Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weds., Jan. 20

Peymon is playing! And not only playing, he's running and joining in the fun with Liesl and Everly. The three of them are good friends! I feel such a sense of relief--he's acting like a healthy kitten! And ohhhh, does he love to be held. He can turn his purrer on very quickly!

We took in a new kitten. David/Wolfpatch from IN helps a rescue center. Wolfpatch fostered a little orange tiger a few days ago. But, it was confirmed by two vets that this little guy has megacolon (just like Alma). Wolf asked if we would take him and proceed with his medical help. So, little Samson arrived yesterday. His full name is Samson Wolf! We have him in the back Thumper's Room on the floor. We will be monitoring his results in the litterbox. He also is receiving medications twice daily for his condition. Simple line is.......we need him to poo on his own! In the meantime he's playing and running around and having fun! 

There are two things about Megacolon. One is from birth  (congenital) and the other is acquired. Samson Solf has been since birth while Alma is acquired. In most cases it is called idiopathic megacolon--meaning the cause is not known. This condition causes a constipation problem, causing the stool to become dry and hard.  It's a condition in which too much stool accumulates and causes the bowel to enlarge well beyond its normal diameter.  This stool then has difficulty passing through to the large intestine.  X-rays have been done on both Samson Wolf and Alma to confirm this. 

Treatments for Megacolon varies. Severe cases require fluids to keep well hydrated, enemas to completely clear out the intestinal track. Both severe and milder cases may be helped simply by giving Miralax, a laxative gel to soften the stool, a change of diet possibly and encourage drinking of fluids. We will give both of these cats our very best care!

We had BOXES Monday night! Every item is always appreciated!
Ahmed M--note and a case of Fancy Feast
Eaglewatcher/Beth--3 pet carriers for Raffle--pink, blue & purple
Judi Sp--3 of the 40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Pat C, our wonderful Thurs. vol--donation for spay/neuter program
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 13th Birthday to Sevaun with a chicken $5, plus Jessie donated a fiver for the spay/neuter program
Alan, Elaine B & Little Kat from FL--kitty card with note & Little Kat's allowance as donation!
Tiese T--donation to FFRC for a cat named Hannah
Kenna N from CA--donation to FFRC for a cat named Hannah
Diana W from OK--donation to FFRC
Jim & Roberta from Hicksville--dry Friskies food and mouse toys   day visitor
Linda S--donation for our spay/neuter program

Many of you know that Charleston has revisited us this week for 3 days in the mornings. Unfortunately, he picked up the cold that Cleo has. We've treated him and today he is much better. He's eating now and drinking for his new mama. He obviously loves her, and she loves him and Milo both. What a love he is! So happy for him and Milo. 

Cecil also went back to his new home. He had a little bit of a wet eye and his new dad was worried he would scratch it. So Cecil came and stayed with us a few days. Much better on Sunday and went back home. He and Charity are doing great.

Elsie has now graduated to a new height. She has discovered there's cat walks at the very top of the purple office. She so cleverly climbs up. She is still having difficulty getting down but, knowing Elsie, she will figure it out. That girl is one courageous kitten! 

Sea Turtle is doing good. She loves to spend time in the mail Room each day helping Lynnette. For the very most part, Vernon is doing great. Rarely are we seeing his aggression these days. He's so thin so we are working on feeding him more. His quieter state makes Hensley also more relaxed.  Walter, Walter, Walter is also doing a bit better about his circling. Every once in a while he still does this but usually redirecting him helps. Joyful received her annual vaccines today. She was such a good girl!

How's your walking boots doing?! We are still collecting miles for FFRC. Currently we have earned $270.39. Isn't that just wonderful! At this moment, we are in 5th place.  4th place isn't too far ahead of us---can we catch up?!

Camvie is running full speed ahead, chasing Emmitt--they are a good match! Felicity is here in the office playing with a catnip mouse toy. Bruno is settling is just fine. He's been sleeping alot---seems like he has a lot of sleep to catch up on. Pania is doing great--no recent UTI's--that's a good thing! And here comes Merri--aiming for the blue poof. She is so courageous! 

Take care to everyone. Lots of weather stuff going on--stay safe. We will have BOXES this evening at 6:00!