Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday, November 8

Another TWO adoptions yesterday! Tara went to her new home. She will have children there to play with! Keesha also went to her new home. But first, she had to have a tooth extracted--her upper right K9 tooth on Friday. She did great. And now she is in her home--her very own home! Very happy for these two cats!

Our 3 little grey tigers that Beth fed last week are now in the care of Peggy. Little Bit and FlufferNutter are now back at the Rescue Center. Little Bit is here, there and everywhere! FlufferNutter is just soooo cute! Their names are Stormy, Everly (the two boys) and Liesl (little girl).  

We also had a loss this week. Our sweet Telli has passed away. She had originally arrived here on 1/3/04 and was only 3 months old. She was adopted 1/14/04. On 9/4/15 she was returned to us (with her sister Tazer who has been adopted). She arrived to us with a host of medical issues. We knew her time with us wasn't long. She was so loved and had decided to take up her spot on the counter by the door going to the Welcome Room. It was easy to reach out and pet and kiss her there. She loved it. She is greatly missed. I'm glad she was here for her short time with us. 

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you!
Dottie & Nate and Kittie--16 Christmas Stockings, handmade by Dottie---so very beautiful! You will see them again at a flash sale!
Kerswill & kitty Domino from MI--box tops, pillow cases, nail clippers, 2 tiny kitty beds, mylar balls, packets of Wellness, bag of RC baby cat,. Also a kitty backpack full of good stuff that a child would love! Also 4 turbo track scratch refills, 2016 calendars and planner for volunteers
Butterfly Class of 2015-2016 from Belgium. We love our Butterfly Class! A playhouse for Derecho! Also 3 finger print kitty/butterfly pictures for Butterfly room, 9 jointed kitties, colored by the class. Thank you!  Hugs to each child!

We also had BOXES on Friday evening! We appreciate you!
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--24 votives to go with the Christmas mats made by RoseSF
LJ323--100 Santa/Trucker poos! Yes, we still have more!
Jeannette B/furhavenkitty--Donation to Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of her BW.  Can/dry food and some meds from BW
Billie K--case of Meow Mix tubs, 3 tubs kitty snackers
Kathie3103--tent playhouse--it's been getting good use!
Nona--box of goodies for Eldora/my mom!
Peggy/leggygal from CA---pillowcases, pillow cases with blankies, 60 scarves with pockets, lots of leggydews! 
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation to FFRC
MyKatKat--Halloween kitty card with $5 for chicken!
Miau--Our wonderful mod--marker/pencil drawings of kitties, flowers, mountain views. Great talent!
Jessie the cat--BIggydew for Tara to go home with!

We also have PayPal thanks!
Judy & Phil--donation to help with Elsie and Lily Rose's eye surgeries
Brian B--donation to FFRC
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Pat & Ellen--donation to sponsor Farrah!

Many thanks too to Fran for her un-birthday pizza that was delivered here for all of us to enjoy!

Our Raffle started today! Awesome items! Remember Christmas gifts! Check out the facebook pages for more info. BOXES will be Weds night at 5:30 and the Raffle will be at 6:00.  I thank you deeply for this support. This Raffle will go towards our surgery day that we had last Saturday and for the many meds that we have been using these last few weeks. Thank you so much. 

I'd like to also pass on an apology. If I've missed any info that I should not have or if I've missed an email or any other correspondence, I'm sorry. I have also not been able to chat on the cam as much as I like to (it's truly something I enjoy). I feel I have not given enough time to many different things. Life has been extremely busy for me, with the cats and family issues. But, that's life and we will go on. It will just take a little "catch up power" and I'll be up to speed. Just be patient! I'm following Derecho's lead---determination will get me caught up! Just be kind to one another and always always give love to your family, friends and your pets. You all are important to me and this Rescue Center!

Froggy is here beside me. He is playing with a Yeooow banana toy! His days seem to have a few more episodes lately. But..........whatever shall happen, he knows we love him fiercely. And I know he so loves us---he gets so excited when he sees us! Towanda is laying with him and so is Emmitt.

Kiara went hiding yesterday! And there she was......all tucked under at the very bottom of the laundry pile....again! Snookie is once again on my desk, slurping away on her purple toy. When she gets adopted, that toy must go with her. Today is that day! Yes, Snookie will be going to her new home today! 

Bryne, Charity and Alphons still like to "group up" for a nap. It's always amazing to me when these litters find each other for nap time. It's so sweet. Purrdelurps is up in the Main Area and she's being wonderful! She was a bit of a fierce protector of her litter in the back Thumper's Room, but upon coming up here, she is doing great! And her 4 little girls are too. They are happy, healthy and energetic kitties.

Jester and Panda look so much alike. Remember, Jester has tiger ears while Panda has grey ears! Two awesome kitties looking for homes! That little rascal Cyrus is a dickens. He has decided (but not approved of!) to go up to the Welcome Room. If the slant window is open, he proceeds to go between the glass and the screen and there he stays. He watches over all the going ons and outs from his window perch. He's a people watcher! 

Please remember to vote for FFRC. We surely would appreciate your support in this way! The site is:    You can vote daily! And thank you. 

This morning Sergei and Gustav were running neck to neck beside each other. That was such a wonderful thing to see. These cats are quite an inspiration! Have a good day and enjoy!