Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 7

A whole week into February already. We've had 7 adoptions so far. As you know, Jester, Towanda & Acadia (went to new home together!), and Liesl and Everly (together). Yesterday, Scooper was adopted to a very nice young man. He spent much time deciding and Scooper was the one! And then Solee went to her new home too. She went with Craig M's family (who adopted Daisy also from us). Craig has already said that Solee spent a good first night. 

All of these adoptions are wonderful. Sometimes people want to keep every cat forever. And I can understand that! I do too sometimes. Sometimes I want to shut that back door and say---they're ALL staying--I don't want anymore to leave. But, we cannot do that. We are a rescue. We want these homes for these awesome cats. Each cat DOES matter. As wonderful as I feel FFRC is for cats, there's that something special about their very own home! They are extra important to that family. And if they ever have to come back, that's ok. We will take them back and try again.  However, there are some cats that are indeed permanent residents. And we love them like crazy. 

Yes, Acadia did come back. The family that adopted her tried oh, so hard to help her to be happy. They really wanted it to work but Acadia was not the "right" cat for their family. She needed a quieter home. A week before Acadia came back, I was pretty sure she would be returning. I received a call from a Grandma who wanted an adult female cat, maybe two. So, arrangements were made. IF Acadia came back, she would be thrilled to try her in her very quiet home with no kids. But she wanted a friend for Acadia too. So, Towanda also went. I've heard back from her yesterday and both cats are doing good. Both cats have ventured thru the whole house and enjoy the couch. Sometimes a cat just needs a quieter home!

Friday we had a BOX! So grateful!
Lucygoosey--bag of Chex Mix, 7 bags of kitty snackers, bag of cat toys, 10 cans of Friskies, 8 packs of crackers, Valentine treats for volunteers!
Mary H, vol from Archbold--lots of bubble wrap

And then we read stories again! I've been trying to read stories a few times a week. These stories came from our Catapalooza event 2 years ago. I enjoy re-reading them! Such wonderful memories. 

And more thanks!
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Michael John W--donation to FFRC
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to help with Sooty's medications
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, to use where needed
Dakota O from Canada--donation to FFRC

We took in a new kitten Friday evening. She is about 4 1/2 months old and is all black. Her name is Sooty (a Name a Cat name). Oh my goodness, what a purr girl she is. Just looking at her produces an enormous purr. And that is amazing, considering her injuries. First, she has a very large umbilical hernia. This requires much observation as we do not want any complications from that (twisting of the bowel inside the hernia). But, she also has a severe leg injury. The ankle is disconnected from the upper leg and  the toe bones are fractured. She is scheduled for surgery on Weds for an amputation---there's no fixing this foot. Sooty is a sweetie and is enjoying the food and TLC that she is receiving.

We have moved Beaumont to Cat's Corner Room---this way, he is more "involved" with us--we can see him and pet and hold him even more and he can see all the happenings. He's receiving his eye medication. 

Lots of things coming up on the calendar!
Feb. 8--Flash Sale!!  Mich & Vern will be coming!  1;00 FFRC time
Feb. 10--Sooty's surgery day
Feb. 13--the annual Cat Show that Chris and I go to together
Feb. 20--our 2nd  spay/neuter day!  
Feb. 21--volunteer meeting 2:00
March 7--our first Spay/Neuter Transport with HumaneOhio! 

Yes, our numbers are going down! While we miss our cats that are adopted, we are thrilled for these adoptions. It's very important to get as many cats adopted this month and March as possible. The reason---kitty season will be upon us before we know it. And that again, means too many kittens that won't have homes. So....we will hope to find as many homes as possible for our adoptable cats yet this winter! They deserve a chance. Once kitties come in, unfortunately, the cats take a back seat when it comes to adoptions. For spring, summer and fall, for every 15 kittens adopted we can usually only adopt 1 adult. is the time for these wonderful cats to find a home! 

We are focused. Good cat care, lots of TLC for all the cats, adoptions, spays & neuters.  Spring is not that far away. Already the days are getting longer in daylight which will trigger those female cats to go into heat. On the 20th, we will have surgery for both females and males here at FFRC. On the 7th of March is our first transport. We will be able to sign up 30 cats each transport day--males and females.  On the 20th, the girls are $15 and the boys are $10. Last time they were free to start off with a bang! We do not want to deplete our spay/neuter fund too quickly. But, we will do big discounts. 

For the Transport, spays/neuters for outside cats are $25.  Spays/neuters for inside cats are $45 (these are HumaneOhio prices). But, FFRC is giving a bonus and will offer to further reduce that cost by $10 per surgery. That means the cost will be $15/$35.  We WANT to encourage people to get those cats spayed and neutered. We are determined to make a difference. So many kittens are simply left to grow up to produce more kittens. So many are euthanized on a daily basis, here in our NW Ohio, simply for lack of homes. We want to be a part of the solution. 

Have a great Sunday!