Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday, November 21

E     is for Exceptionally big thanks to you, our FFRC friends!
L     is for Love--the love for the cats where every cat matters.
E     is for Excellent Flash Sale
C     is for Compassion and Caring that we feel here at FFRC
T     is for Thanks to Warped, Mich, volunteers, mods, admins, chatters, lurkers, fb friends
R     is for Real gratitude--given from FFRC to you
I      is for Inspired--we are inspired by our cats with their awesome personalities
C     is for Committment--we are committed to giving the best care and love to the FFRC cats

This spells ELECTRIC! Yeah, hooray, awesome---because of yesterday's Flash Sale, we are able to pay our current electric bill--$1200.  And even more good news---we can pay for part of our propane gas bill! Our big thanks to all of you for your support.  And a big thanks to Warped for making all the items for yesterdays sale. And to Mich for doing the sale, along with Warped.  While the sale was going on, Joe and Vern (their hubbies) worked on a project for the Rescue Center! What a great day!

And to top it off, we had 3 more adoptions! Byrne and Fredo were adopted together into a home that has a 14 year old cat that was adopted from FFRC! They will be well loved.  Mycroft just left this morning, to a young lady who is very happy to have her very own cat. Mycroft melted in her arms and purred and purred. 

We also had 3 other adoptions---3 more peacocks were caught and taken to their new home! That now makes 7 peacocks we have been able to place in new country homes.  4 in one, 3 in another. It's still an ongoing project.

We had BOXES on Thursday evening. The cats send their thanks too!
Pat, our Thurs. vol.--3 more hand warmers
Pam/zoolove with her kitty crew--kitty card, pretzels with peanuts, Reeses treats, variety of tea/coffee K-cups, Friends cards, 5 lighted angel ornaments, Holiday kitty yard stake, 6 paperweight kitty stones, 4 pairs of kitty socks, crystal red apple, garden cat suncatcher, metal kitty wall art, 10 kitty tote bags
Judi Sp--2 of 40 lbs bags Precious litter
Billie K--2 red hanging beautiful pendant lights--so so pretty (raffle time!)
Joanna P/joey3103--18, yes 18 juice boxes! Thanks for helping us restock
MacnCheesemom--donation to FFRC

More thanks too to these folks:
Philip N--donation to FFRC
Debbie/lostgirl--4 cases of baby food plus a whole bunch of Belvita boxes (yummmm)
Linda S/mls--donation to cover memorial stone for Fancy and Froggy
Gusti--a donation, in honor of her mother in law's 100th birthday, that she will celebrate with Fancy in heaven. 

Sindile is holding his own. He yo-yos back and forth with his symptoms, but always in the same margin of what he's been doing. We have a bit of lab work back. The test for toxoplasmosis is negative. That is good, even though it's treatable. We're still waiting for further tests, but that was the big one we were waiting on. Our sweet Fancy is now at Michigan State where a thorough necropsy is being done. While this is very costly, I feel it's very important for us to know more of what happened to her. (Remember Minto and the wealth of information we received from that necropsy).  Sherlock is hanging in there and is out of his pen most of the day. He's eating a bit better and has a better "look" about him. He is still on antibiotics also, same as Sindile.

Felicity is playing like a kitten this morning! So nice to see. She's buzzing in and out of one of the play tunnels. We have "rescued" Elsie from up high about 6 times already this morning--such a climber! Jinkee has blossomed! She is meeting and greeting people now and asking for attention--so nice to see. 

Our happenings:
We're still voting at:  We are currently at 37,373 votes--remember you can vote daily. Keep 'em coming! No cost to you.
We are also collecting miles at ResQWalk. It's free and helps you be healthier by walking, running or biking! Our miles are building up--today we are in 7th place--wow--we're walking for health and for the cats!
Our next surgery date is 12/12. 

Peggy S is here today and has brought the 3 greys (Leisl, Stormy & Everyly) and the bro/sis two--Squigglez and Wigglez.  She had quite a thing getting here this morning.  Kitties were all over the car while she thought they were safely tucked into their carrier.  Apparently one of them figured out the zipper wasn't closed all the way and opened it up enough for all to scramble out! Needless to say, she had to pull over and put all escapees back in their carrier! 

Bender is doing great--his walking is strong--wobbly, but good. Jun and Joop are two extra ornery girls--they're here, there and everywhere playing with all the other kitties. Charity loves to climb up the rope poles and run along top of the cat walks. Franklin has a new "thing" he likes to do. He enjoys hiding behind a bed or big toy. Then when a kitten goes by, he ambushes! Doesn't hurt them, but the chase is on! They all sure know how to have fun.