Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday, November 15

Two wonderful adoptions yesterday! Pitter and Patter went to their new home, to a mama that is excited to have them. And I'm happy--a good loving home and the sisters get to stay together! I've already seen pictures on facebook and they all look happy! 

The two little Snookie and Squeeky are also doing terrific in their new home together. It's so nice to see these cats in their new homes. That's what this is all about. Daisy, our dog that we adopted, is also doing great. She is much loved and has a big yard to run around in. I've also heard from Tara's new family. Her new name is Lucy Mae and she too is doing great.We also saw Tio and Tia this past week. They came in for nailtrims. They both are growing and look so happy! More adoptions coming up! 

We had BOXES on Thursday evening. Many thanks of appreciation!
Ruth D from NC--set of 3 handcraftedwood kitties--very pretty. A flash sale item for sure!
Susan345--new pirate ship! It's put together and already in use.
Angelface--22  beautiful pillowcases, various patterns (in flash sale today)
Dave & Sherri/neuromom from NY--Thanksgiving card. For vols: Wether candies, Nabisco cookies and another box of a variety of cookies.  For Flash: Charles Wysocki  needlepoint kit. 26 bags of kitty snackers
Teresa H from IN--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 5th birthday to Whiskers! 6 $5 chicken bills!  Also some leggygals to give away at adoptions (this is from Jessie)
Painteddaisy/June--an awesome box, full of "stuff", as June says! A few items were: milano cookies, kitty snackers, 2 kitty cubes, rugs, volunteer snacks
Twitch acct from MI--donation in memory of Froggy
Knittinkitten--donation in memory of Froggy
Katie L from Canada--2 awesome purple carriers (for a raffle), 4 boxes Fancy Feast and a BIG box of doggie snackers

Little Squigglez and Wigglez are now out and about. Their energy level is very high. Won't be long until they are out all the time. The Purrdelurps kitties--Scooper, marja, Jun and Joop--are super sweet kitties. So sweet and friendly. Purrs instantly when held. 

Peggy S was here yesterday and brought her 3 latest charges: Leisl, Stormy and Everly. They are looking good and very round FFRC bellies! THeir latest weights were 13 oz, 14 oz and 15 oz.  Little Leisl, the girl, was 13 ounces.  One of these days they will be back to stay. They are eating good by themselves but still need Auntie Peggy's loving.

Fluffernutter is getting fluffier. That face is so cute--fur in all directions!  He is getting braver and is now playing with the other kittens. Marta too! When she first came in, she was so very hungry, she wanted ALL the food for herself. She is now sharing a plate nicely with her kitty friends. 

Today we will have a Mich Flash Sale. And not only's alot of Christmas items! Many items, all Christmas related! Come join the fun. She will do one sale today and that is at 2:00. Come join the fun. We have a medicine that we use, that cost us $666 a bottle last year. Price has went up now to $780. When this is needed, it takes TWO bottles to treat the Rescue Center. Any Flash Sale monies today will go towards this goal. Pull up a chair, have a hot cocoa and enjoy this afternoon! 

Grab your shoes!  Or hop on your bike!  Something healthy and fun coming up for FFRC. More info real soon. 

Would you like to receive a holiday letter from Sevaun?! A fun idea! Donate $5.00 to Paypal and just send an email to Sevaun at:   The first week of December or after that, she will send an email to your email address with her picture (an awesome Christmas picture!) and a really neat letter. She'll write something fun to that person (if it's going to a child, state something in the email geared towards that child, etc.). It's in the spirit of the holidays and Sevaun! The donation will be on the "honor" system. If you send an email to the above, Sevaun will trust you!  Have some fun! Sevaun is waiting, pen in hand.

Farm news: Yesterday we sent 4 of the peacocks to a new home. After much questioning, I knew this would be a good home. Very happy for this. We also got our 125 bales of hay yesterday to help us get thru the winter--that makes about 200 bales to help to spring time, just in case of a heavy winter. We haven't turned on the electric water bowls or heaters yet (in the barns), but it probably won't be much longer. All the birds and the horses, donkey and goat look real good and ready for the winter. We are also working on getting enough grain/seed in to get us thru the winter too. That way, if we do get alot of snow, we don't have to worry. No fun unloading in cold or snow. We have the snow plow guy all lined up too!

Felicity is such a happy girl. She loves to sit up high and watch those rascally kitties play. She must enjoy it as she does this alot. Jessie Sr. also is doing great. She's a good eater and sure knows how to find the cozy blankies. Sea Turtle is sure doing good too. She is a young oldster and enjoys her spot on the window shelf in the front Thumper's Room.   The Porchies are snug as a bug in a rug. Their sunporch is all battened down--windows closed and the heavy door keeps the wind out. Their Porchie Haven has the heater plugged in now. It didn't take them long to figure that out! 

Eleven more days to Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for. Have a wonderful Sunday!