Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday, November 5

Another beautiful day in NW Ohio. It's been beautiful! I even saw a kid running barefoot yesterday down the parking lot of FFRC! Loved that. The Barnies have their heat lamps in position and ready! We even had a cat house painted yesterday, it was so nice! Fabio was all stretched out in the sunshine. Oliver had his fall grooming done---no knots, all brushed/combed out, ears cleaned and nails trimmed. He's a handsome boy! A wall shelf has been put in the FireHouse so the cats can snooze in front of one of the windows. We also put up 2 really nice "cuddle shelves" in the Porchie Haven, which were donated. 

We had BOXES last night. We give you thanks for these gifts.
Donnajb--12 cases Fancy Feast kitten food, boxes of 3 cc & 6 cc syringes, 8 boxes of needles, 4 boxes of Advantage II flea meds
Nona--a Hurrican Spin mop, a glider for it and 4 replacement heads
Brookb--9 Yeooow Bananas (3 for inside, 3 for Covies, 1 for FireCats & 2 for Porchies)
Michelle & Frank--6 each of water, bleach, vinegar. 8 bags kitty snackers, a doggie snacker, Halloween cookies & cupcakes!
Laura/Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast
Billie K--case of sardines, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 6 cans chicken
Ms Bekkahs Corner--VA--spiral toys & other toy variety
Vicki B--12 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat---soooooooo grateful, was out and cats were sad
Helen N from area--donation to FFRC
Angelface--4 sheets of stamps
Jeff H from OH--donation in memory of Virlynn R

Raffle time is here again! Yep, it's gonna happen! We have so many awesome items that we'd like to "get out there", especially since Christmas is in 7 weeks! Hard to believe. This Raffle starts Sunday and ends at 9 am Weds. There again will be 8 items, including an iPadAir! Many thanks to Dawnstar and CantonCat for helping us with the pics and videos to spread the news. Keep your eyes open!

I've heard from the family that adopted Fawn. She said that Fawn is wonderful and is much loved. She's playing with the other cat already!  I've also heard from Tio and Tia's family. All is great and they are having a lot of fun zooming around in the house....their home!

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Our 2 sweet kitties Morgan David and Karma went to their new home, together. These 2 kittens have a wonderful young boy to love them. A great family.

Paden has a home and will be leaving today. He's our little bit shy boy, all black. There was a family that had visited here last week that was smitten with him. He's shy, but I think they can win him over! 

Farrah gave us a scare this morning. We simply could not find her. She never misses breakfast and always "helps" me serve up the food. She simply was gone. After much looking, we finally found her, way up top, at the far back of the loft of Kitty Campus Room---just an ear visible. She's fine and extra cuddly now---I think she's sorry to have worried us! 

Felicity is here in the office with me. She's playing like a kitten! Jahzara is sitting watching her and appears to be taking lessons. Jinkee is also playing, tossing up a toy mouse and catching it. Love to watch cats play.

FYI--all cats that are adopted from FFRC, go home with their own health record. This will include the dates for all vaccines, leukemia/FIV/heartworm tests dates, wormings, flea prevention, spay/neuter, vet physical and any other medical treatments each individual cat has received while in our care. It will also tell you when your new pet arrived at the Rescue Center and give you a birth date. Remember....if you make a copy of this record and send it to your veterinarian, they can enter it into their files and send reminders to you. 

Please remember this----even if your pet is not due for a vaccine, it's important to take your pet to the veterinarian yearly for a check up. The purpose of a yearly check up is to verify your pet's health and to troubleshoot before a problem becomes big.