Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday, Jan. 15

Who is the cat thief?! I just received as a gift a cute pen with 3 jingle bells on it. I know Towanda took it the first time--she confiscated it and took it clear over to where Alma likes to be. It was found (by listening for the jingles) and returned to my desk. After using it again, someone, not sure because he/she was so fast, took it and now it's gone again! I guess I'll have to wait for the jingle sounds! 

January is a good month for us to play catch up on paperwork. My 2 things I'm working on now is to get that Petfinder caught up (added 7 yesterday) and to update the website. We are also updating many other records and documents here this month. Won't be long until we are super busy again with kittens. 

Yes, you might be seeing Cecile here again. He has not been returned to keep. Apparently Cecil did something to one of his eyes and needs a bit of treatment. His new dad needed some help with it to administer the meds. So, he's here but will definitely go back to his home.

I've heard from the new mama of Charleston and Milo. Charleston is insisting on much holding and being carried about. Milo loves to walk step for step with his new mama. She loves both these boys dearly already! 

I also heard from AJ's family--all is good and they love him! We also heard from Joop and Little Bit's new family--he says they are the perfect kitties and they are so loved! Great new homes! 

We also had BOXES last night! Wow--wonderful evening. We are full of gratitude!
Jennifer/Jacksmom from FL--note & ppics of her kitties. Also absolutely wonderful puzzles with our FFRC cat's pictures on them! Zelda, Solee, Tabitha, Sevaun, Derecho, Pania, Alma, Vern, Trucker, Coralie, Magic, The Paddys, Trucker & Magic, Lorenzo, Cayden, Fabio, Jackson, Farrah, Seymour, Jersey, August and Walter. You will see these puzzles again! They are so wonderful! 
Pat, Thurs Volunteer--2 pairs handwarmers & gift card from WalMart
Faithy from Defiance--4 bags CT chews for dental hygiene
KnittenKitten--5 cases Fancy Feast
Billie K--2 beautiful monogrammed FFRC blankets for kitties!
Lostgirl--400-9 and 6 inch foam plates, 4 HE laundry soaps, box of FF broths. 
Zoolove--4 purrpads for FFRC kitties
Debbi & Jim W from GA--lots of goodies--just an awesome 2 boxes! Photos of many FFRC kitties, potty bags, coffee cups,books, napkins, bandaids, DVD kitty party, pens, necklaces, 3 pr socks, 4 kitty plates, cupcake kits, kitty ring toys, dental bones, doggie toys, case of Sheba, 2 fatcat toys, lots of catnip, pet comb, notebooks, folders, ntoe cards, stickers---just lots of wonderful items!!  Plus a happy Unbirthday card & lavender sachets , magazine, chapstick, books, peacock & kitty pin for Jacci
Anonymous Friend--donation for our Spay/Neuter Program
Barbara B--a delicious fruitcake made by monks for my mom
Wingnut/willards grandma--2 scrumptious fruitcakes for my mom  (my mom loves fruitcakes and they are not available in this area except for winter, so now she is all set!!)

A special thanks to Deb11111--as many of you know, she loves those Paddy Brothers. She asked to purchase the Double Paddy Puzzle for a wonderful donation. I told her we'd be more than happy to get that puzzle out to her. It's already on it's way to her in fact! 

More thanks for these paypals!
David W from CO--donation to FFRC
CantonCat--donation for Happy Birthday to Sevaun! Chicken & Treats for everyone! 
Ryan W from FL--donation to FFRC
Jaque/bbsmom--donation in celebration of her 70th b-day, also for Sevaun's b-day and to add to the Spay/Neuter Program.  Happy Birthday to you! 

We would like to put together bags for our upcoming boy neuter day. They would be called Cat Comfort Bags and each cat will receive one. Big thanks to Lostgirl who has helped us with this with donations of a stuffed toy for each bag and a small and large spring toy. We will also add a can of cat food, our FFRC business card, instructions about post-op care, and a few other goodies! We're hoping this will show that we care about their cat!

Our surgery spay  from yesterday is doing great. That would be Liesl! She's so rambunctious. She and her brother Everly knows no end to their energy level! They are now also up on Petfinders.

Alma is doing a bit better. Per Dr. Darcy, we sedated her, gave her another enema and got her all cleared out again. Three days ago we started her on a medication to keep those stools loose. Now, hopefully, she's back on track and things will move smoothly!  

Vernon seems to be on a better level right now. No serious problems in the last few days. It's been difficult to get to this stage. What we want is a happy Vernon, alert and not sleepy. I do believe we are getting there. Time will tell. In the meantime, we will continue watching him.

Guess who!  COVIE trivia!
Who are the 2 cats that we took after being told the owner would drown them? Markie/Barkey
Which cat did Dr. Cindy bring after finding on the horse racetrack?    Lele
What 2 cats arrived different times but brought by same family? Leonard & Victor
Which cat disappeared for several months & then returned to us?  Leonard
Which cat arrived with deep severe bite wounds?   Oliver
Which cat has the name that means "from the woods"?   Sylvan
Which 2 cats came from Hollywood, Fl?  August & Jackson
Which cat came from Long Island, NY?  Jersey
How many Covies do we have?  18

I am simply in awe of our webcam friends. I remember long ago you said you had our backs here at FFRC and I truly know and can feel that. Your trust in what we do here is much appreciated. I promise to always do my very best for this Rescue Center. FFRC, over the years, has taken a few different turns. It's all in the name of progress and in good will of the cats. Your trust in our decision making gives me such a lift to continue on. I thank you for that.