running in the big yard and right behind them was Milly---doing a great job of keeping up with those that have longer legs! It was a great thing to watch. The chickens are guinea hens are doing great--all plump now for the winter. Egg laying is still happening but not as many as in the warm weather. The ducks and geese look good too. Pickles, the goat, is a happy girl--she doesn't even bother trying to keep up with the other 3! She knows to take it easy and her Martha will come out and give her a few special snackers. 

We had BOXES Saturday evening! A big call of Thanksgiving to you all!
Elsie & her Mom Annette B from NC--For FFRC's Elsie--when adopted, she will take a Kong teddy bear and a leggydew with her!
ElectraNJ--metal image of dear Froggy
Kathie3103 & John--baby sling for Trucker, box tops for Caryn, vet meds no longer needed
Mary--Fri. night vol--pop tabs for Kellen, dog snackers, kitty snackers
Deptfordenmans from UK--card & glass hearts & Christmas tree ornaments--all beautiful (flash)
Joco/Jo Ann--lots of Old Dutchy Puffcorn caramel corn for all!  Yumm
MLS/Linda--memorial stone for Fancy--extra thanks
Lurker from Medine OH--Christmas card & gift card to Walmart
Auntie Donna W (Clark & Jessie) --card and 2 famous chicken $5's
Susan C from Defiance--donation

And more thanks to give!
Alan A from CO--donation to FFRC
Bashar A from OH--donation to FFRC
Joanne L/jomarli--donation to FFRC
Beth C--donation to FFRC
ABQcat from NM--donation for a Merry kitty Christmas!

This morning I checked the EagleRareLife site. We are at 42,000 votes!  Wow! I believe this continues to Jan.  Can you help us add that up a bit more?  It's free!  Here's the site:      Thanks!

How's your heart doing?  I know it's a compassionate heart, but is it healthy?  Remember you can walk, jog or bike for FFRC!  It's free too!  And the app is also free.  It's called ResQwalk.  Check it out!  Can get that heart of yours in top form and help FFRC at the same time. It's exercising and fun to total up your steps! Have to have a smart phone though or can borrow someone's if you're going out for a walk. If everyone could get just one more person to do this for us, we'd be so grateful.  It's rated as to how many miles are given to your organization for the prize money! Last week we were in 3rd place most of the time! And this morning, it looks like we earned $46.88 for that!  Right now we have 86 followers--let's double that! Thanks so much.

Sevaun came up and banged, banged, banged on the front door last night. So, I invited her in for warm milk and a cookie. She ate the cookies but let it be known she'd rather have pizza!  She's asked a favor, which I will gladly do. Sevaun anted to pass her thanks to everyone who wanted to receive or send a special Christmas card from her.  She is in cat-heaven with all the cards she needs to do! So....a big Sevaun thanks! 

The 6 kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing so much better! Their energy level is good and they can really rock the room! Jahzara is now feeling well enough to be out and about with them too. He's eating good and on the good road of recovery. We're still struggling with Sherlock and will be talking to the vet again today about him. In the meantime, he's enjoying watching all the action from his doublepen, where he has lots of room to rest and relax.  

Lucy Ann is doing great. Love that "smile" of hers. I always tell her she has a very special smile because of her cleft lip.  Sindile is full of energy and has a good appetite! Cecil is full of orniness, which we all love to watch. He gets such a kick out of playing with the other kitties' tails! Even Coralie's short one, which she tolerates pretty good! 

Won't be long until we get our upside down Christmas tree up! We're all looking forward to the Christmas season. The cats definitely are too---they know there will be ham bones, turkey, extra catnip and bonita flakes and music to purr to. Take care to everyone! Surely do appreciate all of our FFRNation friends!