Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday, Jan. 21

It's Flash Day Thursday! Mich is coming! I believe it will be close to 2:30 for the sale. She will be showing a variety of things! Come join the fun. No Vern today but if we need any modeling done, Derecho said he would help! 

Sleepy cats on this cold morning. Breakfast done, tummies full and now it's nap time for most of them. Of course, Elsie, Everly, Liesl and Scooper are zooming around. Janessa was her usual chewer this morning. She also loves to take the sink stoppers and carry them around. This morning she was trying to pull off the rubber parts of the stoppers. And wow, she did a number on the cardboard box. She leaves her signature on them--lots of holes chewed!

We had BOXES last night. Much gratitude to you.
Zoolove--Nellies powdered laundry soap, lamb dryerballs, stuffed lamb, Earth Bright natural cleaner and polish. 
Jatcat from CA--Mylar balls, spring toys, 2 weasel & ball toys, glitter pom poms for Magic
Judeanlee--multi color copy paper, 4 rolls 2 inch tape, Sharpies, white out stripes, postie notes
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Alpo for the doggies, 9 bags Old Mother Hubbard doggie snackers
Mayumi--FFRC Tokyo Branch--2 pakgs Bonito Flakes, 2 cases Tullie, gift for Jocey, Waffle snacks for Vols.
Macncheesesmom--card with donation
Sandra E/straycatlady--all kinds of treats for vols, cat!  chips, crackers, K-cups, cookies, tea, Quaker Chews, q-tips, Magic Erasers, Chicken cuts, case of Fancy Feast
Dottie & Nate--for Magic--bag of glitter balls
Caren--bag of glitter balls for Magic
Elaine, Alan & Little Kat--Hobbit Birthday for Elaine--5 chicken $5!! Will get chicken today!
Sara K from OH--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to provide drinks for our upcoming surgery day.

That Magic--he is obsessed with those glitter balls. We simply cannot resist those big round eyes staring at us--he knows how to work us and what he wants to tell us! He and Trucker are such good best buds.

Today is the big day. We need to see some action from Alma and Samson Wolf in the poo department! If not, it's the big E day (enema), but we're not telling them that! Hopefully this won't be necessary. I know you're all concerned so will keep you posted!

The first of Feb. we will have a very special Raffle! This will be our PUZZLE Raffle--all those lovely puzzles that was donated by Jacksmom.  As that date gets closer, we will show you pictures of the cats that are on the puzzles. Each also includes a photo of that cat. This will be a special fun Raffle! 

Do you realize how close Spring really is?! How exciting. Snow melting, new life, longer daylight, buds on the trees, flowers blooming. But, please, no more kitties being born. Of course we love those sweet little puffs of fur but there simply is not enough homes. NOW is the time, folks. Make those spay and neuter appointments. Please don't wait. Each of us can be a part of the solution--reach out and help. If each one of us did just one more spay/neuter, it would make a huge difference.Or if you can financially do it, offer help to a family that has a cat in need of their "fix it" surgery. Thank you.

Putter has been on my mind. Wasn't he just the sweetest and bestest hugger boy?! And then it makes me reflect on our cats of FFRC. And then I read these wonderful quotes in a magazine. 

"Every time you feel the need to blame someone for a painful experience, but you choose consciously not to act on that need, you take a step toward love."   By Gary Zukav   When you think about that quote, it sure says alot, doesn't it. 

Here's another one I like:  "I don't know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving."  By John Green.  Love that one too! 

Have a great day, everyone. There's so much out there to do!