Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday, November 1

What kitten is it that is up high on the tall Kuranda Tower? That had surgery yesterday, that should (for our peace of mind) stay on low ground today? That is already running and playing and jumping around. That would be Elsie. That kitten knows no fear whatsoever! Her surgery yesterday went with no trouble. It was good that the decision was made to remove both of her eyes. She was not able to see anyway, but both eyes were only a quarter of the size (the orbit) that is normal. Sometimes unusual "things" like this with eyes can later cause cancer. Anyway......Elsie is fine and running around like nothing happened to her!

Paden and Jester were neutered--both physicals were good. We also did an extra male neuter for a volunteer.The spays that were done were: Purrdelurps, Fatima, Acadia, Karma and Lily Rose. Lily Rose also had her bad eye removed. A very good thing we did--much "debris" in the back of that eye. All physicals with the girls were also good. 

Dr. Darcy did quite a few physicals too.
Keesha--has a front right fracture K9--probably happened on her 4 month outdoor adventure. We will make this appointment this week to have it removed. 
Charleston--check neck rash, will start on antibiotics
Joyful--good (and she behaved too!)
Paddy Cake--good
Paddy Purr--needs his 2nd injection (out of 3) for his enlarged nose again.
Ponia--good, including teeth

Dr. Darcy also did a physical on Telli. We already knew that she has a host of medical problems that she arrived with. Her kidneys are not good and possibly has a growth in the abdomen. She continues to lose weight. But, she seems happy yet. We will treasure these days with her and be constantly aware of "where she is at" in regards to her health. 

Froggy had a very rough day yesterday. It's felt that he has more than just CH going on with him. It's hard to describe. It's like he goes into these "zones" where we cannot reach him. It just takes time, darkness and quietness and he comes out of it. Sometimes it takes hours. We want his life to be happy. We already know that as time goes on, he may have more of these events. The bottom line is that he is greatly loved and cared for and we will treasure each day with him too. 

Many thanks to Joyce D for providing our lunch for us yesterday for our surgery day! Also big thanks to Gusti, who provided pop, water and juice for our surgery day!

We had BOXES on Thursday evening.More thank yous to give! We are so appreciative.
WarpedMN--11 biggie warps, 8 little warps, 24 crate pads (in flash sale on Friday)
Jeannette B/furhavenkitties--card, very fresh catnip!, PB butterfingers, 13 kitty snacker bags
JillR27--4 kitty snacker bags, 4 cases Fancy Feast, 2 cases Friskies
Dottie & Nate--potty bags, 4 boxes Belvita snacks (we love these!), 3 6 packs sugarfree shakes, baby ceral, bag of dry cat food, case of 9-Lives, syringes of insulin (we use with our ointments for healing)
Zoolove--3 pretty rugs--purple, green & blue
Shelly S & 5 kitties--Marilyn Monroe bag full of products for Jacci. 4 bags of beauty products for a flash or raffle!
Pat & Ellen--for a consolation prize, a Kitty in a Cup plush blankie
Pat our Thurs. volunteer- 7 handwarmers (will soon be up for a flash sale!)
Tose & Rich--3 day visitors--a donation for FFRC
Mary H from Arch, vol--paper plates, Mr. Clean, vinegar, cat food
Shannon S from IL--donation for Victor, Leonard and Jackson--will get special snackers
Mike D--donation to FFRC
Billie K from TX--donation to purchase needed heated water bowls for the Firecats/where needed

Many thanks too to Mich and Vern for doing 2 Flash Sales on Friday. We appreciate your time and Flash Sale Talent!  We have received so many of the PayPals already. This means Monday we can start packing up orders! 

We've been letting Scooper, Marja, Jun and Joop up in the Main Area a bit more. They are actually doing very good with this. And have you seen Pitter out?! Yep, she's becoming braver--out and about. Now to get her sister Patter to come out and join the fun. It will happen! 

Dorothy is here in the office playing with a stuffed toy. So cute. And Clarissa is playing too--she loves to zip in and out of the crinkle tunnels. And of course, I have my desk friend here. Snookie is here slurping away on her purple toy. I told her today it will have to be washed soon! She just looks up at me with her dreamy eyes and continues her work on the toy! 

Hensley has a new "thing" he likes to do. He enjoys burrowing into pillow cases. So, if you come and see a lumpy pillowcase, it's either Hensley or Kiara. Sherlock and Mycroft are having fun rolling one of those mylar balls around on the floor. These two brothers are so wonderful and so sweet. 

Good news! The two oldster cats that arrived last week (the ones that were locked out of their home when their owner went into extended care) have a home! We had this already prearranged, as we knew they were coming. But once we heard the story from the owner of how old they were, etc. I needed to be sure the possible new owner was still good with this. It was just fine and welcomed with open arms! 

We also had a couple other adoptions. Lewes went to his new home--with Sherry, our volunteer. He is such a beauty. The older he gets, he appeared to get more silvery. A really nice boy into an awesome home. Fawn also went to her new home. A great home--she was well loved too before they even took her home! I love these two kinds of adoptions!  

All is good here. We have a few more kitties on hold. The overall health of the rescue remains good, for which I am always very thankful for. Next week is suppose to be nice weather which will give us time to finish preparing for winter. We try and get everything ready before it's needed. We're getting there! Take care all and enjoy this beautiful Sunday.