Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 7, Thursday

A week into the New Year already. Have any plans for this 2016?  FFRC does! More about this soon! We'll probably touch on it after the Raffle tonight. And yes.....the Raffle is this evening at 6:00 with BOXES being at 5:30. We are so excited about this particular Raffle. The first one of the year! We are also grateful for each and every ticket that has been placed on the items.  

We had BOXES Monday evening. We are very grateful for you! 
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby cat
Hannah, our special friend from IN with her mom/dad--Christmas card with note and design by Hannah. Snowman made by Hannah for the 2016 FFRC Christmas Tree & photo of Hannah. candy, vol snackers, kitty snackers & kitty toys, 2cases of baby food, 8 cans Friskies
Justme from IA--For her hobbit b-day and 1st anniversary of Niffies adoption--it's changed! More info coming soon! 
Cessna & Wayne from CA--because of Emily!  3 of 6 packs of Lysol wipes
Kerswill/Nancy & Tom & Domino from MI--Christmas card with donation
Tom & Barb C from FL--donation
Victoria O from WI--donation
Mike C/McPurr from CA--donation
Richard & Joan with Carnie/Karne from MD--Christmas card with donation in honor of Karne and in memory of Chessie, Abby & Bunny Haggis
Contessa--CD of El Divo!

Stephanie/contessa's daughter--note with drawing of kitties!
Stephanie/granddaughter of Phil & JUdeanlee--a bound story of and adventure of Cutie and crew to bring Jacci a Christmas Kitty named Daniel, which was awesome!
S Family from OH--day visitors--PT, vinegar, cloth towels, foam/paper plates, rubbing alcohol
Nona--3 cases KMR
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation for the spay/neuter program

And we also give special thanks to the following:
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation for Steve's birthday--for the movies & popcorn
Hallie G--donation for FFRC
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy Boys
Needtoretire--donation for FFRC
Christine C from WV--donation for FFRC
Becky M, Monday night volunteer--donation to FFRC in memory of sweet Pansy Mae
Pat C/bedheadsdad--chicken, chicken, chicken for everyone in honor of Snappy's BD!

Are you walking? Putting in jogging miles? Riding your bike?  Don't forget to continue doing miles for FFRC! We have been doing very well.  We just received $126.75 for December. Our total so far though is $220.79.  I received an email from ResQwalk--it said:  "You guys crushed it with your walking! Awesome job!".  Thank you for each and every mile. 

Jinkee is doing wonderful. I've heard from his new family and they say all is well! 

We had an adoption this past Monday. Purrdelurps went to her new home! Such a great cat. She really connected with her new family!  We have a few possible adoptions yet coming up too!

Cyruss is doing great. Boot Camp Success so far. I have a possibility of a home for him, but not yet. Cyruss has to be 100% using the litterbox for another week or so, but things are looking good. He's such a great cat! 

Rooney and Kit are out and about and doing good. Kit's personality is a little shy but she's getting more and more confident. Rooney is so puffy--her fur is long and gorgeous and she loves attention. Sometimes they go up to their mama Cleo and touch noses! 

Montana and crews mom and dad (Jenny & Brent) sent me this saying long ago. One of my favorites now:  "Not to hurt the creatures brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission--to be of service to them wherever they require it."   By St. Francis of Assisi   This saying fits perfectly with our 2016 new goals!