Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday, Nov. 2

Who are those two big black/white long haired cats that are out cruising about? That's Pitter and Patter! They have finally left the security of Cat's Corner Room and are getting braver! A few grumbles and swats here and there, but for the most part, they are doing terrific! We still have the door to the Cat's Corner Room open, just in case they feel the need to go back in though. The goal is they will be fine in the Main Area, then close that room and put Purrdelurps & her 4 kittens in there. The 4 kittens have already been cruising about part-time in the Main Area, but Purrdelurps is not so sure about coming in. We'll help her as she goes along though to be more comfortable. 

We had two adoptions yesterday! Our wonderful kitties Tio and Tia went to their new home. The best thing about this is that they got to go together! Joyous news. Their new home is wonderful and has a lot of love to give.

I've heard from our 2 oldsters (called Little One and Cow) that were adopted 10/30. They are adjusting well and seem quite comfortable. Never again will they be placed outdoors. 

We took in 3 new kitties. They were on a dock, over the river and were in fear of falling over the edge. Mama hadn't been seen for a couple days. The man that brought him in though, is trying to catch her and will get her spayed. They are all identical--grey tigers, so very cute! They are about 3 1/2 weeks old. Just yesterday, they started half pottying in their little litterbox. Such smart babies! We have 2 boys and 1 girl. They will be named soon. 

We had BOXES last night! You are so appreciated by us!
LJ323--2 of her awesome cat scarves! And a wonderful Afghan for a Raffle--it's soooo pretty!
Jan in Hawaii--vairety of k-cups, stuffed frog wearing U of H shirt, for Froggy
Courtney T--case of Fancy Feast, case of 32 Friskies
Phil & Judy--Sunday--4 lg tubs kitty snackers, 6 bags of Temptation snackers
Donnajb--2 cases of baby food meat, 3 variety of flavors
Sue/macncheesemom--orthopedic bed for Derecho. He likes it! He likes it! Was napping on it.
Ann H, neighbor of Bagobear--14 crocheted blankies for FFRC kitties
BagoBear--12 survival blankies to pad the Covies, Porchies, Barnies & Firecat's beds, 10 Christmas crocheted blankies & 20 blankies variety, all for FFRC kitties
GoodSearch--donation for using their search engine
Donna W, aunt to Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Halloween card & 2 famous $5's
Elizabeth A from RI--coupons
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 5th birthday to Whiskers FOUR of the famous $5's!
Neuromom/Sherry & David from NY--Halloween Card with 2 of the famous $5
Rose & RIch, weekend visitors-case of Friskies, case of Fancy Feast, TP, kleenex, washcloths, hand towels, cat toys, 6 holiday placemats, Santa hat/matching scarf, variety of beautiful scarves
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation to cover for another heater for the outside cats

We also have PayPal donations that we are thankful for:
Eric B--donation to FFRC
Barry P--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC

Yesterday we worked at getting the Barnes all set for winter, in the big red barn and the grey barn. Both now have their electric water bowls in place and heated areas for napping. 

A big thanks too, to Craig, Marianne and Daria M (who adopted Daisy). They gifted to FFRC, 2 weather alert radios! We have one in the house and one in June's Room. Craig even drove to Defiance to set them up and program them! Really nice of this family. This will assure that we are weather-aware and give us time, in the event of bad weather, to have things readied inside and also outside for the Porchies, Covies, FireCats, Barnies and the farm animals. Very kind of this family to do this for FFRC. 

Both Lilly Rose and Elsie are here fast asleep on my desk. You can bet when they wake up, they will make their way down to the floor quite gracefully. Cats are truly amazing. They do not spend time feeling sorry for themselves. They have such a "thing" about themselves--they just take life as it is and enjoy and keep on a-going! The other day someone said he felt sorry for our handicapped cats. I had to stop a second and figure out what he meant. It dawned on me, that we truly do not believe these cats are handicapped. Just ask them---they will tell you that they are quite capable and truly enjoy their lives! What great attitudes they carry.

Froggy had a bit of a rough time this morning--grumbly and just unrestful. He finally fell into a nice deep sleep and awoke much better. When he does this, we put him in his pool which has his extra soft froggy blankies in it and his toys and let him just quiet down. He so loves to be petted and can really get a good purr going.

Quiz time!
What cat came in as a small kitten that had been stuck between two walls?   Zelda
Which kitten was found at the end of the driveway and has CH?      Cecil
Which kitten came from Nasville, TN and the name means storm?    Magic
Who had the cuterebra in the neck?    Morgan David
Who is our siamese cat that arrived blind?         Pania
Which cat is half persian?     Seymour
Who was brought here sick and has black dots on his back?        Shep
Which cat (ch) was found on a road in Napoleon, a neighboring town?   Vernon

If you got these all correct, you should come to FFRC and adopt a cat!