Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday, November 19

Hello FFRCNation. I talked to our viewers last night about what is going on here with Sindile, Sherlock and Fancy. We have been dealing with medical issues from all three. Sindile has been ongoing for weeks.  Fancy for 1 ½ weeks and Sherlock for a week.  It is with great sadness to let you know that Fancy has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was much loved and we so enjoyed her. It’s no mystery that we are as perplexed by what is going on as are our vets.  All 3 cases has been presented to all 4 vets of ours. It has also been placed on a vet board for open discussion. So far, no luck in knowing what has happened. Please know, we do not even know IF THESE ARE RELATED.  Please, let’s not jump to any conclusions.  Blood work on Sindile will be back soon.  All 3 have been on treatments for weeks or days per our vets.  I want to stress to not jump to any conclusions or to read more into this than what is necessary. It’s being cared for, it’s being looked after by our vets. We have quarantined and cleaned and cleaned. I feel “safe” in knowing we are doing what is appropriate. As we know more, you will also be told.  In the meantime, thank you for loving our Fancy. She was special and so so beautiful and is missed. We don’t give up easy here and are pursuing what is going on.

This blog will not be very long as it is a very busy day for me.

We have thanks to give. We are never too busy to be sure our appreciation is given. We had BOXES last night.
Warped/Connie & Joe from MN (and are visiting now till this weekend!)—many many items of beautiful handmade items that we love. I appreciate your time and care. You’ll see these items soon!
Barb W for Raffle—a wonderful rolling back pack pet carrier
Mayumi & Choco from Tokyo FFRC branch—magazines about Tokyo, 2 boxes of Chicken Tulle, 48 bonito steaks, bag of sardine flakes, human snackers too!
Faithy from Defiance—dental CET snackers for the kitties
Andrea F from CA—the $5 chicken donation and a donation for flowers for mom, lots of kitty toys, volunteer candy, yarn, 2 packs of wash cloths, 2 crocheted kitty blankies, a cat on a fence scarf, Christmas scarf.  For a raffle:  a purple & white cat on a fence afghan and a red/green Christmas afghan with a matching pet blankie!

We also had BOXES on Monday evening---big big thanks!
Niffie & her mama Justme—sweatshirt for Jacci (I love it!)
Laura/Emmie, Emmie Lou, Jake & Bosley—note, 2 boxes chocolate sardines, Reeses lip gloss, Haribo pkts of gummie bears, book of stamps and a gift card for Walmart!
Jane & Leslie from TN—pictures of their kitties and a beautiful quilt that has 35 cats on it (raffle time!)
Kathie3103 & John from FL—cat beds & kitty hammock, mouse scratch & rub, crinkle bag, 3 singing kitties on a pillow, cat eye necklaces, kitty shepherds hook with a bird cage
Schinn—8 appetizers
Auntie Annette B from NC—kitty card—donation to the Feliz Navidad Fund in honor of Jeannette , in memory of BWS
Alice T from OH—donation in memory of Verlin, a cat lover
Penny, our new vol—Mr. Clean erasers and kitty food
Dan & Joy D from NY—card with donation
Neuromom & Dave from NY—card and a donation in memory of Froggy
Gwen & Mike from FL—Thanksgiving card, pop tabs for Kellen, coupons, box tops
Mikalea/Gem54—note, 2 kitty tea towel, 2016 kitty calendar, 2 bottles body lotions—love it!

More thanks---hooray!
Northmn—donation to FFRC
Jo603—donation in memory of her mom’s cat, Emma
BJR1958—donation to be used where needed
Joanne H—donation to FFRC
Joni W from IA—donation to be used however is needed
Brendan D—donation to FFRC
Jz-nyc—donation in memory of Froggy
Anonymous Friend—donation for a Thanksgiving turkey to the outside kitties!
Jan/farmgirl—donation to FFRC
Marsha F from NC—donation to FFRC

How about an update!  Sherri, our volunteer recently adopted Lewes. He is doing wonderful and he and Boo have become good friends. They love to play together!

You know how those ads from Ustream are a bit of a botheration? I so appreciate that you tolerate them as they are indeed “helpers” to FFRC.  For September, our revenue share for the broadcasts amounted to $1,615.12.  That’s just terrific and so appreciated!

Did you know that we recently went over 16 MILLION total views on our webcam? Simply amazing. I remember well when the number ticked to 100!  We were amazed. We here at FFRC continue to be appreciative of YOU—you are who makes this webcam successful.  Someone asked me the other day if it was hard to talk to you all. The answer---not at all!  I told him that even though that globe is all plastic and glass, there’s real people on “the other side”!

Have you walked any miles yet for FFRC? Try that Resqwalk app—it’s a lot of fun! Even if we are not top walkers, just think how much healthier we will be!

Big day on Friday! Warped and Mich will be having a Flash Sale at 3:00, with all the items that Warped just brought here for FFRC. Lots of wonderful items---the selection is big! Join the fun—whether you purchase or not, come join the fun! It’ll be a good get-together! Some of the items that you will see are: catnip pads, catnip bags, bowl holders, pairs of pillow cases, crate pads, and Warpies (like biggie/leggy dews).

All is fine here. Kitties are healthy. Lots of lounging around and playing going on. Such wonderful cats. Little Alphonz is here, rubbing all over my shoulder and pestering my fingers. He loves everything in life! He will make a great kitten for a family.  Purrdelerp’s kittens are equally wonderful—so sweet. They purr just looking at them! Jester is a play-cat. Anything that moves becomes a new toy for him—even tails that may be swishing! Hoot is awesome---a sweet, friendly girl that knows how to stare at a person until you feel those eyes on you! Then it’s time to pick her up and hold her!  Cyrus is the kitten that gets the ornery award for the week. It’s been so nice that we’ve opened the tilt down window in the Welcome Room. He’s forever “sneaking” up there, hopping in between the glass and screen and snoozing! He loves it. 

Take care, everyone. Please know that this Rescue Center is so appreciative of each of you. Thanksgiving is one week ahead of us! A wonderful time to remember to thank someone extra each day this next week.