Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 14

The cats and I would like to wish you all a very special Happy Valentine's Day! They love you all and are grateful for what you do for them!

We have heard from the family that adopted Columbus and Murphy. "They have both grown into such loving, beautiful cats and they are beloved members of our family."  They also sent a picture--they both look lovely! It's always so nice to hear from our adoptive families. This is what we want--kind, loving, indoor homes. I always consider they've "made it" when they find that home. 

We had BOXES Friday evening. You are appreciated!
Sara, who is Contessa's daughter--20 pc crackers & cookies, lg bag of MYM's, Temptation snackers, RC babycat dry, lysol/clorox wipes, box of Reeses pb cups for Valentine's Day
Sandy E--3 boxes Sheba, box of Iams & 2 heated pet bowls
Denise T from VA--valentine's card with donation
Schinn with Ralph & Cleo (our awesome mod!)--valentine's card with donation for Feliz Navidad Fund
Jane/calico17--valentine's card with donation
Sherri/neuromom & David from NY--valentines card with 2 chicken $5
Judi Sp--3 bags of Precious Litter
FFRCNation sent Jacci and my mom some beautiful valentine flowers!  Thank you!
Mary H/Fri night vol--3-3 pkg lysol wipes
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Billie K--donation to help with Sooty's care.

Lynnette, Chris and I went to the cat show yesterday. We had a very nice time. We replenished the pole toys that our visitors use alot. Saw many types of breeds there and we also watched some of the judging shows going on.  It was nice to have a bit of time off.

Beaumont continues to do great. Each day he plays more and makes more ct friends. He's very good with all of the cats. It's been much joy to watch him discover toys--I do believe he's got a bit of clown in him! And he likes to like hands! Dr. Darcy will take a look at his eye on Saturday.

I was asked this past week why on earth that FFRC would accept "handicapped" cats when they couldn't possibly be really happy. I tried to explain. Most people "get it" but sometimes people choose to not want anything to do with something that is not "perfect".  I looked around this morning. There is Coralie by my desk--so sleepy and happy. All it takes is to say her name and she will give you that slow eye closure that means she cares. And there is Hensley here too--he's found his favorite plastic ring and is tossing it up in the air. He's a fun boy! And over on the cushie is Trucker and Magic--obviously they are best friends and both have a lot of love to give. I watched Alma this morning too--she is simply awesome. She got to the litterbox by herself and then back to her special pad. She then proceeded to play with her toys. Joey just buzzed by--he's here, there and everywhere. Nothing slows him up! And Pania! This special girl has her schedule down pat! She has picked "her" bench as the best seat in the house. And that is because incoming people will pet her first! And who is that white/grey blur that just ran by--of course, it's Elsie. She runs, plays, climbs and goes everywhere she wants--blindness means nothing to her.  There's so many others. First and foremost, these cats are not handicapped.  It's not in their or our vocabulary! They are quite capable and are simply being the cats they were meant to be. We love them all.

How about another story?! This one is on McLovin.  This story was written (9//9/12) by our friend Canton:
"We are the witnesses to the reality that when we focus not on the cruelty of others but rather on the ability to move forward and use our strength to help heal others we can truly make a difference in a life.

Sometimes it’s hard to not dwell on the cold hearted, but only if we let our warmth show can we bring warmth to another.

His name is McLovin and he was born around 4/24/2012.  He was just 9 weeks old when a horrified person witnessed him being thrown out of a car window on June 26, 2012.  This kind hearted person, ran to him, picked him up and brought him to FFRC.  Immediately, team FFRC sprung into action. 

His face looked like a pizza, all covered in red.  There is always a tell-tale sign of being thrown from a moving vehicle, because the kittens normally land on their face first. His lip area was hanging down from his lower jaw.  Again, a common issue when the face hits the ground.  But the most damage was done to his right front leg.  He hit the ground with such force the nerve was torn in half, resulting in absolutely no feeling in that leg.  His right leg was also very sore and tender and it hurt to put pressure on it when he walked.  He was immediately given soreness meds and put on antibiotics.  His lip area was cleaned up as was his face.  He was scared, so very scared.

The next day his rear leg was much better and he was eating.  He was also purring and seemed much happier about things, and much less scared.

On 6/28 he was taken to the vet for surgery.  The vet concurred with the original assessment, McLovin’s front right leg could not be saved.  Once removed, the vet worked on his lip, literally tying up the skin and holding it in place with a button and sutures. 

For the next few days, he was kept quiet while he recovered.  He was on pain meds and antibiotics.  Extra care was taken when he was fed to keep his lip area clean.

Ten days later his “button” and sutures were removed from his lip and leg area.  His lower lip still hangs a bit low but that is just how it is now.  As long as his face is always checked to ensure he never “collects” food in that “pouch” he’ll be fine.  And as we all know, he has a very high energy level.  He runs and plays just like any kitten.  He is super lovable, loving his pets.  His name fits him well.  So does some of his nicknames such as  McCrazy and McGoofy. 

We see him wrestling and playing with all the other kittens because he is just like all the other kittens.  Him and Weber are good buddies.  Then again, he’s good buddies with just about every cat.

He is up for adoption, having fully healed. His differences are only in what people see.  He doesn’t think he’s any different than any other cat.  He just runs and plays and purrs and shows McLove to anyone willing to stop and say “hi”.

He loves people, reminding us the incredible ability of an animal to forgive and move forward. His medical procedures are behind him.  McLovin reminds us every day that all that matters is today and tomorrow.  He doesn’t dwell on the past, he just wants to play and chase the laser light and climb up the cat tree.  He just wants to be loved and mclove someone back.    CURRENT UPDATE:  Ou volunteer, Amy, adopted McLovin and both are very happy! 

A webcam friend wrote this and I just love it--has a lot of meaning in it:   "I ask that each of you that choose to chime in, use your kindest voice when doing so. Far too often people say things in the two denominational world of social media that they would never say across the table to a guest. So lets all remember we are guests at our friends across the globe's personal space when they read this, and speak together with respect and kindness."  Makes a lot of sense to me.Take care and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!