Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Weds., Feb. 24

It's raining, it's pouring right now.  And starting to get icy. Sounds like some snow on the way too.  We'll batten down the hatches and make sure everything and all the cats and barn animals are safe, warm and comfy.

We had BOXES Monday evening.  We are a grateful organization for your help!
IPurr/NancyP--50 ipuur wonderful pads, Kitty DVD for kitties, 9 kitty books, Duvet and Shams, 7 suncatchers---all for next Flash Sale!
Bagobear/Vixanna--24 crocheted blankies for FFRC kitties & 10 cotton crate pads 18 x 22 for next Flash Sale!
Warped/Connie S--wonderful bowl warmer pads and 2-set matching hot pads--for the next Flash Sale!
Painteddaisy/June--For Joyful--Valentine card & sponsorship of Joyful, toys, stuffed heart, special food all for Joyful!  For vols: Milano cookies, candy, Pringles, Gem Juice candy too!
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie--2 pkg spring toys, 2 heated water bowls
LJ323--6 kitty scarves--for next Flash Sale. 8 cans chicken, 2 kitty beds, 2 orange pads, Harlequin blanket, 2 bags Gem Juice candy!
Julie, our vol--8 cuddle cushy beds
Eaglewatcher/Beth (who is visiting right now!)--2 bags Purina Pro Plan dry food
Mo S, Beth's friend--donation to FFRC
LittleKat--Panda card with a spay/neuter donation
Macncheesemom--card and donation to FFRC
Mykatkat/Deb--valentine card & donation to FFRC
Volunteers of Treasured Friends--a very nice thank you card for FFRC taking Samson Wolf!
Clark, JEsse & the Gang--card with donation for spay/neuter, also spay/neuter declas. HB to Alma (3) and Asha (6) and the chicken $5's!
Jaquelin M from AZ--donation to FFRC

We've also heard from Leeann who adopted Sergei! He is a part of their family. He loves a lap and plays with Tang. They think he's very sweet and cuddly! I also heard from Mich and saw pictures of Peymon/Simon and Cheddar sitting together!  I love hearing about our adoptions!

Update on Lynnette:  she has been very busy meeting with insurance reps to get things settled about her housefire. It is a total loss but her insurance company is indeed there for her. They will be moving into a rented house soon (and completely furnished with rented furniture!) until her house can be replaced. She is grateful for your kindness, prayers and good thoughts.  Her dog Minnie and 2 cats are doing good. 

All is good here at FFRC, although extra busy right now. Vernon's appetite is picking up a bit. Emmit is a dear---such a playful, loving cat. Elsie is Elsie--climbing all over and waiting to be rescued! Derecho is mooching lots of chicken from Beth! Sea Turtle is completely happy in the mailroom. If we bring her out, she swats our ankles! Love that oldster. Samson Wolf has gained a good amount of weight! So far, so good on the poo without having to use meds! We keep a check on this. Alma made her way to the litterbox today---she is so so good about getting to the box. She is also doing good. 

Here's some fun things about FFRC!
How many outside storage and cat sheds do we have?     13 (and each has a specific use)
Who are our Persians?  Seymour, Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr, Jolene, Joyful, Beaumont
Who are the long hair cats outside?   Ceasar, Oliver, Fabio
How many emergency bells do we have outside?  3
Who has a cleft lip/palate?     Cliff and Lucy Ann
What are opening/closing dates of Earth Angels?  2004-2011  (over 11,000 surgeries)
How many CH cats have we adopted? 10  Oriah, Freemont, Wrigley, Addison, Cecil, Milo, Charleston, Lorenzo, Solee, Bender