Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday, Jan. 4

Yeah for happy cats!  Alma continues to do good. No more constipation problems. She's been all over the  "far side" of the Rescue Center. She simply amazes me with her mobility and the way she figures things out. She has such good communication ways of letting us know what her needs are.  She's doing great.  Also Vernon is doing good. He's now spent the last 2 nights out in the Main Area (not in Dodger's Pen) and has been just fine. His new meds are working! And he's playing lots! Bella loves her poof. Magic has a supply of his special balls that he loves. Towanda is relaxed and is so sweet and playful. Merri's mouth feels better and she and Lucy Ann are both eating just fine now. 

Cayden had a happy day yesterday. His favorite thing to do is to kick out a good amount of litter onto the floor. Then he invites his friends over for a sand-playing date! They roll and roll and roll in it. He's always the instigator in this! Then he'll roll on his back in the middle of his created sand design and nap! 

Last night Farrah had a small seizures. Unfortunately she fell off of the counter but was not hurt. It was a very short seizures. This is the first known one for a couple years. This doesn't mean we have to change anything on her meds but to just keep an extra watch on her. Seizure cats can indeed have break thru seizures.  As always, when she has had a seizures, she is super lovey-dovey for a day afterwards. Needs extra petting and holding and shoulder-rides. 

Peggy misses kitty-care in her home. Leisl and Everly both needed a little extra TLC, so Auntie Peggy to the rescue again! She's going to keep the two grey tiger babies at her home for a little bit just to booster them! Good for Peggy and good for the kitties! 

We had TWO adoptions yesterday! Love these teenager adoptions! The family that adopted Gandolf and Rios came back for a third cat. They adopted Amaryllis Pocket. The older daughter really loved her already and was so happy to have this cat as hers. Very sweet. Then we had an adoption to a family with 4 older kids. It was a unanimous decision--Jinkee was their pick! Such a beautiful girl with gold eyes. Another good home.

We have thanks to give! This Rescue Center is grateful to you--
Doubleydibleydoouk--donation to sponsor Magic & extra for all the kitties
Katie L--2 wonderful purple cat carriers (will see in a future raffle)!
Lynne J W--donation to FFRC
LJ--more kitty scarves! That's right--13 of them. You will also see these in an upcoming Flash Sale. Plus candy for volunteers and 2 cushy rugs. 

Yes, that's right---we will be having a Flash Sale on Friday! Not sure of the time yet, but it'll be the Mich and Vern show! Guaranteed to have great items and a fun time! 

We've started our first Raffle of the New Year. It's on right now and will continue till 9 am on Thursday.  BOXES will be that night at 5:30 pm with the Raffle at 6:00.  Check out the 2 FFRC facebook pages for info, also on FFRCNation and our Twitter.  Come join us for some fun!

Get your thinking cap on!
Who's the bl/wh cat with dots on his nose that was born to Clarissa?   A.J.
Who's the dusty gold cat that came from Staton Island?      Cayden
Who is the mom to Kit & Rooney?      Cleo
What gold/white cat came with a severe leg wound that resulted in an amputation?  Gustave
What bl/wh cat was dumped on driveway with severe ear infection & plugged?   Lena
Who is the oldest cat here?    Sea Turtle
Which cat arrived thirsty, had fleas, fx. tail, sore paws, found in Defiance, CH?   Charleston
Which cat came from Steinbach Vet Clinic in PA with CH?      Alma

Take care all.  Please remember to vote for FFRC these last two days at    Our second interview will be coming up! And remember to walk, jog, bike for FFRC on ResQwalk! We have earned $231.51 so far!  Thanks to you all!