Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday, November 12

This blog is a thanks blog!

Wow---what an absolutely awesome, spectacular Raffle we had! The feeling of support is very much appreciated. Thank you!  Here's the scoop:

Item A:  Owl blanket & Owl house     won by TokTuB   66 tickets ($330)
Item B:   iPadAir                                  won by Timberwolfpup     455 tickets  ($2,275--wow!)
Item C:   Navy Blue Afghan                won by Anonymous      34 tickets   ($170)
Item D:   Laurel Burch Cat Carrier      won by Susan Gar     70 tickets  ($350)
Item E:   Bella on metal picture           won by Billie K     45 tickets   ($225)
Item F:   Afghan Mitered Square         won by KB     37 tickets   ($185)
Item G:   Peace3 Box and Mat             won by Gusti (gave back to FFRC!)  63 tickets ($315)
Item H:   Purrcasso Scarf & Box          won by Debbiedear   88 tickets   ($440)

This came to a grand whopping amount of:   $4,290

And then our angel BUMP helpers arrived on the scene! They are Earth Eyes, Keiko, Jacksmom, Kiki, Jo603, Nuthatch, Lewbeth, Painteddaisy, Eaglewatcher, Pawlapurr, Farmgirl, Brooke, Gusti, Squeekymom, Needtoretire, Faithy, KnittenKitten, Littleonemine, Nancyerin, Dewbus, Zoolove, RoseSF6cats, Angelface, SuzieQ and Joco.  This BUMP UP total equals $1,305. Simply amazing.

This brought our Grand Total to $5,595.  We made history here! This is our largest Raffle yet. We are able to pay for the spay/neuters from our last surgery date, 3 eye surgeries, meds that we have heavily been using, a tray of Leukemia vaccines and another box of Leuk/FIV/Heartworm test kit! Wow! 

Our consolation prizes were won by: WyoEaglefan, Ferole, Sharon Tol, Autumnchild, Jacksmom, Cantoncat, Ladydoc, Cathy Ca, Ruth Dr.  Congrats.  

And a big thanks to all who provided the items for this sale, to the buyers of tickets, to Dawnstar & Cantoncat who helped promote it, the mods that put up links on the chat and to all those encouraging people! 

This Raffle was in memory and dedicated to Froggy. And also in honor of our nation's veterans--thank you for being of service to our USA.

Here are my thoughts:  YOU have made an impact on FFRC. Look around this Rescue Center. Think from the front of the property to the backwater---so many, many things we have been able to do, beacause of YOU. You are a lifesaver....literally, to this Rescue Center. Thank you for believing in what we do. It's amazing how two words that mean so much can seem so little. If it were possible to show you how much your support means to me, the simple words of "thank you" would shout from the skies and go around the world, so each of our FFRCNation friends would know how sincere I am in my gratitude.  Remember Bella's collar that says: "I'm kinda a big deal"?  Well, YOU are all a HUGE big deal to FFRC. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

We also had BOXES last night! Super big appreciations to you!
Katie L from Canada--Peace, Love and Paws door mat for FFRC, 3 boxes of MeowMix Cups, 2 boxes kitty snackers, box of Party Mix snackers, 12 boxes Appetizers!
Anonymous Friend--big jug of Mr. Clean
Anonymous Friend--3 cases Appetizers, 5 cases Friskies
Deb11111--24 cases of Appetizers!
Wonderful---we now have extra yummy Appetizers for those picky eaters, the Oldsters and those that aren't feeling up to snuff!  Big thanks!

PayPal friends also need a big thanks!
Charlotte W from PA--donation to FFRC in memory of her cat, KC (hugs)
Conni G--donation in memory of Froggy
Josef & Daniela G from Germany--donation for FFRC, for Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 
Janet--donation in honor of Pania FFRC
Donnajb--donation in memory of Froggy
EarthEyes--donation in memory of Froggy
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David P from Netherlands--donation in memory of Froggy
Zoolove--donation in memory of Froggy
RoseSF6cats--donation in memory of Froggy
Angelface--donation in memory of Froggy

Have a great day, friends. Each day is a treasure to be able to give love and help to others! Do you have cats outside? Please be sure they have proper shelter, food and fresh water. And are they spayed/neutered? A very important way of helping with the pet overpopulation problem. 

Thank you all for the support of our loss of Froggy. I kept busy yesterday to keep going. Then it was time for BOXES and Raffle. When I saw all the support on chat, I was a bit overwhelmed. Your kindness, compassion is beyond matching. Froggy has indeed left us with a huge hole. I think that part of it is, that we gave total care to him. But this I know--that hole will fill in and that's because of the love of all the kitties and cats here and the friendships "out there". Thank you for caring.  Our FFRCNation is indeed a great group of people.