Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday, Feb. 26

Yes---it's happening today! Our Flash Sale by Mich. This Flash Sale will be about 2:00ish.  We have many wonderful items to show to you!  This sale will help us with our operational costs. Here is what Mich will be showing:
Purrpads    $12  (donated by ipurr)
Cat t-shirts  $10   donated by jatcat
BagoPads   $12  donated by Vixanna/Bagobear
Cat Scarves  $30  donated by LJ
Sun cat catchers  $5  donated by hatmaker
Various books  $5-$10  donated by ipurr
Bowl holders  $15  donated by Warped
2-set square/round pot holders  $15  donated by Warped
Cat kickeroo toys/catnipped    $5  donated by hatmaker
headband/earwarmers with cat button  $5   children & adult

I have a feeling it would be possible to coax Mich to show some leggydews/biggydews!

We had BOXES on Weds. evening! Many thanks to you.
Mary D & Randi M--300 6" paper plates, case of fancy feast, case of fancy feast kitten
Mayumi--FFRC Tokyo Branch--gift for Eldora's BD, for the Vols: candy, custard cakes, cookies. And 2 boxes of Tulie Chicken & Tuna!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--bucket of 35 mylar balls, 3-kitty Shack self heating mats/tunnels!
Christopher & Stephanie C--kitty card with note, fish bed stuffed with snackers, cat nip toys, kitty cave, Senses turbo, laser toy
Vicki B--6 bags of RC baby cat dry food
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Hencass from FL--donation to FFRC

Update on our next Spay/Neuter event. March 7--this will be our first Transport Event with HumaneOhio.   Yesterday all families were given a phone call. We also sent their packets of info and consent forms to them. That way, when they arrive, they will have the paperwork already filled out. This will save much time. Check ins are 5:30 to 6:10 AM.  We have 21 spays and 17 neuters signed up!  The cats will be returned to FFRC about suppertime for the families then to pick them up. 

We have several more possible adoptions in the works. More later when things are more fine-tuned. 

The "big snow" that was predicted really didn't happen. We got maybe an inch or two of wet heavy snow. Much of it is gone already. Tomorrow it's to be in the low 40's.  Many thanks to our groomers here at FFRC.  Mounds of fur is being brushed/combed out of the cats. It's amazing how much fur can be removed---that there's still a furry cat left!  One of the few longhaired outside cats, Ceasar, received his big spring groom. He looks wonderful. When it gets a bit warmer, we will work on Fabio and Oliver. These two boys do NOT tolerate much grooming. They will get a nose to tail groom all at one time with a light sedation. Much less stressful for them and for us!  

When the weather warms up, Dion will be returning to put a new shingle roof on the Kitty Kabana roof, where the leak is. Then the finish on the inside above the leaky window will also be completed.  Always something along the lines of fixing/repairing going on!

Pania is doing great. That bench that she likes is most definitely claimed by her. If she wants it, she will gladly "push" another cat off to take her nap! But, it's a gentle push!  After talking to Dr. Darcy about Samson Wolf, we will be scheduling his x-ray soon to take an updated look at his megacolon.  Very curious as to what it will show....hopefully much improvement!  

We've pretty much given up on having Sea Turtle have her residence in the front Thumper's Room.  When we take her there, she whacks at our hands and ankles. So, we take her back to her beloved Paw Mart store and she's as sweet and purring as can be! She totally loves it there. So.....she now spends her days and nights where she wants!

Vernon is just so darn cute. He loves that Dodger's Pen. When he's ready to take a nap, he makes it very clear that he wants to be lifted up into the Pen. Then he burrows into the blankets, making a cave. He can nap for hours! Then when he's awake, he sits up and meows---ready to come back out again! And who says cats can't talk!

Vernon is still working on gaining weight. He's gained one ounce! But we would like to see more. He is on no medicines at all and hasn't been for quite some time. Such a love--he's one of the best cuddlers.  Dorothy is a toy player now! But a quiet one.  She loves to toss toys around in the purple office. If someone should come in though, she stops, waits for that person to leave and then starts playing again. She's still a shy girl but does enjoy her pettings! 

Here's a few questions to test your brain! 
***  How many different types of bird-like animals do we have on the farmyard? 5  chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks and guineas
***   How many black/white cats do we have here currently INSIDE?  7  Abe, Clarissa, Dorothy, Lena, Tabitha, Zelda & Mittens
***  How many  CH cats do we currently have right now?   11  Derecho, Walter, Merri, Jersey, August, Jackson, Alma, Felicity, Vernon, Hensley, Franklin Tommie
***  How many computer towers does it take to make FFRC work?    4 
Here's a little interesting info:  we have 8 smoke alarms, 2 carbon monoxide alarms and 7 fire extinguishers.

See you at the Flash Sale!