Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, November 16 ResQwalk!

Want to be healthy? 
Do you like to bike ride? 
Do you like to walk?
Maybe jogging/running is your thing?
Do you have a smart phone?
Want to help with an FFRC fundraiser and it doesn't cost you a penny?

It's called ResQwalk! Created by the team at ResQthreads, ResQwalk is an iOS mobile app that enables animal lovers to raise money for animal rescues and shelters in the United States and Canada every time they go for a walk. Each week ResQwalk announces a donation pool (e.g. $2,500) and in order for a rescue to receive donations from the pool, its supporters simply need to check-in to the app when they go for a walk (with a dog, alone, or with a friend). Each walker's distance is recorded and added to the rescue's weekly sum. At the end of the week donations are paid out to the rescues proportionally to the total distance walked.

ResQwalk enables animal lovers to raise money for animal rescues every time you go for a walk/run.  Anyone in the USA or Canada may participate. Each time you go for a walk, jog, run or bike ride you can help raise money for FFRC!

It costs nothing!  Just download the free app to your iphone or android. Go to  to download the free app.  Set Friends of Felines as your rescue. Start walking! When done, click on finish. It's really as simple as that!

How does ResQwalk work?  Each week ResQwalk announces a donation pool.  The donation pools are funded by corporate sponsors. At the end of the week, donations are paid out to the various rescues proportinally to the total distance walked!

It's really a neat "thing"! ResQwalk tracks both miles and kilometers walked. Even just walking around your home is helpful! Take it to work! Use it while walking thru the mall! It's Christmas shopping time---use it while getting your shopping done! Going for even a short bike ride?  Use the ap!  It all is fun, is healthy and adds up! 

Each time you use it, keep yourself in mind---be healthy! Have to stay healthy for those pets of yours! If you don't have an iphone or android, ask a friend who does. Spread the word around. It's great for FFRC, for your health and it's fun to see the miles add up! Is there a bike club in your community?  A walking club?  Let's spread the word! Download the app and start the fun! 

Sevaun and Derecho each have their own phones.  They asked if 4 feet walkers count twice as much as 2 feet walkers. Hmmmmmmmmm......we'll have to check on that!